Vitamin B12 makes me sleepy

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  1. shadiah

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    I discovered by accident that Vitamin B-12 makes me sleep really well when I take it at night. However, it makes me very groggy during the day. Eventually the dose I take will not make me sleep as well at night, so I increase the dose, but again it makes me very groggy during the day. I've tried smaller dose increases, but in order sleep well at night, I have to take a dose that makes me sleepy during the day.

    I wonder one, why this is happening as B-12 generally gives people more energy. And two, is the grogginess part of my body trying to get more sleep or something more sinister? So I thought I'd pick the brains of the good folks here.

    Thanks so much!

  2. justjanelle

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    I just started taking B12 myself. Have only been on it a couple of days and haven't noticed any grogginess OR extra energy. Maybe still too soon to tell for me -- but I'll be watching what others post here!

    Thanks for posting this, and

    Best wishes,
  3. Jayna

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    Maybe you're just finally getting caught up on good sleep?
  4. Forebearance

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    Well, speaking for myself, anything that is good for me makes me sleepy. I take advantage of the feeling and arrange my schedule to get as much good quality, healing sleep as my body seems to want.

    I think it's part of the healing process for me. Since I consider healing to be my "job" right now, I make it a top priority.

    But if you think your sleep is unhealthy, you could check your thyroid function. Maybe there is some connection between B12 and thyroid that I don't know about.

    That's my brainstorming!
  5. harmony21

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    I have been on B12 for the last 6 weeks with weekly shots

    I too have noticed I have slept heaps more then usual but not every day

    I just posted today in regards me getting hypo and cannot stop moving!!!!

    Besides the sweating which is insane at the moment I just cant stop doing things

    any experiences like this as well????

    angel hugs

  6. shadiah

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    Thanks for your comments.

    I've been taking it or B-complex since September but at times have had to stop because I just can't function, i.e. make it to doctor's appointments or socialize. After the first month I started feeling better, but now I just feel so lethargic and groggy. The sleep has been nice, especially as I've been chronically sleep deprived for awhile. But now it's just making me feel sort of depressed.

    I don't believe there's a toxicity level with B-12, but I have wondered if it may affect something like nitric oxide levels or some other toxin in the system. It just seems so unusual to have this response. My nurse looked at me wide-eyed when I told her what it was doing to me as it's usually used to give people a burst of energy.
  7. harmony21

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    yes I have had the same reactions from people and my doc just tells me to keep Iam

    god only knows what we are doing to our bodies but sleep is good, my husband cant believe how I sleep so much

    angel hugs
  8. spacee

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    Dr. Cheney has prescribed that high doses of B-12 be taken daily and at night. He never said why. He does say it pulls the toxins out of the brains....

    That's all I know!

  9. wstrnfn

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    I have also discovered that B vitamins make me sleepy. To verify this, I took a B 12 early in the morning when I wasn't sleepy, and then I slept for several hours. I had noticed that anytime I drank an energy drink, it would make me drowsy. In fact, when I tried a 5 hour energy drink, it was like I had taken a sedative. I slept for 8 hours in a deep, deep sleep. It was a little scary to sleep that way when I was supposed to have energy instead. I researched and discovered that energy drinks have an abundance of B vitamins in them. Obvioulsy, some of us have an adverse reaction to B vitamins.
  10. panthere

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    There are different types of B12 and it affects people differently depending on the type you take. A lof ot people with CFS have problem with methyl B12 due to methylation problems. I would stick with hydroxy B12. In general though if you are toxic B12 can kick up detoxification so you can feel sleepy from that.
  11. mudbone

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    Try NAC to counteract the tired feeling but only take it in the morning after you wake up. Also there are side affects to taking too much Methyl-B12. I took 5000 mcg sublingual tablets twice a day for a week and became very agitated to the point of verbally lashing out at people for no real good reason:) It was a really weird experience. I cut the dose back to two or three tablets a week and that seems to have cleared up the problem. Now I use my nightly sleep experience to regulate how much Methyl-B12 I take. Seems to be working for me now.
  12. bct

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    The neurologist told me I had a ?methyl-malonic block? or something that sounded like that. Though my B12 levels were normal the B12 was not being utilized by my body properly, I guess. She told me to take a sub-lingual 1000mc. dose of Methyl-B12, which I have been doing.

    I have severe CFS (20 yrs,), hypogonadism (4 yrs.), peripheral neuropathy (11 yrs.), and some other stuff.

    I am hoping IanH can say a bit about B12.

  13. IanH

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    bct :The only methyl malonate "block" I know of is inherited. This is where the conversion of methylmalonyl-CoA to Succinyl-CoA uses vitamin B12 and the enzyme methylmalonyl-CoA mutase. However I believe that a severe deficiency of B12 can cause the same problem. The problem is that the methyl-malonyl-CoA is not being converted and builds up in the system causing " methylmalonic acidemia" This leads to an inability to metabolize certain proteins and fats properly.

    I am not sure what your neurologist is referring to because your vitamin B12 levels were normal. Unless she is referring to the "methylation cycle" in which B12 metabolism is affected. To learn more about the methylation cycle look up Phoenix Rising and read Rich Van Konynenberg's writings on this problem. Or search PH site for Rich's writings on this.

    The other thing is though that serum B12 levels are not a good indicator of B12 deficiency. No harm can come of taking extra B12 and your neurologist is probably assuming that you will need an elevated level. Most people with ME/CFS have problems related to B12 and we always recommend B12 as a first line treatment for ME/CFS.

    Another thing to consider is that people with MTHFR SNP's can have similar problems with B12 because folate and B12 are both required for proper mitochondrial function. In many cases of ME/CFS the cytokine IFN-gamma (type 2 interferon) is chronically elevated. This causes mitochondrial membrane depolorization . I suspect it is here where the B12 is not available as I think it requires a well functioning membrane to incorporate the B12 properly and B12 is also required for the NADH-ubiquinone pathway in the membrane, critical for energy production and ROS clearance.
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  14. JG7

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    Fatigued, I was told by a nurse that those very deficient in B12 can feel tired as B12 works to create red blood cells and uses and depletes one's electrolytes, especially potassium. Supplementation of electrolytes should be taken a day before, during and even after taking B12 shots. Same with Sublinguals. I took that a step further and injected just before a 3 to 4-hour bike ride while taking dextrose mixed with Creatine-HCL (10 Dex to 1 Creatine) about half a cup mixed with water/electrolytes, which not only makes ATP but accelerates delivery into all the body's cells as the body works out sustaining one's endurance. I figured it would carry the B12 into my cells too, and it did, though I did not feel the full energy stability until the next day and thereafter. I felt better than usual. HCL version also eliminates lactic acid burn after had exercise. B12 interacts with melatonin, too, which may be why meletonin hadn't worked for me before.
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