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  1. barbarann

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    Does anyone have trouble with their throat and voice? My voice got very weak about five days ago and now sometimes I feel like my throat is closing up. I have to swallow very hard before it opens back up. I have been very tired. Maybe that is it. My voice just isn't making a comeback yet. Barbarann
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    I went shopping with my sis-in-law today for a fireplace. We ate lunch, shopped, giggled and talked and got home in 4 hours. I felt good when we left, but was exhausted when we got back. She commented that I sounded hoarse. My hubby told her I do that when I'm tired. I never noticed nor did anyone tell me before that I was speaking softly. I have noticed they ask me to repeat a lot of things. I always have an irritated throat. Not really sore, but red and irritated the doc said. I have trouble at night sometimes trying to swallow. I drink 7-up then. It helps.
    I enjoyed the day but wonder what tomorrow will bring.*smiles* Jsl
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    I've always gotten hoarse when I get tired... then about 2 years ago got very hoarse and couldn't speak out loud anymore... had vocal cord edema.. treated unsuccessfully with prednisone... surgery for polyps twice since then... I get voice problems when I have the bad bad fatigue... and * recently a freind of mine had been complaining of "something in her throat" ( she has teh lupus/fibro/cfids thing too... and finally one of the docs wanted to prove to her nothing was wrong so he after 3 years of complaining scanned her throat and found a big tumor!! its behind her trachea and in front of her cervical spine.... so I looked this up.... and found there is a HUGE corelation between long standing epstein barr infection and nasopharyngeal tumors and cancer and lymphoma,,,, I said "LOVELY~".... so anybody else ever heard anything about any of this????????? What is up with our healthcare system??????
    but anyway, call an ENT and get scoped... if they find nothing wrong and it persists... you persist with your complaints til you get an answer girl!!! Good luck.