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    My doc has recently given me a multivitamin tablet dont no the name of it it is a little black one he has also recently given me ferrous sulphate tabs i take 1 per day my doc says if my system is run down this could cause fatigue symptoms and body pain does anyone else take these if so have they helped you.
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    Its very common for us to have low vitd

    Grapeseed extract is good,fish oil,calcium with mag and vit d.

    jammin is good with sup info
  3. hi all,
    my sister works at asda (walmart),here in the uk.and a few years ago she had noticed that she had white spots inside of her finger nails.

    she decided to buy calcium and vitamind D tablets,from her place of work.both of these things are in the same tablet,and you take two tablets once a day.

    anyway,i had psoriasis and fibro,CFS/ finger nails didnt have the white spots,but did have psoriasis in the nails.

    i bought the above mentioned own brand vitamins,and ive been on them for 4 months finger nails look well at the moment.

    on the carton it contains 5 mg vitamin D.

    800mg calcium.

    my sister reported that she now no longer has the white spots in her finger it would seem that these tablets are correcting something that was wrong in our bodies.

    i am also eating seeds,that i put into my museli.pumpkin seeds have vitamin K,in them,and are good for healthy bones.since ive been eating them ive had less severe pain in my lower right side im doing something right at last.


    as mentioned on my posts in the past,my lifelong psoriasis went away completely,on my body.this seemed to be a miracle.

    i asked my doctor what had caused this miracle?

    she said... it could be that the psoriasis has now burned out, now that you are older.

    or it could be that a stressor in your life is now removed.

    it remains a mystery to me,but im so happy to be free of that skin curse at last.

    take care all,love fran.
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