Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Tumeric

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    I take it. I also take magnesium supplements . They both have properties that diminish pain. Along with zinc, selenium, potassium, and L-lysine. When I do not have all my supplements, I suffer. (Finances are sometimes a detriment to my ability to keep myself in all the supps. I take). But, when I have them all, and take them all, I feel better.

    I was battling a major flare for about 3 months. This was due to my not having access to all I need. Again, a flare last week, and diminished, but continuing to plague me this week. I don't have all my supps.. That being said, take some calcium with the D3. They work together. With the Turmeric, I also take cranberry capsules with grapeseed extract, Red Yeast Rice capsules and cinnamon. These are good in combination.

    I also take Vitamin E and Salmon Oil. If you haven't, you might want to look into B1, B6, B12 and Niacin supplementation.

    Something to consider as well....... I do not take the zinc, potassium, magnesium selenium, and L-Lysine at the same time as the B vitamins. They should be taken separately and at a different time of day. Many of these should be taken with food and some with lots of water. Read labels carefully and talk to your physician about this first, of course.

    A good homeopathic herbalist oversees my supplements and my G.P. is on board with all of the above. Matter of fact, it was my G.P. who told me to "up" the Niacin. I've also found benefit in Hyland's Calmes Forte, Nerve Tonic, and Arnica. My pills are sorted into categories that can be taken together, with meals, some with water, some at different times of the day. It's a hassle at first, but I've got a system, based on what can be taken with what and whether they need to be taken with lots of water or with food. I take some things in the morning. I take 3 bottles of pills to work with me. I take other supps. when I get home at night. These are all taken around my meal schedules.

    When I am on my full course of supplements and the flexoril, synthroid, and lodine, I do well and have few flares. When I am not.....well it's not good.

    Mind you, this has enabled me to work 40 hours a week. I pay a price, yes. But I can and do work. Without all of this combination of supplements it's torture. With all in place, it's not so bad. Though, no matter how well I can do during the day, my day "lands" on me when I get home. As I said, I do pay a price for the activity I choose to pursue. For me, the price is worth it because it allows me to have a life. Albeit, a painful life.......but a life.

    I was bedbound for 6 years before I slowly got to this point.
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