Vitamin B12 Shots does

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suesue49, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. suesue49

    suesue49 New Member

    any one take them or know of any one that takes them for fibro. I have a friend from work that started just before school got out for summer and I haven't been able to hook up with her to see how it's going. Just wondered. Sue
  2. gracepartaker

    gracepartaker New Member

    I take them for CFS. My doctor just doubled my dose. They might be helping I can't tell.
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I've been doing the shots for a while now. They do help with the energy. I give them to myself.

  4. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I am just wondering how you get the vitamin B 12 serum and how do you inject it? My doctor only allows me to have one shot per month, which I believe is just not enough to make any difference in some of my symptoms, like the terrible fatigue. I needed a prescription from my doctor for the B12, and I don't know how to go around it to inject it myself because it is stored in his office.

    I had my first shot last week and did not feel any difference at all.

    Thanks for your reply, Lucky
  5. suesue49

    suesue49 New Member

    Do you get your shots for CFS or for FS?
  6. jole

    jole Member

    I take them - give them to myself, but just once a month. I really can't tell any difference. I have FM but we are suspecting CFS also. I give them in my thigh muscle. It doesn't hurt and is very easy to do. It's all my doc will recommend also.

    Friends -
  7. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    You can get the 1000mcg/ml without a prescrition. I'm not sure if you can every where but I get mine at Smiths Pharmacy on Yonge St. in Toronto. They are a holisitic and compunding pharmacy and Dr Bested snd Dr Beaulne use them alot. I just went and asked for it ( you need to know which kind you want) They will also sell you the syringes etc.

    When I went on the higher dose stuff, Dr Bested phoned in a prescrition to Smiths for me.

    From my experience, taking it more often did help and if you can I would certainly recommend taking it more frequently.


  8. meowee

    meowee New Member

    I have pernicious anemia and get b12 monthly. I have been for over a year. It has not helped at all with fatigue with me. I can't see where it has done much, but I keep going due to the anemia.

  9. kriket

    kriket New Member

    but they did not seem to help me at all that I could tell. My energy level was the same.

  10. teribelle13

    teribelle13 New Member

    Hi all, new here. I get b12 shots. At 1st I went to a dr office for the shots. Then after about 6 or 7 shots, I had my blood tested and my serum levels went from 243 to a major leap.....248! My neur reply.....that doesn't sound right. That's nearly impossible.
    So, his advise...? Go to another lab and get retested.
    thanks alot doc, really on top of things.
    Anyway, I had my new GP office, do something. They gave me the script for the b12 and syringes. Take 5 days in a row, then every month. Ok, I have taken the shots almost everyday for 3 weeks, nothing.I Don't even have an ounce more energy.
    So, now I'm back at square one, yet again. They don't mind having you wait and wait and wait for help. I've been giving it a bit more time for docs and it's turned into 3 years + of nothing but pain and torment.
  11. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have always been under the impression that unless your blood work revealed that you were deficient on B-12, that taking shots would be of no value to you.

  12. mandyau

    mandyau New Member

    I get B12 shots every 2 weeks at my docs for CFS it def helps with the fatigue and the brain fog too have been gettig them for about 1 and a half years.
  13. lucky

    lucky New Member

    Thank You for your reply. Are you a patient of Dr. Bested?
    I tried to phone her office today and could not even get past the answering machine. I am still not quite sure if she would be of any benefit because I do not care for the fact that you have to see a naturalpath before she will see you. It makes very little sense to me, because it is not my choice, although I think that integrated medicine is a good thing.

    It is good to know that there is a pharmacy in Toronto which compounds meds and where you can get the B12. I don't think, as I mentioned before, that one injection per month will help a lot. My doctor goes strictly by the blood test and the level of B12. Although he tries, but many times he goes strictly by the book and not what I need as a CFS patient, and I am tired of argueing all the time. Have tried so many doctors, and after being ill for almost 20 years there was no or very little help so far, and the illness got worse over the years.

    Thanks again and best wishes, Lucky
  14. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I am sure that the B12 shot once a month will not be of great benefit for me, but my doctor would not let me have more. In other words, I have to find a different doctor which is very difficult. Believe you me, I have tried for many years and I feel worst than ever before. I am not quite sure if the B12 shots will have such a great impact on the fatigue, although some people, as I read here, claim it does. I would have to find out by myself and probably get the B12 at Smith's Pharmacy in Toronto.

    Take care, Lucky
  15. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Yes, I am a patient of Dr Bested. She has a secretary who seems fond of the answering machine! She does return your calls though.

    For a while, her practise was closed to any patients. Then they devised this system where one must see Dr Beaulne first and she gets you started on the program. You can get the testing done through her before you see Dr Bested. I believe the reason is that Dr Bested has a huge practise and always has more people wanting to come. She has been trying to get another MD to work with her for years but so far, no luck. They know it is not ideal but it is the only way they feel they can serve more patients. They really are very caring and sensitive to finances. They also work very closely together.

    I am making progress since I started there and I was really on a downward spiral at the time. I may have told you this before but Dr Bested has a fairly new book out and you could read that first and decide if her philosophy is for you.

    Good luck with the B12 . It has really helped me.

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  16. dbldee

    dbldee New Member

    Ok i was just dx with this cfs and im not real sure what exactly it is!! I know im extremely tired all the time,moody-very moody! and sick all the time but what can u all tell me to expect and what steps i can take to help myself?
  17. lucky

    lucky New Member

    thanks for your reply again. It is encourageing to know that you made progress since seeing Dr. Bested. I am so very reluctant since I had the biggest disappointment ever since I am ill with a very weil known CFS-researcher in Ontario. He promised all kinds of things and did not even look after me well, and he cost quite a bit of money as well. Also, I Had to buy his book before treatment.

    My problem, however, is that I am not a firm believer that any natural or holistic meds are solving severe problems with CFS. On the other hand, some of the alternatives make sense and it probably is worth a try. I am taking some herbal and alternatives for some of my symptoms, like ginger for my aching stomach, and it does help a little. But it only goes so far and then I need real meds.

    I saw my doctor again today, have rhe 2nd sinus infection this summer and don't understand why I come down with them now even during the summer months. I asked him for my B12 test results, and he mentioned they were very good in the 200's, I forgot the details, and anything below 132 needs more attention with more B12 shots. That is one reason why I would like to see Dr. Bested as well, to fight this terrible fatigue. Hope that the secretary will phone.

    Take care and again, thanks, Lucky
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  18. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    I have never even been offered b12 shots except once when I was in my mid to late teens and I nearly paaed out from it and tht was just becuse my mom alwyas thought I was to thin and to tored for someone my age fibro was not even heard of back then.

    none of my curent docs have ever suggested it for my fibro.
    I could not give my self a shot though. but I would get them from a doc if they said to.


  19. olg

    olg New Member

    I have CFIDS and FM. My doctor wrote an RX for the B-12 serum and needles. At first I got the injections at my doctor's office. Now my husband gives them to me twice a week. He was shown the proper way of administering the injection by my doctor's nurse. The B-12 shots definately have helped with energy in my case. After 10 years of being mostly housebound, I have experienced the feeling of more energy since getting the shots.

    Even when there is no deficiency of B-12 shown in a blood test, that does not necessarily mean the B-12 in your blood stream is getting into the mitrochondria where it is needed. "The mitochondria are the energy producers of the cells and are critical for normal functioning. But they are shown to be poisoned in these conditions, leaving the cells starving for energy." [Taken from an online article.] I'm sure you could "google" mitrochondria and learn more on the subject.

    Hope this helps...olg.
  20. hob

    hob New Member

    my dr put me on them for two weeks to boost up my energy level a little. I now take an oral dose but it did help me.

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