Vitreous Detachment ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. MsBrandywine

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    Have any of you experienced this.. if so.. what did you do for it ot to help.. Thanks..
    Hugs, Debbi~
  2. MsBrandywine

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    Well last summer it was like I got a tiny black dot in my line of vision of my right eye, then a few days later it ws like a round circle type of thing that moves around.I went in to see the Eye Dr.. and he said thats what I had..

    I went back in the 4 wks like he said.. he said I had 90% chance of it happening in my left eye within the next few yrs... But, He said it would most likely heal on its own.
    Now I have that going on .. plus two tiny floaters in my left eye .. which is really making me feel anxious..

    I'll have to try the things you mentioned and see if it helps.. Im such a boobie calf anymore about things.. and my anxiety levels have like really.. went even higher after my last accident.

    The Opthamologist said to get it checked again but I was living in another town then and since moved back home..I do know that I have to go get it checked but its sure has given me even more panic and anxiety..

    Next thing is finding someone to take me.. They have to use the eye drops.. When I went to this Dr that said I have this last summer.. The must have really over dosed me for my eyes stayed dialated from a friday until late sunday night.. I didnt like the Dr at all and I've never had my eyes stay dialated that long.. usually maybe 4 to 6 hrs if that..

    I thought maybe it was a retina detachment but he said no.. so.. guess I need to get in as soon as I get my car fixed.. which goes tomorrow..
    Thanks for replying back .. I'll check into the things you mentioned tho. Thanks
    Hugs, Debbi~
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    I understand too when they dont listen.. and or understand us. I think when they are professionals they should have to take classes on listening!.. I think there is alot of miscommunication between Drs and patients...
    The nurse had told him I was anxious and had panic attacks when I went back the 2nd time.. He had to put this thing inside of my eye to hold it open when he went to take it out.. it was like it was stuck and he says oh my God. its stuck.. I cant get it out!.. talk about ready to faint.. scared the crap out of me.. The nurse give him heck ..

    needless to say I went into a full blown panic attack and Thank God my friend stayed there that time out in the truck.. When I walked out.. I was calling the stupid Dr every name in the book!!.. I never went back again to him.. If he hadnt of done that, I probably would have went back in November..
    I should have or maybe can still turn him in but gosh.. when he knew I had problems with anxiety he should have known better..!!
    I think my blood pressure went sky high too.. The nurse took it and had me sit there for awhile. I finally said look.. Im leaving.. Im not staying here any longer.. and I just walked out.. So if any of you that read this and are in or around Geneva NY.. dont go to Dr Stout!
  4. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I wonder why they take so long.. Seems like yrs ago.. they only stayed maybe a few hours.. now they seem to last longer.. That alone gives me anxiety..

    My one Dr that I had.. wondered if maybe I had an allergic reaction to the eye drops?
    also.. where do you get the billberry and the lutein?

    I kind of wonder too if Im not having problems from where I have Whiplash from this last accident too..[This Message was Edited on 07/21/2008]

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