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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jlabonski, Jun 13, 2008.

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    I have been dieting for a long time, and over the past year I have tried cutting calories down to 1,200 per day, like Weight Watchers does. This has not been working, and I am just too tired to go to the gym.

    Anyway, I stopped the calorie counting for a while, and it had helped my energy level a lot. I feel less fatigued when I am eting more.

    Fibromyalgia has caused me to gain weight over the past 10 years, but I would rather be a bit heavier with more energy right now. I am just accepting the weight gain, and keep reminding myself that "although I am heavy right now, I have good energy."

    Also, Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle & joint pain, and fatigue. I started feeling better when Spring arrived. My vitamin D level in my blood is low. The sun provides vitamin D, so I believe that the extra D from the sunnier seasons helps me.

    People without Fibro are generally less happy in the winter, and that may be becuase of the reduced level of D in their systems (less D makes them a little extra tired for 3-4 months, and the pain & fatigue leads to grumpiness).
    I am taking vitamin D suppliments every day as well.

    I am a Realtor, and spring is my extra busy season, so I am lucking out with this extra help from the sun. I am amazed at the end of every day that I am able to accomplish what I am accomplishing. I was having a lot of trouble getting out of bed in January & February. It is almost a 360 degree difference.

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    I have many of the same experiences as you do. I have also recently started taking Vitamin D supplements. For women - my rheumy suggested 400-600 mg per day along with some real Vitamin D (Sunshine!) every day.

    I feel so much better when the sun is out - and being in Chicago - the winter is way too long!

    Thanks for the post.

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    I relate to what the winters do to us. Would you share your D levels. I had mine done in August my D2 was 8.5, D3 26, and D,1,25- dihydroxy, S 42. I'm taking D3 2000 IU on my own and I'm doubting the wide range of normal levels. It is going to take re-educating the MD's and that is tough. My Dr. is a Psychiatrist who monitors my depression and he didn't even know if the clinic did this test. His nurse found out and it was done at Mayo Clinic. Just my input Betty
    Fargo, ND
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    I do not know what the exaclt levels were unfortunately, but it was the only abnormality in my blood test.


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