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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wenld, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. wenld

    wenld New Member

    I've always wondered if a person can get the right ammount of vitamin D through a window!? I live in the Northeast & it's freezing outside.
    Can someone help me with this question?
  2. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    i live in the ne also i watched a special on this and they said anyone that lives above georgia doesnt get vit d passed oct so you need supplements hugs charlene
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Why don't you get the Vit D tested. That way you know exactly if you are low. If so, how low.
    It is a simple blood test. Cause if you are having muscles aches, it could be from low VitD and then you would want to start out with a higher amount. Then have the test redone in 3 months.

    There are two Vit D's that they test for. Vit D 3, and Vit D hydroxy. I am below normal in the first and above normal in the 2nd. But I still take the Vit. D.

  4. 2sic2mooov

    2sic2mooov New Member

    Live in Wisconsin and was funny bc i was picking up my daughter from school (yay, the first time out of bed in 10 days and could actually pick her up :) I was just smooshing my face against the window like a little preschooler trying to suck in the sun as i waited for her in the car. Others must have thought I was insane!! But, my D levels were down to 26 this spring so was put on supplements. I am sure they picked up some with being outside morethis summer,but with Wisconsin winter and little sun, I was thinking my current funk could be caused by a drop again in this vitamin. (Here I was thinking Garfield had all the answers by laying in the sunspots by his window all day--teehee). Guess I will have to rethink that if the sun is really not strong enough after fall to even do any good. I didnt know there were different lkinds of vitamin D levels. Will ask my doc! Wish we could get an RX for a month in a warm, sunny state for vit. D replacement!
  5. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    LOL, Yes lets all get an RX for a month in a warm, sunny state for vit. D replacement at the same time!
    Where do you all what to go? :)
  6. 2sic2mooov

    2sic2mooov New Member

    to florida a couple California twice....and unbelievably I was able to get to Jamaica with a bunch of moms in our neighborhood even with having this disease. (Was cheap since one of girls parents own a villa there). I LOVED relaxing was my first vacation ever without family and as mom of 6 it was an incredible break. who knew i was PAMPERING myself and improving my health with vit D!!!! No wonder I felt so much better for a couple weeks!!! OOHHHHHHH to go back! (But would go with hubby this time as I missed him so much and kids too!)
  7. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    I hear you on needing the pampering, I'm a mom to seven, 6 boys and 1 girl (between ages 4 to 11).
    You know DH and I when to Jamaica about 2 1/2 years ago and I felt REALLY good the whole time I was there. Hhmmmm, I would if it's something in the air, and the sunshine.
    DH and I were thinking about going back next year, we are going to renew our vowels on our 13th wedding annv. and we haven't decided where to go and do it yet.
  8. 2sic2mooov

    2sic2mooov New Member

    Just like the tv show with the twins and the sextuplets. HHHHHmmmm. Seems like you are one child behind!!Me, I am too old but would have had a couple more if I could have.

    You sure deserve a vacation with or without the vitamin d RX. AND you deserve a medal for having 7 little ones in that time span. How do you do it dealing with this illness? I will stop grumbling...OK...(reality)....I will grumble much LESS knowing what your days must be like!!:)

    MINE range from 9-27 and we have 3 grandkids too. I never felt like I had 6 kids becasue they were spaced so far apart mostly.

    My older ones now understand this illness more and are helpful with trying to wade thoruhg the medical mud...but it is hard on little ones that really dont understand. Bless YOU!
  9. RE: "Forget it! There is no Vitamin D (or UV-light resp.) coming through the window. Even if it was summer, the UV light just can not penetrate glass. And going outside will not help a lot during winter time either."

    "So either take a trip to the south, which is good thing in the winter time. Or you get yourself a supplementation "

    So, then, has no one else ridden in a car, and gotten sunburned/tanned, on exposed areas of their bodies??

    My mom, who has been dx'd with fibro since the early/mid 90's, and, she & my stepdad go so many places every weekend (errands, home improvement stores, etc )

    That, some summers, she laughs, and shows me sunburn or tan lines, from being on the same side of the truck/car too much,

    We live in Indiana, so, of course, in the summertime, especially for my mother, air conditioning is an absolute must. She, like me becomes physically ill, when too hot. (for her, and * used * to, for me, also, the low 70's were even 'hot' to us. In a vehicle, with the sun beaming down on you, it IS hot, of course...)

    Anyways, if you tan, or burn, riding long enough in a vehicle... SOME rays are 'penetrating' through the glass... are they not?

    I was told, as far as the sun (ever hear of the group(s) of people, that believe *wholeheartedly* in 'sun gazing' every single day? (i would be BLIND!! You'd think that they would too, but...) they SWEAR by it, energizing them for their day- yes, with the 'sun gazers' they stand outside, staring into the sun,,,

    But, I've read (maybe on here) that just your eyes being exposed to the sunlight, is how Vitamin D can be absorbed..

    Also, my integrative medicine doc, (out of desperation, to 'add on' to the many many vitamins, supplements,, I.V.'s I was on,)

    advised me, (it was winter-time) to try going to the tanning bed, even if it was just 5 minutes, once or twice a week, in addition to, as I just mentioned, everything he was trying, to reduce my pain, & raise some levels.

    (we have found out through the years, I am deficient in several vitamins/nutrients, etc...)

    I believe, obviously, it is due to mild/moderate villous atrophy, and in some of the biopsies (done during my last EGD/Colonoscopy) :

    the 'villi' were 'totally effaced', which according to my former Registered Dietician is the "Gold Standard" test for Celiac's disease.

    He too, feels doctors rely on 'test results TOO much. He also added that few places here know how to correctly DO the lab(s) for Celiac's disease.. for me, this was COMPLETELY true, since, as I was at the lab, waiting for my blood to be drawn, I saw all the technicians jabbering to each other, then, the woman getting prepared to draw my blood, shouted to another lab tech, "Do *you* know which tube we're supposed to use, for this test?"

    THEN asked ME! (??? lol) and, also asked me "so, what is Celiac's disease?" - THAT told me how 'often' they'd ever tested for it.

    They then called my gastro, and waited for a faxed response back, telling them 'which tube' to use, or whatever. Who knows who made the decision...

    Anyhow, I am off course now, with all of that, but, does anyone else not burn/tan if you've ever had a long car ride, somewhere?

    My mom has fibro, (developed shortly after endometrial cancer/surgery to have a full hysterectomy) or possibly *before* she had cancer... and now also has diabetes, (high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure), and diverticulitis..

    She is on no medications, and has only been to the doctor 3 times in about 10 yrs, due to lack of decent health insurance..
    She and my stepdad pay $500/month, only to have MAJOR MEDICAL coverage ONLY. No visits, medications, labs, tests of any kind (gynecological check ups, mammogram, not a thing).

    TC, & god bless- also, I'm glad I've come acrossed all these 'vitamin D' labwork posts, as my NP had mentioned checking my level at my last visit, (a different, much younger NP, first time I had EVER seen her, and OMG what a blessing she's been, and such a change from my normal emotionless, zero empathy, zero care/desire to even pay attention to me anymore, rude, regular NP)

    I just had my follow up visit for a radiofrequency nerve ablation of the nerves from L3-L5, and was thrilled to see HER again, and, she discussed the Vitamin D3 thing with me, and even knows that people absorb it better than D2, etc.. & said if mine comes back low, they put people on a 2000mg multivitamin usually.

    She is also checking my B12 levels for me again, even though another doctor would have to treat it, she said.

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