vitamin c rash

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    hi all i need your input on this.

    i read on here mass doses of vit c helps fibro pain.

    so 1st day i take 14000 mg in 24 hrs. it said to bowel intolerence.

    wow lots of gas and rumblings but really felt better so next day start with 4000 mg.

    latter my arms have rash all over no itch so will this be harmful to continue.

    if it helps pain i want to continue. oh the c i was using
    is ester c from prohealth.

    thx for help love gail
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    Manganese enables Vitamin C. I take this to mean that Manganese is a must in order to properly metabolize Vitamin C.
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    but is this high does harmful dr saul wrote that it

    helps pain
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    For years and years, I have not been able to take any vitamin C due to an allergic reaction to it.

    About two weeks ago, I started taking 1/2 of an "Allergy C" capsule every other day.

    I was very happy that after so many years, I was finally able to tolerate very low doses of C. I think that the source of the C is what is making the difference for me.

    Allergy C is derived from Sago Palm. Perhaps Sago Palm is not quite as acidic as other sources of C (?).