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  1. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Long read but answers all the questions we WOMEN seem to have...

    I have always had my IBD exaserbations along with all my other Auto Immune Issues rear their ugly heads moreso in October in Maine and this article proves why...

    When I lived on Long Island I got along just fine...Notice where they say the safe zone is for exposure to Vitamin D from the sun...

    I know there are skeptics out there about the role of D3, but for me it makes perfect sense...I was born to parents who were ill with fibro/cfs and severe RA...I ALWAYS felt the need to just sit in the sun, in fact, each morning I would run out and lie on the hood of my Dad's brown Chevy Impala and 'cook', even at 7am...Then I could function...I never knew why I did this til recently it clicked...I needed the D!!!...

    My Dad also told me after suffering years from RA, that one of his SMART docs gave him a script for D3...It changed what was left of his life...In the 70's, he was considered the worst case of RA and was in all the medical research journals at the time as well as a fixture in the Hospital for Joint Disease in NY...

    He was also employed by a major milk company and wouldn't dream of consuming it...I feel the same way today...So I must supplement...

    I also began to see a naturopath after being nearly killed once again in a hospital due to their 'protocols' and the two supps we agreed on were D3 and B12...Both of which changed me overnite...

    I was tested back in June for both D2 and D3 (after 5 years of asking every doc I ever had) and found my D3 low...

    Now to get the heck out of Maine...tehe

  2. frostymocha

    frostymocha New Member

    I believe this is one of the critical causes of my coming down with CFS / ME. I was under incredible stress for 5 yrs and became totally exhausted - I came down with CFS and 9 months into this illness, I finally get a Dr that runs the basic tests and finds I have critical low D values - so bad that I was put on 5000 units daily along with high dose Iodine and a bunch of other supplements. But the D was the key. It explained my overall weakness and thyroid crash. I really really like my CFS Dr in Sacramento - he is the only Dr that has looked at my TSH levels, all my metabolites,etc. I just wish I had gone to him right away. Unfortunately I was going to a neurologist that never did anything, never even told me about b12 and by the time I got refered to the CFS Dr, I had permenent nerve damage due to coming down with shingles of the CNS since my system was so compromised for 9 months.

    So............ TAKE YOUR D and Iodine!
  3. herbqueen

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    I too craved and loved the sun- when I got sick in 1998 with FMS I had this dream that if I could just eliminate all stress, live on a tropical island and eat fresh foods,fish etc I'd reverse my illness-

    Unfortunatly-living in the Northeast- I get very little Sun-

    Now my illness has progressed to either MS , late stage neuro lyme induced MS or some undiagnoased neuro auto immune disease. And I now I can tolerate the heat I once craved and loved!

    I've always had a delicate sleep cycle-I too have low vitamin D but when I'd try to supplement it would disrupt my sleep. Makes no sense!

    I love the SUN, out doors and now I can't even tolerate the heat I once so loved and craved.

  4. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    For bringing this up. Ive been reading a lot of posts about vit D. My doc put me on HRT and lectured about calcium supp with D. I was born and raised in so. Texas and lived in the sun. I still live in a sunny area and have limited my exposure the last few yrs due to having basal cell removed as well as some actinic keratosis. My derm really harped about my sun exposure. I find it curious that my symptoms increased in frequency and intensity when I limited sun exposure. Now? I just FEEL BETTER when I get outside. The humidity is a challenge but a warm dry day feels awesome. Unfortunately summers here are very humid. Methinks I will ask my doctor about testing my D levels. Thank you all so much for all the invaluable info.

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