vitamin d am i suppose take or not?

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  1. hensue

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    i am really confused. Some get tested need more. i live in South ga. Do i need to get tested. When you have a blood test for a physical is this automatically checked?
    Where did all this come from.

    I am not a dr. or nurse anything close. I don remember when my mother died of cancer of the lungs. She had a mass in her liver. I remember after looking at the oncologist report and her vitamin D was elevated. I thought that odd since she also had osteoporosis.

    So give me some info i have been take osteo nerve support at night with vit d and horsetail or whatever. am i suppose to?
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    I had to ask to be tested and discovered that my D and Vitamin 12 were really low and I think taking the supplements, which are prescription, help.

    There was a good study which came out last week which said that two thirds of U. S. and North Americans are low on them. However, nothing low like what is seen in us, at times.
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    Make sure you get tested for Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy level which should be above 30 I believe. Many posts here on this subject for and against.

    Vit. D3 is what is recommended. 1,000mg usually unless you test below 30.

    I feel awful when taking D3 so I have just been getting unprotected sun early in the day. And 400mg in my multi. During the fall and winter I will need to try taking again since the sun won't be strong enough to get any benefit.

    My level was at 9 in April which is very low. I have not got retested yet.
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    No my mother even wore long sleeves she was a Judge in this south ga town. She was light skin and auburn hair. So she did not go in the sun. You could tell she had a perfect complexion even up to the day she died. It was smooth no freckles no age spots everyone commented on her complexion. needless to say i was just the opposite love the beach cooked myself out there.
    We put on baby oil and iodine. Had golden tan now i have age spots and dry skin and some freckles.
    This woman believed in makeup and i do too. She did not go in the sun. That was not in her makeup. Get it!

    So all of you have confused me. Thank you very much.
    Take it or not to take it.
    I get in the hot sun for about 15 minutes. In the winter i hate it. Cold makes me hurt. Makes me sick just thinking about it give me sunshine any day.
  5. hensue

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    that is the question and you just ask your physician out of the blue i would like to have a vitamin d workup!
    He would probably go why and i will go i dont know?
    Need to know if it is norm but if everyone is low then what is the norm?
  6. 3gs

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    hensue Ill try to find my labs for ranges.

    My doc tested my level because of pain.
    It was very low. She said that vit d helps with muscle pain and depression.

    I have noticed a big difference when taking it.

    Just tell doc you want levels cked because you are already taking some and may not need more.
  7. WhatHappen

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    per lab paperwork:

    Recent studies consider the lower limit of 32.0 ng/mL to a threshold for optimal health. (Reference 32.0-100.0) Mine was 10.
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    I went to my gastric bypass dr last month she told me my vit d level was really low at 9 she put me on vit d 50,000 1 x a week for 6 weeks. i went to rhemy which dxd me with fm he automatically took blood and tested my vit d level he also said this week that it was a little low. He said it should be between 20 and 100 mine was at 26 i told him about vit d pills he said to keep taking them. as far as my rhemy said range is 20 -100. and 20 is on the low side but it cant fall under. rhemy doc said low vit d is very common in FM and CFS patients.

    Just ask your dr to test for vit d.
  9. which D's do you have checked. or all of them?
  10. limbo

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    This was my levels Aug. 2007, test done at Mayo. I don't understand the wide range in expected value. my 25 Hyd D2 8.5, D3 26, together 35 . Optimun levels 25-80? Vit D 1,25
    Dihydroxy, S 42. expected value 22-67. Dr. said OK??? I have been taking, not consistent but will now 2000IU. I will have mine tested I see a new docter on the 12th. Any comments and note when taken. I take effexor, and hate winters, do the light therapy. Thanks