vitamins,herbs and diet? what are the most important?

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    I've had fm for 6 years. I haven't had much luck with vit. and herbs. I've forgotten what I've learned and need a refresher. I also can't stick to things very well so need an easy regimen.

    What do you think about taking 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of baking soda in the morning to reduce acidity? How much magnesium? I'm also trying to increase my water intake. I am also over weight and in the poorest condition I've been in yrs. since loosing my car, and living on disability. I use to drive to the park and work up to an hour walk several times a day. Now I walk about 20-30 minutes several times a wk.

    Keep it simple, I'm rather low functioning, Peace

    HURTIN New Member

    Hi Peace

    If you Google "Home Remedies for Fibromyalgia", you'll find a whole bunch of stuff to help you make an informed decision. Good luck
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    I think it is all equally important. Here is my suggestion - imagine yourself as an baby - what are the most important things they do - they eat, they drink, they sleep, they pee, they poop and they play.

    Each one of those is a challenge for us because we are not well. These are the basics. Pick one thing from each section, then add to it slowly until it is a habit and instinctive. As you do research, add it to the list or move things around. Put your list on the fridge to help you remember.

    they eat: Try to eat fresh natural foods - no chemicals
    Betaine HCl before meal
    Digestive Enzymes during meal

    they drink: Try to drink pure water - no chemicals
    Filtered or distilled water
    Lemon in water in morning

    they sleep: Have good sleep hygiene
    300mcg Melatonin
    50mg 5HTP
    100mg Valerian Root

    they pee:
    Drink eight 8 oz glasses of pure water

    they poop: Have 1 bowel movement per meal
    400 mg Magnesium

    they play: Have a stress free life, indulge in whatever brings you joy: family, music, laughter, friends, movies then pick supplements that fixes a particular problem

    Energy: Vitamin C, Multi Vitamin/Mineral
    Muscle pain: 1200mg Malic Acid, Magnesium (already taking)

    I could a lot more to each section but you asked for it to be simple. My list would include pain mgmt, low blood pressure, anti-virals (prescription and natural), natural anti-biotics, detoxification, etc.

    Hope this helps,