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    Hey if you can get a vitamix or some high powered blender to make smoothies I highly recommend it. I havent been a big fan for or against smoothies and I try to limit fruit and don't do dairy so havent really been much into them for awhile but I wanted to consume more vegies and a friend raved about the vitamix so I sprung and i have to say it makes quite a difference to have that strong motor, it blends spinach, greens, celery and ice etc into a fine drink and I add either soy/tofu or rice milk with steevia and sometimes a little fruit and I can feel the difference. I am absorbing the vegies better, I know carrots would be delicious in there but per alcat food sensitivity test not sposed to have them. I also cured my new problem with constip with these smoothies (sound like old lady). Cheney had started recommending folks against fruit so I hadnt eaten much the last year but I also have to say since I added in oranges and occasional mixed berries in last couple weeks I also feel more refreshed, cut back on my chocolate cravings with these smoothies.
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    I bought one back in 1980, bought a new container minus the 'tap' 4 years ago (I always had a hard time cleaning it out if using certain things in it)...

    By far it's been the best investment in a piece of Kitchen 'equipment' I've ever made - the heavy duty motor on commercial model has held up.
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    I bought a vitamix about 20 years ago, even though I hardly ever use it. Like Victoria, mine has the tap and it is hard to clean. I should look into purchasing a new container, however, I don't know if the newer ones would work with the old base.

    I did make Dr Oz's green drink a few times in my Vitamix, however, I didn't really enjoy the drink. It was too much like drinking compost - LOL. Most of the time I make vegetable juice using my juicer. Of course this way I don't get the fibre.

    Thanks for reminding me about my Vitamix. I'll have to get it out and start using it again. Have you ever tried making bread in yours?

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    if you go to vitamix's site, you can look up what model you have and get a new container.

    Be prepared tho, it's not cheap, tho much cheaper than buying a comparable new one that is complete with base.{LkNKcHuZeBTN12Lk

    I was just reading some sites, apparently now the plastic containers are being made BPA free starting with 2008, not sure mine is as it's a few years old now, the stainless steel one wasn't available ... so... I just hope it isn't leaching anything. I'll have to check, not that I want to spend a whole bunch more on it which leaves me in a bind.

    Always something, it seems.

    all the best,

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    I havent tried making bread, it seems like its like my macbook, can do a lot of stuff beyond my capabilities and needs!
    I don't do wheatgluten so probably won't be making bread soon
    maybe soup though...