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    Hi all. I don't have time to look this up on the internet, could someone tell me what normal Vitamin D levels should be? I'm getting bloodwork today to check those, among other things like my recheck of cbc and iron levels. Any information is greatly appreciated!
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    When I had mine done, after I got the results the report showed the ranges of low, normal and high

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    I guess I probably should have requested bloodwork for all of my vitamin levels when my doctor ordered it, but of course i didn't think of it then!!! Fibro fog, as usual!
  4. when I asked the dr to ck vit d, went to the lab and they said there were more than one vit d to ck . Which one should we ck vit d3 or ??
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    You want the "25 (OH) D" vitamin test.
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    My doctor didn't know which tests to run either. Thankfully, I had that information with me and she was able to check in her book that they were indeed the correct tests. Until recently, doctors didn't check for things like a Vitamin D deficiency, so it doesn't surprise me that doctors aren't aware of what tests to run. It's people like us that help to educate them :)
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    i just don't know what doctor to go to. I'm just glad I have this site to read so I know what to request from my doctor!!! Darn, I don't know what kind of Vitamin D test they're checking, just that it's getting sent to a reference lab. And, hopefully, I'll have all results by this friday. Total cbc, iron levels, and vit D. I'm anxious to see if the iron tablets my doc put me on for the past month have helped my iron a lot, or not. I'd love to go without having to take the stupid things! Because of them, I now have to take stool softener every other day. So, that makes more pills to remember to take.
    On the other issue, wish there was some way we could make the issue of FM, CFS, etc and doctors not knowing much about it come out big on the national news or something. Maybe then, our general doctors would start doing a little research on these subjects and what the latest info, treatments, tests to run, etc are!!!!!!!! HOW CAN WE GO ABOUT DOING THIS? I HAVE AN IDEA, I'M GOING TO EMAIL MY LOCAL NEWS STATION AND SUGGEST THEY DO A STORY ON IT.
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    The MS Society of Canada are recommending that young women of child bearing age, pregnant women, and children from birth up until the age of 5, take 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily. They now believe that this will pretty much eliminate new cases of MS here in Canada.
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    The nurse here where I work also told me to take the iron with vit C, in the form of orange juice. I do that most of the time, but lately I've just been grabbing it and taking it with water. I'm terrible at sticking to directions.
    Anyway, hopefully today my docs office will have at least some of my bloodtest results and I will get them to fax them to me so I know what's going on.
    Anybody else think it's a good idea to email their local TV stations to suggest a story on all these conditions we suffer from? Maybe if we all do it, the word will get around for our doctors to educate themselves?
    If anyone else will do it, let me know. I'm going to today. It's worth a try, have to try something!!!
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    There are two tests: for Vit D 25 and Vit D 1,25. The former is the one that is typically done by doctors, and is the test that sometimes reports that your level is low. The Vit D 1,25 is rarely done, partly from ignorance, partly because it's more complicated as the blood sample must immediately be frozen and kept frozen en route to lab.

    It is common for ME/FMS/MS etc to be told they are low in D levels, but come to find out, they are abnormally high - but in Vit D 1,25, showing an imbalance where there is actually too much D, so you might want to request BOTH levels being tested.

    What we call Vitamin D is actually a secosteroid so it can, like prednisone or any other steroid, help stop your immune system from fighting and therefore quiet your symptoms. Since I've chosen to seek to support my immune system and keep it fighting, I'm not going the steroid route - and this includes "Vitamin" D for me - my low D levels only showed the 25 D levels, but then I found out that 1,25 D levels were very high.

    This sheds some light on the whole Vitamin D issue:

    Wishing you all the best!
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    Hi I was interested in your statement "And if possible best to start taking D3 vs the D2 script."

    My doc (1.5 years ago), immediately tested my D levels when I showed osteopenia with the bone scan. I was low. He prescribed the D2. It did nothing, and he then the next year told me that research had shown that this script really didn't help. He told me to buy D3 OTC, and in just two months later my D levels increased. Then my cardiologist told me to double my dosage, so I'll be interested to see if the levels increased even more.