Vocal Cord Dysfunction

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    It was discovered that I have something called VCD or Vocal Cord Dysfunction. It is something others may have and not even realized it. I have put a web site below to further explain about it.

    When I get very stressed out, I cannot breathe and it feels like I have hands around my throat strangling me. It turns out that my vocal cords actually close. I always have a caffeine diet soda with me for difficult stressful appointments and when I get that happening, I force sipping of the drink and the caffeine does help.

    I always thought this was simply a panic attack and that everyone had a panic attack exactly as I did. Until I met a lady one day that had VCD and we talked and I explained I get panic attacks and can't breathe and it's like being strangled with hands around my throat. Then she told me she suffered similarly and it was discovered it was VCD and to see my doctor and my doctor confirmed. I have had this incident happen in front of other doctors, but they didn't get what was happening.

    So now I have an explanation and I can begin working on it. I'm hoping that maybe this info will help someone else here as I never knew this existed.

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    He put some type of fiber optic real skinny like scope down the nose and further down to look at the vocal cords and around that area. It sort of spooked me and I went into really bad anxiety and the vocal cords closed and I couldn't breathe and he could see it with the scope and got it out and let me have my diet soda. He didn't even get to certain sounds he was going to have me make with the scope in so he could see the vocal cords as i went through it.

    By the way, it can happen with chemicals too, and with exercise. It just depends on what impacts your vocal cords. I only know, it is a horrible feeling when it happens.