vocational rehabilitation Program

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  1. When I got denied at hearing level, i felt attorney didn't listen to me about need a functional test from a doctor.I got one from a mental expert but not physical and so they denied me because they used ssd doctors physical exam,which is designed to tell you that you are not disabled.

    I read since this is a government program[ vocational rehabilitation program } ssd takes alot of woth to what they say. They test you about everything. Any thoughts of using this knid of service. IT is free. Ruthie
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    My only concern about these exams is that they test you for only part of one day. They do not see you in pain and exhaustion the next day. We can often push ourselves hard for a short time. And if you do not push yourself because "I'll pay for it big-time tomorrow." they might conclude that you are malingering. Perhaps if you paid for your own FCE and arranged to be seen and even tested again the next day, it would be more helpful to your case.

    I know..it's always the cost of these things that make them not an option for most of us.
  3. My doc said my insurance should cover it. Also the one I read about is an ongoing rehabilitation. They test physical,mental and signs of depression and all that stuff. The fce is what?
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    my sister just mentioned this to me the other day.

    is this, where they can train you for a new career if you are not able to do what you've previously done?

    i can see if you cannot work anymore, where this would not be helpful.

    is this something only for people trying to get disabilty or for anyone who thinks they may need the service?

    i've always had service jobs that are becoming increasingly hard for me to physically do. i do believe i can still work, just need something that is a little less taxing on my body.

    can anyone give more info on this? (sorry to hijack the thread.)
  5. My thinking is they will definelty see my limits. I am weak,my hands and feet go numb and I have to pull myself up off a chair. My thinking is so messsed up and verbal and writting skills are like a 5th grader.I get anxious just being around people. If they tried to test me on strenth they could see I cant lift a gallon of milk without 2 hands. I have poor range of motion. All this was denied becuase my attorney didn't order a physical exam for functioning. So they took what the ssd doctor said. The thing is she never tested me either on if I can sit,stand stoop or walk far.She did say I was highly depresssed and cried the entire time.

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