Vivian and BD

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    Vivian, I thought that you wrote another post..I'm seeing things. I guess it was a bumped up one from before. I sure hope that you are doing as well as expected. I'm glad to see you here talking. I still think of you when I lay down at night.
    BD, there you are! Good to see you here again. It's been a while. Have you been taking care of yourself?? You do that, ya hear? :) I'm sure you do what you know is best for you, just like we all try to do here. Can you believe I have chickens..I think it will help keep me up and going. I did walk one of my dogs this evening. I love to walk my dogs.
    Blessing to you both, love, Cynthia
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    Yep I'm here. I am doing the best I can right now. I am staying with my mother for awhile now. As long as she needs me to.

    Thank you for thinking of me. The funeral was yesterday and it was exactly what my father would have wanted. I held it together pretty well until the riderless horse passed by, then I cried alot. I know everyone that has lost a loved one knows what I am going through.

    You and your chickens. You make me smile. What will you do with all those eggs?

    I love my dogs too. You have a great walk.

    love to you Cynthia,

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    I appreciate your concern and love the big hugs. I will pass one on to my Mom. Yes I am fortunate that I can stay with her now. She feels lost.

    She is old school. My Dad never let her in on the family finances and now all of this responsibility is scary for her. I will do those things now. It is truly my pleasure to help her. She has been a great mother.

    She was the only one who believed my pain when I got FM, she was the only one that encouraged me to become a social worker when my father wanted me to become a nurse or a school teacher, she has always been the one behind me cheering me on.

    She is still my greatest supporter. I can't help her enough to repay her for all she has done for me. We will manage together. My boyfriend and my son are holding down the fort back at home so I told her I was staying here until she gets sick of me. Then I will know it's time to go home.

    you take care BD and Doz, I have you in my thoughts and prayers and will check the other thread to see how you are doing.

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