Vitamin D level up from 18 to 40 with a great supplement

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  1. Chelz

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    Hello everyone,

    My vitamin D level was a low 18 just a few months ago. My integrative doc wanted me to take 5000 IU's of D3 everyday, then get my levels checked again in 3 months.

    I found a company called Life Extension on the internet and they had the perfect supplement. You only have to take one powder capsule a day and it contained 5000 IU's of vitamin D3. I liked this supplement because it was in a capsule, not a hard tablet or a softgel.

    What I found interesting was when I called the company to order the supplement, they asked me if I was under a doctors care which I found interesting because most companies will just take your information and send out the supplement. I thought it was very professional.

    So anyway, this supplement has worked, my levels are not high, but at least they are going up.

    Before I used this supplement, I was just taking a D3 2000 IU supplement for the health food store and my levels didn't go anywhere that supplement was a softgel.

    Just thought I would pass this around if you are looking for a D supplment. The company again is called Life Extension and you can find them on the internet. I hope I was allowed to suggest this. Hugs, Chelz.

    PS D3 is the best form of Vitamin D to take...
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    See this recent study:

    <a href="">Vitamin D intake to attain a desired serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration.</a>

    - Mark

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  3. Chelz

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    I have noticed an improvement with my pain levels, but not at first while I was taking the D suplement. My pain level has dropped a little and my fatigue is better.

    I don't know if anyone has read my post from a few weeks ago, but my father had suddenly passed away in May. Of course a situation like this would probably put anyone into a stressful time, but I have had more stamina to deal with the situation. Of course, emotionally I will be dealing with this for a while.

    I do believe my decreased pain levels have helped me so much in what I had to deal with. Obviously, my levels should go up a little more and maybe I will feel better, but we all know what FM can do to us. I'm just so glad that I found a supplement that is working according to my blood levels.

    Also, I have received the Life Extention magazine and I truly believe they are a substantial company and I do trust their supplements. I will be purchasing Coq10 from them soon as my doctor wants me to take 200 milligrams of that as well. Thanks for sharing the information. Hugs, Chelz.
  4. AcappellaMusic

    AcappellaMusic New Member

    Hi Chelz,
    Sorry to hear about your dad. God bless ya real good.

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