vocal cord paralyzed

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    Hello All,
    I am very scared about my vocal cord being paralyzed already? (Before surgery) (Median position? not fully open) I still have a very strong voice. I have my right vocal cord paralyzed and need to be fused Skull to C-5, I need to have a dorsal decompression at the foramen magnum and C1 and occipitocervical fusion, What does this all mean??? and my doctor wants to operate from behind not transoral, but not do a trachea unless nessary , is it not to late by then if he runs into trouble??? I am ready for surgery just still confused about the vocal cord, If I need to have a trachea before they put the tube down me again...(I think this is how it was paralyzed in the first place.......Thank you so much, God's blessings to you all .............Gina
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    I want you to go to the FM message board and look for a posting called "FibroMyalgia of the throat". It was written by hope2001.

    I did some reading on this and discovered that if it is crico arytenoid caused by Fibromyalgia, the cure is different than if it is crico arytenoid arthritis. I think the second one required surgery.