Vocal cord spasms or a hoarse voice related to FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PainPainGoAway, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. PainPainGoAway

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    Thankfully, I have not had this symptom, but am asking about a friend. She has had FM for about 10-12 years now, as well as asthma. She's had problems with her vocal cords closing up and having trouble speaking (hoarse) or even breathing.
    Her newest doctor has recently told her that asthma is not causing this problem, as her lungs are clear. She was told that this is a lesser known problem with FM and wants her to get her vocal cords stretched. It is an out of office procedure.
    Has anyone had this done? If so, or if you know of anything that might be helpful, please tell me. She has been through a lot. It seems as if it happens when it gets very cold, or if she is stressed.
    Her family rolls their eyes, as they are certain it's attention seeking. I am encouraging her to listen to her doctor but the thought of stretching vocal cords isn't pleasant.
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  2. sascha

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    there's a dystonia condition affecting the voice called Spasmodic Dysphonia- there are two main types: adductor and abductor. maybe she has adductor, which is when the vocal cords slam together, air can't get through, and the voice is choked off.

    i had abductor type for a long time that over time changed over to mainly essential tremor.

    for the adductor type, there is a fairly effective treatment, and that is botox injections. i had many of these for the abductor type of SD i had, but it wasn't as effective. i knew many people with adductor SD and they could get great help from the botox injections.

    but she should search out good doctors, maybe ENT, who could really check out what the exact problem is. Sascha
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    I've been having larnx pain/spasms since around the time I got this DD, and my vocal chords really hurt when I have conversations. After a year I was finally diagnosed with acid reflux. I had no idea reflux could cause problems like this, especially without heartburn (I've never had heartburn), but apparently it's not that uncommon.

    Your friend should definitely go see an ENT.
  4. PainPainGoAway

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    Thanks for your replies. I will print this and pass it on to her today.
    She is seeing an ENT.
    She has major gerd, by the way.

    Her voice can be fine one minute, then closed off and gasping for air in the next. In the winter it's mostly hoarse and can't go outdoors when it's cold and damp.

    They have treated her as if it was asthma for years. I discovered she was not really taking her medicine for asthma like she should.

    Her doctor told her wherever there's a muscle, FM can wreak havoc on it. So in her case, the throat is spasming, whether by stress, weather or allergens and affecting the voice box.
    Thank you again!
  5. Sunspot

    Sunspot New Member

    A friend with CFS lost his voice for a few weeks and had to go to a voice therapist to get it back... but that did work.

    I'm not sure about having someone stretch the vocal cords... people have stretched my diaphragm muscles and it was always extremely painful and didn't make a difference that I could tell...

    Good luck to your friend!

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