Vitamin B complex and multivitamins

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Julie24, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Julie24

    Julie24 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have been diagnost with fibro and have pains and well im very tired all the time, well im tired of being tired so im going out there trying to find out things that may help me!!!!
    Well i have started taking vitamin B complex and i find im starting to find some difference in my sleepiness! But i have now bought the vitamin B 50 and will try that higher dose to see if it will be better at taking that fatigue away.....
    does anyone take vitamin B Complex? does it help?

    im also waiting on these new vitamins that i have ordered, and a woman that takes them told me they work wonders for her fibromyalgia, now i was hesistant to spend more money once again on something that may not even work or be a scam, but its 85% absorbed into the body compared to 10% or less of the other vitamins they have on the counters now!!!! so i shall see if it works and if it does, i will post where and what kind im taking....if it doesnt work trust me ill say so!!!!

    does anyone wear the Q ray bracelet??? i have now for 3 months and i really thought it wasnt doing anything for me until i took it off for one day last week and well that one day i had pain in my back , more then normal, so i think it is working that i put it back on right away! the pain is still there but they say its not as intense!!!

    Just thought to help and looking forward to hearing your feedbacks,

    take care guys cuz i care!!!
  2. ronmbe

    ronmbe New Member

    Hi Julie,

    I took a B complex vitamin fairly regularly when I was working. It helped to relieve stress. Eventually, I would only take it when I felt I needed it....tired worn out feeling. When I felt good in the morning and was wearing out by the afternoon I would take one and most often it would relieve my symptoms of body stress and provide me with an energy boost. I decided not to take it regularly because I found it did the opposite and made me tired and sluggish. For me, taking it when needed worked better than taking it regularly. I still take this vitamin if I feel stressed, but now that I don't have to work (thank goodness) that doesn't happen as much even with Fibromyalgia. One thing you may wish to watch for is the side effect of ringing in the ears if you take this vitamin on a regular basis over a long period of time.

    I haven't tried the Q ray bracelet, although I have worn some magnetic bracelets with little result. I sometimes get severe burning and tingling down the outsides of my legs when I am around electronic banks of equipment so I suspect amplified electricity plays havoc with the body. I don't know if Q ray helps or not.

    Anyways, I hope you get results with the vitamins, and the Q ray keeps working for you.

    Best Wishes
  3. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I've never heard of that...altho I guess I could look it up!!

    I've been getting monthly B12 shots at my Dr's office for about 5 months, but haven't noticed any improvement from them. In fact, now that I think about it, I feel worse now than before I started them. Hmmm.

    I have a Fibro Multi that I ordered here, and a B Complex from the Fatigued to Fantastic supplement plan (by Dr. Teitlebaum). Can't really say if they help since I'm kind of sporadic about taking them.

    I just got a new divided vitamin box today and filled it up w 9 supps, hopefully that will make it easier for me to take them regularly.
  4. Julie24

    Julie24 New Member

    Hi, thanks guys for your replies!

    I have been taking these multivitamins now for about 4 days but before this was taking vit B complex and i find since i have been taking these vitamins B's im more awake, im up at 10am wow i havent done this in yrs....i would get up at like 12 -1pm now its like i cant get back to sleep, i do take naps durign the day though but im feeling less tired!!!!! Now its to see if these vitamins i just ordered will work and if i will see some difference in my pain

    Now today is my first session with a chiropractor, since i have disc degeneration and osteoarthritis and herniated dics, the chiropractors are known to help slow down the process of the disc degeneration, i remeber a few yrs ago i did see one for aprox 2 months then once i stoped the tension and pain came back so i know it did help then, and now i wonder if it will work this time because i aint gonna quit it this time if i see a difference!!!! i have to pay this out of my pocket just like my medications but to me its worth it if it helps me live a normal life, because i am only 26 and i feel like i am 80. I cant wait to go tonight and see what the chiro will tell me once he sees my mri results and xrays and see what he can do for me.

    But if these expensive multivitamins dont work im gonna start again the b complex 50mg because i was seing a difference and in these new ones i just bought they have the vit b's in there at 50 mg so i shall see!!! im just tired of being TIRED and not wanting to do anythign but to stay in bed with no motivation!

    the q ray is a bracelet u put on its been charged with positive ions, and it works with yoru chi in your body which is energy!!! alot of plp see difference in there pain level and well i just thought it didnt work for me so last week i took it off for only one night after wearing it for like 3 months straight adn well the next day i had back aches even i wonder if it is really the q ray doing its thing....but i immediatly put it back on and the next day i had pain yes i always do but what it does it manages it, brings it down!
    You can order the q ray bracelet online! just in google put qraybracelet
    take care guys!!!

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