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    does anyone know if taking to much vitamin c will cause your face to break out?

    i think that is what has happened to me. i was taking alot to help with constipation and my face broke out really bad.

    so i quit and my face cleared up but i had to get an antibiotic to clear it up .
    this may be to much info but my rectum has fallen and i will have to have surgery but trying to wait awhile. the dr said it would be best because it will cause me problems from now on once i have the sugery.

    so he said to keep my stools loose. well that doesn't happwen if i do not take the vit. c. and a stool softner. i tried benefiber every morning and the stool softner at night no luck.i need to take the vit. c but i can't walk around like a big zit head. any suggestions? i drink milk of mag also still no luck

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    So take Calcium & Magnesium to compensate. Buffered vitamin C, Ester C makes one, is pH balanced.

    If fiber doesn't help enough then add in some digestive enzymes. Walmart "Rexall" Enzymes are digestive.

    Enzymes also help FM in dissolving fibrin blockages. Fibrin is a protien based blood clotting factor. My mom takes 6 enzymes tabs/day. Dr. William Wong N.D. says that each person needs to find their magic dose. Start with 1/day for a week, then add 1+ each week. When my mom hit 6/day it was dramatic.

    Digestive enzymes will also help you get more nutrition out of your food.

    Other natural sources are pineapple (bromelain), papaya (papain), kiwi, melons. Eat melons alone or leave them alone or your tummy will groan. Honeydew is available nowadays.

    Dieticians recommend 50% soluable and 50% insoluable fiber, so psyllium (insoluable) and apple pectin (soluable) are great combinations. Pectin is also used as a thickener for jams & jellies. I put 2 tbspns of Certo in a glass with any juice and it tastes great!

    Fiber also binds to chloresterol, bile wastes containing toxic metals.
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    thanks for all the great info. i'll have to try something.
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    bump for info