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  1. JLH

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    My brother knows that my arms, shoulders, neck, back, and everything else hurts and it's hard for me to type all day, etc. and sent me the following email (which I copied to post here) about some new software that he just got--he is a doctor and has a lot of reports that he has to write, and notes on his patients' files, etc.

    Here is what he wrote to me, it may help you in your writing ....

    Along comes a great piece of software. This software is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is a voice recognition technology that simply types, in English, everything I say into the microphone. It can be used with word processors, e-mail, and just about any other document that requires several paragraphs.

    One of my patients recommended it and I can say that it's fantastic. It's available through Amazon for about $43, plus free shipping. The package includes the voice recognition technology software as well as a complete headset. Once installed, you simply place the cursor in the location you wish to dictate, then speak away. This entire e-mail was written using the voice recognition technology. Since many of you in the family are students and frequently write papers, I thought this may be of interest to you. It would be especially helpful if you hate typing. It also provides its own spell check. This just actually unbelievable. Well, a routine report often takes me 70 minutes to complete, I can now dictate a complete report in about 15 minutes.

    If you're interested, the product is located on Amazon and is currently on sale. For those of you with the iPhone's, there is also a voice recognition application that you can download for free and experiment with the technology. Just search for Dragon in the iPhone applications section.

    The software is at least 98% accurate. In this entire e-mail I’ve made 2 corrections. I sure wish I had this technology when I was in school.

    *End of his email.
  2. Juloo

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    We had an education consultant AND a psychologist recommend it for our son who is very bright but has difficulty with handwriting. Composing school reports with several required drafts, editing, etc., has always been a tedious and painful process. I have also heard it recommended for people who enjoy 'writing' (er, the creative process of authoring a story), but prefer a more verbal, story-telling approach to getting their thoughts down on paper.

    Thank you for your personal story!
  3. KerryK

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    It's true. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an excellent voice recognition product. I have used it for almost 17 years, since it was still a DOS based product. I routinely volunteer instruct disabled people in using it. Takes a bit of effort to get good at using it. There is also a free VR program with Windows that isn't bad, but not nearly as useful as Dragon.
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    I've used the more expensive Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred software for over a decade. I don't get anywhere near 98% accuracy even with several software and hardware upgrades and much practice. I've read that Ray Kurzweil, who invented speech recognition, doesn't even use it because it's too slow.
    I use it because I'm a poor typist, but it takes very careful proofreading to try to find and correct all the sometimes bizarre recognition errors. It's hard to do when the brain fog is thick.
  5. mrlondon

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    One of the keys to making Dragon work correctly is to get a good microphone. This will increase the accuracy. There are ones available on the web that specifically are designed for Dragon. - Mark
  6. illroy

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    I've spoken with perhaps the best person in the world on Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Unless things have changed recently, the systems just aren't as good in use as advertised when people actually test them in real-world conditions.
    I just don't want people to think that they are better than they work out to be.

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  7. mrlondon

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    I also abbreviation (expansion) software, that allows me to type abbreviations, that are then automatically expanded. This really helps me to reduce my typing. The utility that I use is:


    I had to create my own abbreviations, which takes a while to do. If not for this software, I would have had to rely on voice software. I figure it cuts my amount of keystrokes by at least half. - Mark
  8. FibroFay

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    This is a very helpful thread. Thanks to all who posted.

  9. JLH

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    So far, my brother is loving this software that he got and has not been having any problems with it.

    Thanks for all the comments of those who posted.
  10. illroy

    illroy Member

    I'm glad to hear that. Which Dragon NaturallySpeaking program and microphone is your brother using? There are also computer system requirements. Can you list his relevant specifications? I would guess most newer computers probably exceed the requirements.
    An easy way to check the accuracy is to dictate 100 words and count the mistakes.

    Thanks for that link.

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