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    I went to the doctor's office yesterday and was talking to a Nurse Practitioner about Fibro. She asked what I was taking (different doctor then my GP) so I told her. She suggested taking 4000-5000 iu a day, then explained to me a little bit about it.

    I may get this a bit wrong, but she said that she was suffering with some severe pain in her hips and legs to the point she couldnt sleep at night (cant remember if she said she had fibro or not) and she did some research online about different supplements and found D3. She said she started taking it and within a couple months, she was pain free.

    I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and how it worked for them?


    I forgot to mention that I take a multivitamin daily and the recommended daily allowances in multivitamins, she said, is only enough Vit D to prevent scurvy.

    She also stated that the sun provides natural Vit D (which I knew) and for those with depression or those who dont get out in the sun enough, that they need supplements more then what the daily multivitamin provides. I dont know, I was just curious. I bought some to try, 100 pills, which will be a bit over 3 months worth, guess I will see what it does for me. I just know I am tired of being in all this pain all the time.

    I have ovarian cysts too and after years and years of suffering each month when I ovulate, I finally found out last week that the depo shot is pure progesterone and will not be as likely to cause strokes and blood clots in smoking women over the age of 35. I turned 40 Tuesday and got the shot this morning. Can't wait to NOT have the pain each month anymore.

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    I have CFS and possibly Fibro, and I cant imagine not taking my D vitamins. That seems to be the one thing I take that I actually see how it helps! I take only 2000 units a day. The one issue I have is pain in my arms and legs, the vitamin D doesnt seem to help with that,\.

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