vitamins..Fatigued to Fantastic....anyone try????

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    Hi, new to the board. But not new to FMS. Have been dealing with this for many years but now the symptoms are getting so bad. I have a very difficult time taking supplements. I have acid reflux and the pills get stuck in my throat. So I thought I would try this fatigued to fantastic since it is in powder form. Has anyone tried this with good results? I am so tired and unmotivated from this constent pain that the name of this product caught my attention.
    God bless,
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    Dear Judy...Please believe me that when I say I UNDERSTAND I MEAN IT!!! You have come to the right place! You will find friends beyond your wildest dreams, and love and support that even your own family and best friends will not be able to give you at times. I'm sorry you are in pain. Are you not taking any pain meds at all? I too have FM/MFS/CFS/GAD and yes reflux which I don't think was related to the fibro. I haven't heard of the product you mentioned, but as I told my doctor and others at times, I would eat grass if it made me feel better. Please feel free to e-mail anytime if you just want to talk in private. My e-mail is I am writing a book at the present on my journey with this DD. Check the message board and add on if you would like. I need all the responses I can get, because I want to be a voice for all that suffer from this crap. I pray your day is going as easy as possible. There are tons of valuable info on this board. Madwolf always has some great thoughts to ponder and good sound advice as far as I'm concerned. Peace....Vicque
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    yes, I am taking 15mg of roxicodone at night. I am wondering if taking this med is what is making me so lathargic and unmotivated? I just told my hubby to sell the damn horses because I hurt so bad after riding that it does not seem worth it! I love my horses and the time I am able to ride it is the only thing that seems worthwhile at times. I also drive school bus and have been off for the last two weeks. Thinking about having to go back is very difficult. It is so hard to have to put on a happy face at work and try to get 40hrs in! I have missed 2.5 days since sept and boss thinks this is excessive. If he only knew how bad I hurt he would know that I have been going to work many times in pain. The times I did miss was because of no sleep because of pain. I had to break down and take a pain pill early in the am. In order to drive bus I have to be drug free for 12hrs. Oh, well I am ramblling.
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    Hi Judy, welcome to our world! I just read dr Teitelbaum's website on his product; Fatigued to Fantastic, but he does not list all the ingredients.

    If you have a problem with supplements, this one seems to have a whole lot in one drink. You maybe better off taking one thing at a time.

    Have you tired Magnesium? It has been a miracle for me.

    Pro Health has several formulas in liquid form, you could try the 'Store' link at the top of this page and read what is available, or call; 1-800-366-6056 and explain your problem.
    I am sure they can recommend something that is either sublingual (place under the tongue, instead of swollering) or liquid form. Or just ask for a free catalog and you can read it all for yourself.

    You really need a magnesium supplement, as we are mostly all dificient in this mineral. It heals the muscles while we sleep, and it is a natural tranquiler.

    There is one on the market called; 'Natural Calm' (magnesium citrate), it is a powdered form that you disolve in hot water. Does not taste bad, something like an Alka Seltzer.

    Hope you find something soon. Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl