vitamin d and insomnia; calcium and teeth problems

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    I've had trouble sleeping over the past few weeks - I'll be tired all day, and then my brain will just flip on at night - I've been wondering whether it might relate to some strange lab findings a few months ago:

    Back in January, I was told my vitamin D levels were substantially low. I was prescribed a weekly dose of vitamind d - one pill of 50,000 units (of sunshine?) per week. And on the days I took this, I could've sworn that it made me more tired. However, another blood test on the that same day revealed that my calcium was very high - right at the maximum.

    After doing a little research, I was baffled because vit d & calcium are supposed to be directly related, so if vit d is low, you'd expect calcium to be low, and vice-versa. I forgot about it, but now that my brain flips on sometimes at night, it makes me wonder if it has to do with the lack of sunlight. Moreover, during the past month, I've steadily gravitated more and more towards eating cheese (e.g., large source of calcium). Pizza has become my new favorite food, which is somewhat odd because I never used to eat pizza. But maybe I'm just putting empty facts together.

    Another speculation about the common teeth problems: After my first two weeks of taking the vitamin d, I had a really strange adverse reaction in my mouth and gums - my teeth started hurting, and they felt really sensitive, like they were about to fall out. Of course, it might not have been due to the vitamin d, but it still makes me wonder, because high calcium I think is linked to teeth problems; it would seem like, if one's calcium levels are already high, vit d would boost them even way higher....any thoughts?
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    This is one vitamin I found I have to avoid. I know my calcium also runs a bit high relative to my magnesium. If i take vitamin d or calcium, I start getting major muscle cramps..If I avoid vitamin d and calcium supplements, but take Magnesium at night I don't get cramping (i live in sunny cal so I get lots of sunshine and natural vitamin d)...I think part of your problem relates the Ca/Mg ratios. Calcium and Magnesium need to be in balance in the body, taking just vitamin d and calcium is likely throwing your mineral ratios out of balance, you might want to also supplement with Magnesium and see if your problems go away...good luck!