Vitamin C........with good results

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by annee, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. annee

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    GB (hubby - cfs) has recently started a course of vitamin C injections, given through a drip over 3 hour period.
    After 4th session, I am happy to say we are looking good.
    He has more energy, his circulation is much improved.
    After 5 plus years of suffering, this is so wonderful.
    We know it's not a cure, but it is a small beginning in hopefully regaining a lifestyle - lost.
    We are happy little vegemites;)
  2. isee

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    Thursday will be my fourth session of Vit. C (IV). I'm getting B-6, B12, heparin, and glutathione.

    I'm on an elimination diet also. Diet excludes dairy and wheat for 2 weeks.

    So far, I've notice less congestion in my sinuses. Headaches are gone - most of the time. My energy is up a bit. My brain fog is pretty much the same, though. And, it's that symptom I'm aiming to improve through IV therapy and diet.

    We'll see though. My naturopath says detox from Bs and C vitamins is full of peaks and valleys.

    Glad to hear your husband feels much better.