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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darla405, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. darla405

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    I have noticed on some of the posts that some of you are taking zinc/magnesium/calcium and B-6 vitamins. For those of you who do, how much do you take, how many times a day, etc. Also, are they OK to take with other medicines - I might need to ask my doctor first??? I take Cymbalta already but need something else for the pain. I feel like the pain part is getting worse.

  2. jbennett2

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    on how much of what to take. However, you should not take calcium within 2 hrs. each way if you are on abx. Also, from everything I've read, it is better to take the mag and calcium separately than as a compound. Consider a b-complex instead of just B-6.

    I used to take tons of supplements that helped immensely, until my LLMD made me stop them. The most helpful is magnesium. CoQ10 for energy, too.
  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Yes, Darla, make sure your doctor knows what supplements you are taking. Right now I'm taking CoQ10 and my endo knows that. I had to stop taking it when I got GERD (reflux) problems as it just added to my problems.

    Some supplements don't do well with some Rx's, so you need to do your homework about that. I have found that at least my pharmacist isn't very helpful on that subject, so I look on the Internet. Even with that I haven't had much luck in finding a really good site yet.


  4. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I had gastric bypass surgery. I take about 3-4 times the "normal" dose. I take two different multi vitamins, CoQ10, chromium picolinate, malic acid, magnesium, glucosamine chondroitin MSM, coconut oil softegels, B12 injections, and valerian (at night). My doctors all know what I take because I am on a lot of medicines too. (Including cymbalta).

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