Vitamins/minerals and M.E

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    Hey, Im new to this so Hi!
    Ok, Im only 15 and im from London, I think this is an american site as the times are not right but anyway.
    I have had m.e for a year and I have recently been looking into Vitamin b12 and m.e. Apparently it is ment to give you energy even if you dont have a vitamin b12 deficancy - but i think i do anyway as i match up with all the symptoms - long story... also there is loads of other vitamins and minerals that are ment to help.
    Are any of you on any vitamins/minerals? orally or injected it dosent matter - does it work? and also have any of you tried it and found it rubbish?
    Any comments will be welcome, good or bad.
    Emz x x x x
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    Hi Emz

    I too live in Uk and have had ME/CFS for 5 years. There are lots of vitamins and supplements that are recommended but each person is different. I know that some have B12 shots but you can buy a B12 lozenge which is really high dose. I think you probably need a variety of things and unless you have loe b12 its probably not going to be enough just to take this. Start off with taking good multi vitamin to start - I have Solgar V2000. I am also taking calcium & Magnesium supp, colostrum and Co Q 10.

    Have you read anything on Dr Cheney - he is a specialist in USA whose reserach I have been following. If you go on the library here and do a search you can read his stuff.

    Which specialist are you seeing in London ?

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    I see a Dr Stern at Guys and St thomases in Westminster, he is very good... who do you see?
    Have you heard of Breakspear hospital in Hemel Hamstead? They do alergy testing and vitamin and mineral testing there, there wos a very interesting article in the ES magazine a few weeks ago about some girl who went there and it cured her. On AYME (association of young people with m.e) quite a few people have had good results there... we are deciding wehter to go, have you heard about it?
    About the vitamin b12, i think we are going to buy some oral ones, but i think i have a deficancy in vitamin b12 as i am not absorbing it properly, (its a very long story but it all makes so much sense) so i dont know wether it will be of any use taking vitamin b12 orally. But then I aint gona inject myself. But at Breakspear they test for all that there.... hmmm
    what else do you do for your m.e? how old r u? and where r u from?
    Emz x x x
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    which some Docs here in Canada & the US believe is the same as CFS. I take coral calcium, it helps for the pain & the fatique. I'm glad that you are researching things for yourself. You will find lots of good info here.
    I think that you won't find very many people your age because it seems few people get dx until they've been sick for 10 or 20 years when they have fibro. Sorry I really don't KNOW WHAT M. E. STANDS FOR. Could someone enlighten me. Thanks.
    Best of Luck to you Emz.
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    M.E stands for Myalgic Emphlopothy which is another name for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Do you find the calcium very useful? if fimogola (or whatever its called!) is the same as M.E how comes you havent been diagnoed with M.E? Oh maybe its bcoz u live in the states?
    On AYME there are 1017 users, all young people with M.E its a really good site and they send magazines and stuff too, but some of you may be to old! he he he :)
    What else has everyone tried for M.E or suld i say CFS!
    Emz x x x x
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    Hi Em

    I too live in the uk.

    B12 injections were considered but my gp was not too keen, blood test was top end of normal. So instead I have been using sublingual methycobalomine 5mg. It's claimed this is the form of B12 needed to detoxify the brain.

    It hasn't caused any problems and I do think it's helping.

    With regard to other supplements you do realy need to do a bit of research. I find my intuition the best guide as to what I will try. If reading about the possible benefits and reasons why it may help ring loud bells then it seems more likely to work.

    Lots of people with ME find a good broad spectrum multivit/min and esential fatty acids (evening primrose & flax seed oil) helful. Beyond these it's really a matter of tailoring any therapies etc to your particular problems - wish it were easier than that.

    Good luck
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    HI em.. I have just logged on to this website and saw your messages. I too am from London.. i am older than you but was looking into the Breakspear Hospital. Did you end up going there? I would be really interested to know. I also tried the B12 injections. They didnt work for me but everyone had different reactions to everything. Let me know.. Ta, Nicki
    if anyone else has tried the Breakspear - please let me know
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    Ive heard about breakspear, and got some info. It costs a bomb and some people from ayme (association of young ppl with m.e) have been there with no improvemnet. i wouldnt take the risk! xx