Vit D level at 46, not feeling any better

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    Okay, another Vitamin D post. My levels were at 21, then 28 then finally at 46. I started with only 2000 IU back in November, then upped the level to 5000 IU, then finally upped it to 7,500 IU. So, since November I have been "dousing" my body with vitamin D, however, I'm not feeling any better. As a matter of fact, I have had 2 colds (currently I have one again which now makes 3). I take Vitamin D3 from a good vitamin company and they are capsules, so the vitamin is "working" to make my levels higher, but I don't feel much better like everyone, including my doctor, says it would.

    My colds stared in late February, then again in late March, and now again. Everyone says this is because I work in a hospital, but that can't be true, I have worked in the hospital for over 6 years and I have never had this many colds before. Yes, my stress level has been pretty high the past few months, but, I thought that Vitamin D was supposed to help with stress, better immunity, and all the "other" things it is said to be good for.

    I haven't yet heard from my doctor what she wants me to do now. I just received my test results and that is it. My doctor is extremely hard to get a hold of, I may have to switch doc, once again, becaue I can't rely on her anymore.

    I have been feeling more crappy the last few weeks, I can't exercise anymore, I feel like crap when I do, and my muscles burn and hurt way too much now. I also take 500 milligrams of magnesium along with CoQ10, omega 3, MSM. I have all but quit trying to lose weight, it's just not working, I am TIRED TIRED TIRED of trying everything. I am tired of having a full time job along with having a full time job trying to make myself feel better mentally and physically, I give up on it all. Sorry, a bitter, venting post, but at least I got it off my chest. To make matters worse, I turned 46 this past week, and that only depressed me even more. Better go lay down for a while. Hugs, Chelz.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. I also had low vitamen D levels about a year ago but my dr. got me on the supplements and it went up pretty quickly,lucky me! At least your levels are up but I agree that you should be feeling better too! The problem with these DD's is that even though we do what we think is going to help, our immune systems can still make us get into a flare and get sick easily at times.

    My sister and niece both have had mono for a few months now and are sick most of the time and they also have CFS. I think that both of their immune systems went haywire and caused the mono. Food for thought, have you been tested for mono? How do you manage to work a fulltime job when you're sooooo sick? I also agree that you need a new doctor, one that will take better care of you and have you get a CBC test for sure!

    Jam is right about the echinachea, it has helped me in the past if I take it right away when I'm coming down with something and then take it for several days! I hope you are feeling better soon and hope that I helped even a little bit.

    Take care now, Julie

    P.S. you are still young, try being 53, I just had a birthday, good times, lol

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