Vitamin Diagnostics lab--to be up by end of March

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    Hi, all.

    I just spoke to Dr. Audhya, the director of the Vitamin Diagnostics lab by phone today, and he is currently estimating that the lab will be back in operation by the end of March.

    It has been a long down time for the lab's required move to a different building in New Jersey, and he regrets this. And as you can imagine, it is very costly for the owner of the lab to be paying salaries and other expenses without money coming in from sample analyses, so they are working as expeditiously as they can to get back into full operation.

    A lot of progress has been made. What remains is to recalibrate the instruments and run test samples that will also be run by another lab for comparison. Then the state and federal lab certification authorities will compare the results and decide whether to renew the certification. Hopefully this will all go well. This is an involved process, but it helps to ensure that the test results will be reliable when the lab comes back into operation.

    I know that there are many people who want to have the methylation pathways panel run, and I, too, would like to see that happen as soon as possible. Since this is the only lab that offers this panel, there is no choice but to wait. The European parent lab for Vitamin Diagnostics actually relies on Vitamin Diagnostics in New Jersey to run most of this panel for their European clients as well.

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    Hi Rich
    I've been MIA for sometime. I spent ALL of yesterday catching up. Brain Fog, I'm brain dead. I will have to reread and make notes.
    I want to Thank you for your article on 4/2/09
    I am astounded that somehow, I've been following this protocol, ALMOST. A big emphasis on the almost. my own concoction. I'm an avid vitamin taker. IN 2008 I added SamE.
    I find it very helpful and yes, I take b-12 sub., folic etc. Morning exsists of about 22 vitamins and minerals.
    I am feeling better with certainly ups and downs in mood and having to titrate the SamE dosage. My sleep is a major improvement. I want to do this right. I appreciate the NEED for a physician to asst. me. I got very sick (gallbladder pains or something for a few days). I beleive it was because I changed the manufacturer of the SamE. I've learned. I am very interested in following the 5 step methy. protocol as it should be followed. Is there a dr. that I can see to get this started. The MD's here get blown away when I talk about k's, Vit D and calcium levels in my blood. I know I can get the scripts from my PCP but she would not be willing to take the time to follow protocol or work with someone. All these PCP's are overworked.
    Pleeeease give me some direction as to either who, what type of specialist would follow this protocol or where. I am in NJ but will travel to NY or Philly. I want to feel the already slightly increased energy and sleep improvement but times 10, so function as I did back in the 80's. If I have 5 or 10 years left, I want to live them with a smile...on the road. NOT IN BED, confined to my apartment. Please help. I am on SSD so finances are poor. Ihave medicare and a supplemental and will somehow do what needs to be done.
    I do understand your reluctance perhaps to recommend a dr. Direct me to a website or should I call the Diag. lab? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated with no expectations to service, compatability, etc with a dr.. Please don't be reluctant to direct me. Blessings and GREAT WORK!
    You will be rewarded, far more than anyone here can reward U.
    My best,

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