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  1. mum6

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    Hi again. I've been reading through many of the posts and am wondering what are the best vitamins to be taking. I am on quite a few meds but know I need some suppliments too. Thanks for listening
  2. Princessraye

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    I take CFS/FM multi vitamin. The price is pretty reasonable and I do notice a difference if I don't take them.
    Good luck!
  3. kar1953

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    Hi Mum!! I take Colostrum - 4 caps/day. This is to help build up your immune system. My doc says it helps with the cognitive probs. too - & I am getting a bit better in that dept. Don't know if it's the cololstrum or the liquid nutrients I take. He said this is the most important of all supplements to take. If you have a strong immune system you're less likely to get every bug that comes around.

    If you do get some, make sure you get the kind from New Zealand. They test for mad cow disease. I've heard the U.S. doesn't.

    It's kinda expensive, but I figure if it helps keep me healthy (other than the fms stuff) that's one less problem I have to be concerned about. Don't know if that sentence makes sense.:) Hope you know what I mean.

    BTW, I was having trouble swallowing the caps - they'd get stuck. Someone on this board suggested opening them & mixing powder w/applesauce or yogurt but couldn't stand the taste. My doc said if you put your head back that constricts the throat so your should look at your feet when you swallow - this opens your throat up more & now the caps just go right down. It works. What a doc!!
    Take care......Kathi