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    Hi All
    I have a question about Vitamin B, and I guess all vitamins.
    Does anyone know if it's ok to take vitamins if you know your vitamin levels are within the "normal range"?
    Like, an overabundance of vitamin B won't hurt anything, will it?
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    The one B vitamin you need to be careful with is B6. You should never take more than 200 mg and only for a short period of time. It is possible after a year or two to cause permanent nerve damage from overdosing B6. For most people 50 mg to 100 mg is all you need to take each day. As for the rest of the B vitamins, if you take too much, you will just pee it out.

    You need to be careful with any of the fat soluable vitamins (A and E) as the body stores those vitamins and you can overdose on them. I forget now what the end result would be from taking too much.

    Vitamin D3 is considered a hormone so you shouldn't take more than 2,000 IU without getting your blood checked every couple of months to make sure that you calcium levels don't go out of whack which can be dangerous.

    Some vitamins like C and magnesium (a mineral) will cause diarrhea when you take too much.

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    My B12 was in the "normal" range, but my fatigue doc wanted it up in the high side of normal. Sublingual cyano B12 didn't affect it. Went to weekly injections of CyanoB12. Still no change.

    I just ordered Methlyl B12 and Adenosyl B12. These can be taken sublingual, but I read that they need a long time to be absorbed. Another forum found that putting it in the upper lip slowed the dissolving and gave great results. I haven't tried it yet, but anxious too.

    I asked for an Rx for Methyl B12, the compounding pharmacist wanted $300 cash up front....just be aware.

    All the body building and weightlifing sites are buzzing about Methly B12 boosting the workout endurance and recovery. I want to know what Lou Ferrigno was using. I want to Hulk out my muscles too.