Vitamin D deficincy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by asmom15, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. asmom15

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    I have had fm and cfs for 9 years now. Been to all kinds of Dr.s, had all kinds of tests, gone thru depression, vertigo and have an off balance feeling all the time. I recently went to a Endocronologist to see what they had to say about my condition. Never been to this kind of Dr. before. Took some blood work and I just found out that I am vitamin D deficient. She said that most people diagnosed with fm and ms are vitamin D deficient. So I thought to pass along this info. Its apparently a big thing now. Especially with all the sun block we are using to keep out the suns rays. Vitamin D lives in your skin and to get it to work we need the sun. So go figure.
  2. holiday16

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    I also came across that information about FM and low D levels. What surprised me was that even after spending large amounts of time in the sun one summer (without sunscreen) my levels were *still* low. The time in the sun didn't help me much if at all and I have to wonder if it's like that for everyone with FM. I take a large dose of D3 once a month now and get my levels checked periodically.

  3. allamerican7

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    that was lead on this study.

    I was Vit. D deficient.

    I am in the sun alot without much sun block, drink my milk, etc.

    Everyone that was in my group was found to be Vit. D def. also.

    I took a booster and supplements daily, I am also following the Mayo protocol. I have somewhat smoothed out the extreme roller coaster ride. I am still on it though.
  4. Beadlady

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    and tested at 27 and my dr wants me up around 70-80.

    Dr. wants me on 50,000 IU once a week for 8 weeks and then every other week. I didn't have the $$ to pick up script, so I just bought a bottle of 400 IU to at least start getting more in my system--been taking 4 a day.
  5. vannafeelbettr

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    to get adequete supply of vitamin D? I have to avoid sun because I've had several skin cancers removed (including malignant melanoma).

    I do take a vitamin supplement, but don't know if body absorbs/accepts it as well as a natural source.
  6. Banka8

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    Please consider this. The low 25d tests from chronically ill people just might be the result of your disease not the cause of your disease.

    Please have your 1-25d levels checked by Quest Labs. More than likely they will be high so that means that you have plenty of the active metabolite.

    Taking extra vitamin d is not going to change the course of your illness in a positive way.

    I just saw in the news that skin cancer is increasing. So if sunblocks are causing vitamin d deficiency because everyone's using them then why are skin cancers on the rise.

    Most people are not putting sunblock on everyday. I hardly ever put sunblock on in the past. Only when I went to the beach. All that sun exposure and drinking vitamin d fortifed milk and eating eggs everyday did not keep me from getting CFS.

    Because CFS and FM and many other chronic diseases are caused by pathogens.


  7. limbo

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    I have had my level 25, 1-25 checked and I will take D3. We have to to educate the public as well as the medical. Thanks for the post, I keep forgetting to take it. I live in the north and dread winters. banka8 what can be a cure for pathogens or help. Any advice would be helpful. limbo

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