Vitamin D Deficiency and Illness..Jam, that was great, a must see video!!

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    Hey everyone, this is such a great video. I finally got around to watching it, mostly because I wasn't sure about how to find it, but finally did. Oh my goodness. Jam, I think I will start taking more. Did you hear how much that guy and his wife took when a cold was coming on? And now I know why you brought up the thought of whether religion could be involved. Like I told you before, my next drs. visit is going to include, the vitamin D test. It sounds like you can't take too much, almost like the C. I have cancer on my side of the family big time. My mother's mother, my mother, and a sister. I'm also going to start my family on it. Thank you so much for posting this. I really believe that this is a big least for me.
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    grapeseed. I have horrible migraines. I need to know where you post your bountiful knowledge of these things other than this board, so that it doesn't seem to be turning into a health board. Just to let you know first...I, had my husband watch that video. Then, I called my daughter and told her to go watch it when she got home from work...then, my husband and I went out and bought a large amount of D3, because, all three of us that live at home now are going to start taking it...umm, religiously, daily. :p
    Talk later, on another board about that grapeseed! Let me know where is best to go.
    Love, Cynthia