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  1. Kimelia

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    Hi guys I'm just wondering what the best products out there are for people with our digestive problems. Which brands etc will absorb best and be the most beneficial to us? Where do you get yours and if you cant put the stores etc on here, email the info to me if it woudlnt be too much trouble.

    I read today taht the best probiotic is something called homeostatic soil organisms. What I read is an add for hte product so it is biased. But it looks interesting, what do y'all think?

    Oh, is it good to take the magnesium/calcium combo?

    What is the best multivitamin out there for us at a reasonable price? And what brand is good when considering any vitamins? If it is a whole food vitamin is that what we should focus on and not brand? Are liquid supplements best?

    Ok now that everyone is confused including myself I will leave you alone.. I'm tired and my brain is not working so great right now.. LOL

    Thanks, before I went and bought more stuff I wanted to consult you and get your opinions.. I appreciate you all..

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  2. Mikie

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    This website sells supplements which are designed for our types of problems. The Jarro-Dophilus probiotic is the best one I have ever used. The supplements sold here are of the highest quality and are priced better than I have found elsewhere. A very large percent of the profits are used for research and advocacy for our illnesses.

    BTW, by posting your e-mail address here, you are taking a chance of having every snake oil salesperson lurking on the net to start sending you spam e-mail at best and porn at worst. Unfortunately, it is not really safe to post your e-mail address in a public forum.

    Love, Mikie

  3. Kimelia

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    Thanks Mikie... I will check out the stuff here.. I thought I noticed that this site didnt have everything but I will look again.. That is great that proceeds go to research for our illnesses.. I did not know that. I took my email down.. Preciate the heads up on that.
  4. amaryllis

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    Yes, this site does sell tons of supplements. On the advice of one of the moderators, I ordered a print catalog and received it in just a few days. I do recall seeing all the supplements in the catalog that you are referring to. The catalog is wonderrful and offers descriptions on their many products and what you would use them for (how they would benefit you).

    Be well ~ A