Vitamin B 12 deficiency?

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  1. Does anyone know what the normal range in numbers is for bloodwork for Vit. B 12 ? I tried to find it on the internet but can't.
  2. roge

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    anything under 208 pm/ml is "technically" abnormal and upper range is usually around 900.

    I would say even if in bottom 25% so under 380, then would still consider a trial of B12 supplements.

  3. TerryS

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    By the way, anything under 400 can cause neuropsychiatric problems (this is per Quest Labs - it was on my lab sheet from 2005 - my B12 had gotten down to 200 something).

    I take B12 supplements now. I'm also low in vitamin D and take supplements.

  4. Wow mine is 174 ! I am starting injections. I have been complaining for months I am sooo exhausted, stomach problems, diareah, headaches, etc. But I was ignored until now. hmmm.
  5. Maryjoanna

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    I don't know if i have a B-12 deficiency. I have taken sublingual B12 and the End Fatigue B Vitamins for years.

    However, becuase of the discussion on this board about Methyl donors I bought some "superior B12" or Methyl B12

    Ohmigodness..what a difference. I had a burst of actual energy for a few hours. And not the hollow kind of energy I get from caffeine that makes me feel tired and strung out. I had no idea it would feel so good, so quickly.

    I am back on the couch now, needing rest & recovery, but it was such a nice change of pace to have a good day!
  6. Nofool are we twins?! LOL! Well it depends on which site you look on, I kept typing tons of them and the symptoms I and you are having are on them? I just want to feel better. good luck.
    maryjoanna thanks I will check out that thread. My dr. did mention sublingual b12 may be a possiblity down the road after the initial few injections.
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  7. dobrydy

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    Serum test for B12 is very unreliable. 50% of the people with B12 deficency have normal serum B12 values. Better choice is simulataneously elevated homocystein and methylmalonic acid. However, since oral B12 is so cheap, and have no side effects, more common sence approach is to give it a try rather then go through expensive and notoriously unreliable blood tests.
  8. pumpkinpatch

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    My last B-12 level (in Sept.) was 722.

  9. Rosiebud

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    you dont show as being deficient through bloodwork, B12 is apparently very good for CFS / Fibro. I know I always feel better when having the injections.

  10. cindycor 722 ! Do you have alot of energy? OMG I must be on my death bed YIKES, I knew I felt bad but you know how drs. blow you off! I don't know what mine usually is, I don't think she ever cks. , it seems like she needed too long before now.

  11. pumpkinpatch

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    Yes, I don't have an energy or brain fog problems. Just stiff and sore.

    My friend also has a low B12 reading and she has lost alot of weight. No appetite and no energy. I think she's 20 pds underweight. Very pale.

  12. I finally found the normal ranges.....

    Vitamin B12 Deficiency
    Unlike many of the B vitamins, B12 can be stored in your body. Normal blood levels range form 200 to900 pg/ml. A deficiency of VitaminB12 can lead to nerve damage, tingling and burning sensations and memory and cognitive decline.

    So how can a person dip too low in this important vitamin? There are a number of ways:

    1. Vegans are at risk because there is no Vitamin B12 in a 100% vegan diet. Other vegetarians are also at risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency.
    2. Acid-blocking drugs taken for ulcers or heartburn can raise gastric pH and make binding to intrinsic factors reduced.
    3. Aging (older than 60) is associated with reduced stomach acid and can lead to low Vitamin B12 levels.
    4. Taking a lot of folic acid can mask a B12 deficiency by making it look like the B12 anemia is going away.
    5. Nitric oxide administered by your dentist or doctor can precipitate symptoms of B12 deficiency.

    Consider asking your doctor to order a Vitamin B12 level if you fall into any of the above categories or if you have fatigue or coronary artery disease

  13. I wish that losing weight was my problem. UGH! Not even when I try to lose weight.
  14. appleaday

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    Dr. Teitelbaum says he treats B12 levels under 540. Mine were below 500 so I started taking sublingual B12. At my last appointment my B12 level was 1,890! I thought I'd taken too much, but the FFC doctor said that was really good and to keep doing whatever I was doing.
  15. Dr. Teitelbaum does not do extensive nutritional testing because of the cost, and because he thinks it's unnecessary. He does recommend testing ferritin and percent iron saturation for iron, and also vitamin B12 testing. If ferritin is under 40 nanograms per milliliter or iron % saturation is under 22%, he gives iron supplementation. If B12 is under 540 picograms per milliliter, he prescribes B12 shots.

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