vitamin d deficiency

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    as i wrote here before, full body pains, started after weightlifting, 10 months ago......

    i read about vit d before and did a test.
    i found out i indeed have a deficiency and actually pretty big one(15 ng/ml, where the optimal is 40-50).
    although i saw ppl with pains who got bigger defieicnies, i call it a very big deficiency, because im only 18 yo, and only got the pains for 10 months.

    i have this theory, that alot of people with chronic pains, and "fibromyalgia" definition have deficiency, because they dont go out much to the sun because they are tired and in pains!!!
    i know by facts that vitamin d deficiency takes years o be shown up in tests, and thats why im sure that in my case(only 10 months pains, after weightlifting, 18 yo male), vit d may be very big cause.

    i dont belive to this "there is nothing like fibro but its all vit d deficieny", because as i told you, alot of people in my opinion with severe pains for years, dont go out much, and dont see sun, and get deficient, and then people say to them "this is your problem" altough they had pains for years.

    i think those(no matter if they are not 18yo mens, but older women who has better chances to get fibro) who only got diagnosed or actually their pains started only a few months ago, but not years, should be tested immidatly for a deficiency, because they can say for sure, that if they infact have deficiency, with a few months of chronic full body pains, the 2 has a very close connection.

    and-did any of you tried to supplement vitamin d in high dozes after realising they are deficient? how many of you had the pains only for a few months and not years?

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    My doc put me on 50,000 IU every week for 4 weeks, and then 800 IU a day.

    What does your doc have you on?

    I think you might be right. I'd be interested in knowing how many of us are deficient.

    Good thread!

    God Bless.
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    yes nanjee, its very rare to have vit d deficiency in that age.
    i was always skeptic about my fibromyalgia diagnose, and not for no reasen.
    come on, 18 yo male? what are the chances for fibro?
    and what are the chances in having vit d deficiency, having suce sevre pains, and not having connection between those 2 in the age of 18?

    for the first poster:

    i didnt go to the doc yet, but gonna order 2000iu drops from us.
    hope they will approve getting it here in israel.
    when did he give you 50000iu? what was your level? do you think that if i have 15-16 ng/ml in that age, he will approve 50000 or 20000 or this amount? or just tell me "take a few 400iu pills"??
    need to remember that im not just 18io who found out he is deficient on the road, but im 18 yo male who have very much and very severe full body pains.


    although sun wont be bad, its "known" that when having a deficiency, that developed probably in years(you dont develop in in 3 months..., and thats why its not regular to have it in 18, cse you need to develop it before, and i went to school in the morning and got sun etc.), the only, or the main solution is supplement with high dozes of vit d.
    but its advised not to start before you know exactly that you are deficient


    i seriously dont think that all of those who got diagnosed with fibromyalgia has vitamin d deficiency who is the cause of their pains.
    i do belive that some(i maight be one of them) got diagnosed with fibro where they really had vit d deficiency.
    i seriously think as i said, that alot of those who had fibro and pains for years, were vit d defieicny because they didnt go much sun outside.
    every person who realise he is vit d deficiency need to solve it including the real fibro patients, but i doubt that the fibro solution lye in the hand of the vitamin d, cause if it was true, it should have been solved years ago, and you werent in pains years before now.[This Message was Edited on 10/14/2006]
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    oh and btw-when i say "the fibro solution" i mean real fibro and not fibro like symptoms.
    when i say real fibro, i mean, that as researches claims, there is something wrong in the brain causing disfunction......