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    Hi everyone.I have been reading alot about vitamins and supplements that could ease some of the symptoms of this DD.
    I am slowly trying to work some into my diet.I started taking the CQ10 and magnesium a few months ago with no problems.I have had the usual ups and down days like everyone else.But about a month ago I stated taking b-supplements,plus a B-12.I also started taking phyto-estrogen that is suppose to help with the menopause.My problem is that for the past month I seem to be getting worst,I can't shake it this time. I just feel sick everyday.The brain-fog is the worst I have ever had,I can't think clearly and feel like I am somewhere else.I have never been this bad.I guess my question is,why am I feeling like this,it seems like the more vitamins I try to take the sicker I am feeling?I hear alot of people talking about the dyes in vitamins. I know nothing about this. If anyone has any thoughts about this please let me know.
    ps-just wanted to say that out of curiosoty I layed off the B vit. today and my brain is thinking alot more clearly,I even feel like doing something.
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    Hi Donna :

    Just read your most recent post, I don't know what dosage you are taking but perhaps you started adding the vit/supp too fast. If you are taking a B complex vitamin you probably don't need the extra B-12 unlesss your doctor has checked and your deficient in b-12. Also the B vitamins compete for absorption in the gut so they should be in a 1-1 ratio. Example I take a multi B vitamin and all the various B vitamins are the same 75mg. Remember people with FM are usually more sensitive, its just the way our systems are. Sounds like you might have figured that out. I would cut out the B-12 for now and just take a complex B vitamin that way your body is not fighting itself. Also if your taking calcium make sure you don't take it at the same time as the magnesium(makes alot of us sleepy spaceheads.) I found that one out the hard way and since I spaced out my Calcium and magnesium I have been less sleepy and thinking more clearly. (3 hours apart ) You may want to take your magnesium at night, helps with sleep and relaxes the muscles. Sorry I can't help with the phytoestrogens I don;t use them only take evening primrose for PMs it works. Have you tried Malic acid. It is natural comes from apples and can help with the pain of Fm in conjuction with magnesium. You can find several articles/abstracts in the library here. Hope this was helpful and you are feeling better. Take Care.

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    You went back to the last supplement you began(b vitamins) and the time when you started feeling poorly and figured it out. I keep a date book. Can't rely on my memory anymore. . . Any med or supplement or crazy symptom I write down. That way if I have a stretch of not feeling well, I may be able to pinpoint the precipitating factor. Smart to start your supplements spaced out over a week or 2.

    Everytime I start my son on b vitamins he doesn't do well. Sometimes its a matter of changing brands, trying the most hypoallergenic ones. If you want to know for sure, stay off of them for a few days til you are feeling better and then try again. If you feel bad again, throw the bottle out.
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    Thanks for everyone's help.I just can't believe how much better I kept feeling as the day went on. I actually felt like getting outside and messing with my flower garden.The last few weeks have been like a big blurr,I kept thinking I was going to snap out of it any minute,but instead it was getting worse.I never even thought about the vitamins till last night. So I figured I would not take any today just to see,and the brain fog is gone...I am still alive!I was beginning to wonder there for awhile.I will try to add 1 back at a time so it want be so hard to figure out if this happens again.You guys are great!!!Thanks for the support and making me feel so welcome here.