Vitamin B12 score of 146

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JoaneWing, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. JoaneWing

    JoaneWing New Member

    Hi everyone,
    My blood test showed a Vitamin B12 level of 146. I am tired beyond tired as most of us are. Has anyone tried the shots for B12 or do you take supplements. I was allergic to the supplement and am afraid to try the shots. I am allergic to everything. I am so depressed about being tired each and every day. Thank you for your help.
  2. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    I had a reading of 165 one and one half years ago. I tried lozenges and like you...I "think" they may me feel uncomfortable, weird, hard to describe. Certainly not better.

    I then had shots once a week for about 2 months. Got it back up to 2 to 300 and then latest test was a bit higher reading.

    Like you, I feel so tired/weak it's scary. Even bad as ever. I don't think the B-12 shots helped...but at least my readings aren't sacry low like yours. But, don't worry about the shots. These bypass your stomach. I don't think the shots bothered me too much. Try one or two . My guess is it won't make you feel bad except for a very very slight sting when they give this which is so quick it's over before you know it.

    Even now, like you, the weakness is so great it seems to be a struggle to even breath or lift my arms! Before I got this nightmare if I felt like this I would run to an ER and say I am dying. But now, after going there too many times for them..they just call the psyche ward and kick me out.

    Good luck, give the shots a try. You may get a benefit from this. Either way you need to get that B-12 reading higher than 100 something.
  3. slowdreamer

    slowdreamer New Member

    Just wanted to say that Over 10 yrs I have found B12 Injections excellent.
    I believe they cross into the brain fluid so the blood levels are not always relevant although thats the way most Docs are trained..
    A specialist Doc here in australia is sanctioning up to 7 injections/wk but I am sticking ar 2/wk for now.
    Also I have mod /severe Cfs and am very intolerant to 95% of medications and follow a strict diet.
    The injections help my mood, mental clarity and energy and they can take up to 3 days to work
    Good Luck
  4. hensue

    hensue New Member

    that b12 is the one supplement for Alzheimers.
    I have know idea what mine is or if that is low or high?
  5. roge

    roge Member

    you are deficient

    you need b12

    i am not sure what b12 supplements you tried in past (ie. cyno, hydroxy, methyl, ect)

    get preservative free and you should be ok

    options are

    sub lingual (drops or pills)

    you might look into having celiac or other absorption issues and pernicious anemia too....there are other causes of low b12 too your doctor should be investigating...

    you might want to get a folate serum reading too

  6. JoaneWing

    JoaneWing New Member

    Thank you so much. You have provided very good information to me. I really need to have this checked out further not only for the fatigue issues but with such a low reading, something else is going on too. Thank you!
  7. JoaneWing

    JoaneWing New Member

    Also, can anyone tell me the brand name they used that was preservative free? Thank you!

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