Vitamins and minerals and herbs.

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    So.. question..
    Are the Drs supposed to or advise us to take any of these.. or.. is it something that is suggested with our information that we get thru ProHealth and its what alot of people take and it helps or.. do You do it on your own?

    I know the Dr give me an antibiotic for the sinusitis and I feel worse taking that.. then I did before.
    I know too when we take different things.. to go slowly so one doesn't over do it.. because we can have an allergic reaction.. and to do one thing at a time so we know exactly what it is that caused a reaction.. if by chance there is one.. But Im curious as to how does one know to take for what.. or if it is by trial and error..
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    Hi Jam.. I know Ive been lucky with my GNP.. have been with her for 10 yrs.. She usually listens to me about what I want and don't want.. a few weeks ago when I was in to see her.. I mentioned about the Armour.. and she said the reason she doesn't prescribe it is because it isn't always available here in this area?
    Think I shall call my pharmacist and ask them .. just to see what they say..
    I will look for a Integrative MD and see if there are any around here. Oh.. seems like I did check and there wasnt one.. Will search around and see.. Thank You as always Jam for your very useful information!..
    Hugs and God Bless,