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    I have no idea if this is right! right now I need to go make some brownies.

    I can't believe that actually did this!![This Message was Edited on 08/10/2010]
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    Happy birthday Elaine! 44 ain't so bad. You're still above ground!


    Ok. Hands not so tired so here's what happened.

    The main waterline in the empty apartment above me broke. Maintenace said there was a gusher upstairs and Niagra Falls downstairs.

    Most of my clothes got wet. Quite a bit of my bedding also.

    Had to move in with my parents for nine nights. Dad was OK, but I knew when I moved in that I wasn't going to be able to stay long.

    Sister and I sorted, packed, moved, and threw away every day last week except Saturday. I couldn't do anymore. We finished Sunday. The movers came Monday (yesterday).

    Posting. BRB

    I'm back.

    The movers were EXCELLENT! They moved the piano first and then packed the truck to move everything else. Including their break, they were done in an hour and a half. Sister and I were totally amazed.

    Baby couldn't help because 1) there was too much water for her to help on Monday. She would have had another allergy attack from all the mold beginning to form and 2) she had her upper wisdoms pulled on Tuesday. We called her "Chippy" (short for chipmunk) all week.

    No driving lessons for her this summer. I kinda ran out of time.

    Lost some music, some aromatherapy books, and a few novels. A print of Renoir and an original that Baby painted for me in high school.

    A couple patterns, an unusual print material, two music afgans, and a lamp.

    Four book cases, a cabinet I used as a pantry, my living room furniture, and a tuxedo shirt.

    Anything that was in my kitchen cupbords that was packaged in a box or in plastic.

    The piano looks OK on the outside, but we all know that the real damage in done to the inside. It did not take a direct hit of water, but had to sit in a very damp environment for 9 days.

    After it sits here for a few days, I'm calling my piano tuner and then we'll go from there.

    Posting. BRB

    I'm back.

    Several good things did happen because of this yucky event.

    I got my sister back.

    She's been there the whole time. Not complaining about the work or the long hours. She was there when I didn't want to open the door last Monday.

    She was there when I had a hard time bringing myself to play-test the piano. She held me when I cried because I realized there was a problem. She didn't say a word when I declared that it was time for a lunch break and made it last for about an hour and a half before I could go back to work.

    She did it because she said that's what sisters do. I believe she means it.

    The insureance man didn't make it until Wednesday. He said we were to stop all this work immediately and call in a moving company and let them do all this work.

    Sister and I looked at each other after he left and decided that since we were almost done, we were the ones that were gonna get paid for this job! Lucky her! I haven't checked yet, but we've logged in over 40 hours on this project. She's gonna make out like a bandit!

    She still said that she would have done it anyway. I belive her.

    Other thing was this. I couldn't take my washer/dryer with me to the new apartment. (I'm still in the same complex, but the rules have changed.) I wasn't sure how I was going to get rid of them, but one of the movers said his son needed a set. So, there you go!

    No, I didn't take any money. They were kind enough to come to move me for free. All they asked was that I provide a UHaul. I thought it was a fair enough trade.

    So, now, I'm sitting here looking at a house full of boxes and bags. But, I'm not complaining. I'm dry.

    I will be putting things away over the next week, but I'm not going to get in a hurry. I need to rest because school stsrts two weeks from yesterday.

    Gonna go now. My hands are getting tingly tired.

    Love you all.

    Hang in therre Everydobby. We can do this.

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    What a horrible ordeal you have gone through!!!!!

    I can't imagine the amount of water that must have come through the ceiling----enough to do all that damage!! And your clothing----was there any damage to it or could you launder it and be OK?

    I'm glad that your sister was there with you---it's good to have someone loving around when somethingt like that happens! She said it was "what sisters do." I'm afraid I don't know about that since it was just 'me" in the family.

    Oh my----there will be much "putting away" for you to do. Then you wilol have to stop and think "just where should this and that go!"

    i hope that it isn't so hot there. We have and are to have 90+ with high humidity. That would wear you out.

    Glad your school doesn't begin for 2 weeks. I can't believe that school tkime kis here!!! "Oh where oh where did the suimmer go??"

    I'm sorry but Ii have to stop!!!! My eyes are so heavy-----I didn't sleep at all well last night---the kind of night that you wake up everhy hr. I had a suspicion as to why and I was right. Forgot to take Meds.

    I shall return.. Love you all,

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    Great job sweetie but I remember the first time I did it I was wondering if I could really change those light bulbs. BUT I did, even if I did get caught in the doors a couple of times. Soirry you did't get a good night's sleep last night. BTW, what do you take to sleep? I am back on the generic klonopin and Flexeril. Startede back on 1/2 tabe of the Klonopin and it seemed to work at first (keep me asleep longer) but now it isn't sio I may have to go to the 1 o.5 mg.tab. I know what you mean about the humidity ! I have always lived in it no matter where I lived before butit surely can knock the winds out of your sails at they say..

    Teacher -- I cannot believe all that you had to go through with the floodijng in your aprtment. So sorry you lost so much ! I am so glad you did get your sister back. That is a wonderful present for you after this horrific mess you have just gone through. Hope things will be settled down soon. Home you have some time to really rest a bit before you go back to school again. Sorry to have to mention it.

    SW - glad you got some good bargains in books and all at the book fair. Hope you got a bit of NRG back againl Don;t worry I do not have any either.

    Elaine - How was your b-day fun with your friends? Gee, you surely are a baby !! only 44 years old. Don't I wish !

    Jole - I am missing you too sweetie. How are you doing and your DH? Hope to hear from you soon even if you aren;t feeling well -YOU TOO ROCK !!

    Bye for now to all !
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    DH is playing golf and I really need to get off here and get dressed and start a ws. Have a feeling that when DH gets home andhas to run some errances he wikk want company.

    Georgia - Yay for you. Are you ready for a party in 5 days ??

    I got a big kick about the Sophie eating that yarn episode. Really funny. However, I hope it was some old yarn you weren't using right now. Hope she didint eat too much of it. I would think it shouldn't have very good taste but then again I am not a doggie :)!!

    Joan - Hope you got a better nights sleep last night and did you save me some brownies?

    Julie - Hope youare doing OK sweetie with all your running around and helping Lindsey. I just love the picture of Lins , David, Lorraine and that LITTLE puppy Sheba waiting for himto be deployed, on FB. What a sweet picture !!

    Elaine - How was your birthday celebration?

    Carla- Still tinking of you. Hope they have started your yard and that you are feeling better after your accident. I think you said it was your arm that got burned.

    Jole - How are you my dear. Haven't seen you in SOOOO LONG. Hope both you and hubby are doing OK.. Miss seeing and hearing from you.

    Micey - Missing you to0. Drop aline when you can.

    SW - Hope you have a little more get up and go. If you find yours maybe you will find mine somewhere along with yours :) !!

    Teacher - You gonna sleep for a week after your whole ordeal?


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    Good work, Joan. You got us started. Did I understand your

    post correctly? Your son and his wife adopted two Philippine


    Good to hear from you, Teacher. Are you enjoying the summer

    aside from the flood? Does your love of music extend to opera?

    Donizetti wrote an opera called Il Diluvio Universale. As one

    might expect, it's about Noah and the world-wide flood.

    One writer observed that after some initial performances,

    the opera sank from view for about 150 years. I think we

    can assume the pun was intentional.

    Hope you pianola is OK. When I was an insurance adjuster

    many decades ago, I had a piano claim. Can't remember all

    the details, but it was either a grand or a baby grand piano.

    It was in a shop for some work, and the shop burned down.

    The owner of the piano had bought it only a few months

    earlier. Think he paid $6,000. We reimbursed him the

    full amount since pianos depreciate very slowly.

    Julie, 5 inches of rain in Iowa sounds like way too many.

    No damage at your place? I hope David is safe. I wish the

    politicians would bring our young people home. My best

    regards to little Lorraine. Maybe when she gets older she

    will enjoy Quiche Lorraine, nes pa?

    Granni, hope you get your meds adjusted and can catch some

    shut eye. I used to have trouble sleeping when I was in

    grade school. Glad you had a good visit w/ the grandsons.

    Haven't seen my granddaughter for the last several years.

    It's fun to be around kids. They make me feel youthful too.

    Georgia, I see you're counting down the days. Every morning

    when when I wake up, I'm grateful that I no longer have to

    go to work.

    Was that story about Sophie true, or were you just tellin'

    us a yarn?

    Springwater, you are so busy w/ festivals and birthdays and

    family obligations. I am amazed you can make it to so

    many events.

    Glad to hear you found some new books to read. One of the

    joys of my childhood was trading comic books. Seems like

    an awful lot of men my age can recall their collection of

    comics or baseball cards. Both of which are worth mucho

    dinaro these days. I see a Superman comic recently sold

    for a million bucks. Uff-da!

    All for now


    Couldn't get Mozilla Firefox to work, so I typed this on Internet Explorer. Hence
    the double spacing. No spellcheck either. Ah well...

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Granni, when I was a kid and we played hide and seek, the
    magic phrase was: Allee, alee, in so free-ee. I have, however,
    seen variations of this in various books.

    Thanks for the report on Carla. I miss her too. Hope her
    arm is healing OK.

    Nice to hear from you, Linda. Sorry you lost your post. I
    have been able to minimize this unpleasant phenomenon
    by typing my post in my mail box. Then I cut and paste it to
    the message board.

    Doesn't entirely prevent a post from going Puff!, but it helps
    a lot. Regards to Lucie. We are going to some shelters
    this weekend, to see about getting a companion for Zippy.

    The last two weeks here have been almost entirely taken up
    with the illness and death of Gordon's mother. I posted about
    Chinese funeral customs on the Loungers post.

    Another one came up last night. We were at her house. When
    we left, I turned off the living room light. Gordon said, "Don't
    turn that off." I said, "Oh, sorry. I thought we were through
    in here."

    He said, "We are, but that light has to remain on for three days."

    No need to express condolences. Gordon is grieving, but his
    mother and I did not get along. She did not get along with
    most people including all but one of her children.

    Well, hope you are all doing as well as can be expected. Maybe
    even a little better than that.

    Wugs and haves

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Are you ready for a party !! Naughty Sophis already puttig a chew hole in your new chair.
    I hope the doggy school will help her to learn what to do and not to do !

    Rock- so gladato see you back after your absence. Yes, you were missed. Let me tell you my dear that there is nothing wrong with yur brain. Anyone who can cut and paste and tyoe in their mail box and bring it to the Porch is no dummy. I have yet to do either of them. Sorry about Gordon's mom even if she was a pill and caused some problems. She was his Mom and I am sure he had some feelings for her.

    Julie - Hope things aren't to bad for you and poor Linds. She is so lucky to have her. It is so hard for Dad to have to be gone for so long esp. almost right after Lorranie was born. I just loved that picture of David, Linds with the baby and the little puppy Sheba :) !! What a little puppy ! How old is she anyway. She is a beautoiful dog. Is she mild mannered? Hope you aren't running youself ragged !

    Geez, I forgot who else may have posted besides Teacher and Joan and Elaine before that..

    Hope everydobby is doing well.. Gotta run ans start my supper !!

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    Granni: I take generic Klonopin (take 1/2 of .25 in a.m. and other half p.m.) and Trazadone. Yes, and it was in the box next a.m. I make certain that I take it now.

    First: Yes, my good, good friend lost her son on Mon. He had bile duct/liver cancer for 9 mon. It was in late morning and I had vowed that I would not bother her at home that day. The more I thought of it, the more I wanted to go. Harley and I, yrs. ago, had not gone when we wanted and regreted it always. We vowed that if ever we felt in our hearts that we should go very soon, we would do it. I think harley was telling me to go. I went, she was alone in the living room, girls were in kitchen planning things. and we just talked. Feels as if it is a dream that she will awaken from. She thanked me over and over for coming and the funeral director, good friend of mine, reported that she tole him how glad she was that I came that day.

    It will be cremation and the service will be at one of the last chatauques in the U.S. They have a 4 generation cottage there and their kids of course grew up there. I went frequentlyu when I was at home with parents as my dad practically grew up there. Then we spent many nights sigtting on their screened in porch with their family and whoever might drop in.

    Service will be in tabernacle and planned by him before his death. Will be different!

    I want to thank 3 of you dear, dear porchies for your kind, sweet remarks on FB. In fact, there were only a word or 2 by people I know! It was just so heartwarming to hear from you, SW, Carla and????suddenly I have forgotten.

    Then my son called last eve. just numb from havingh come from the hospital to see a dear golfing buddy---His wife had just had surgery---cancer with 2 months to live. He is 39, the wife is 36 and children are 8 and 6. What a tragedy!!!!!!! Oh my, what life does deal some.

    Then daughter told me that DiL had said that they hadn't decided on adoption of the 2 children from the Phil. I was so upset over that as I grew to love them/k that would be terrible for the children!!! But I am just a grandma so I keep my mouth closed.

    Then today as I was getting ready to go to a Sr. dinner, a fuse blew! There went the AC in the family room plus the phones. I went anyway and hinted around to a friend or two and had no takers. That was disappointing. So----I went home and got to work. We don't have a box with a circuit breaker (everyone kept teling me it was simple---just do the circuit breadker) It is just a plain fusebox. The rfoom was 82 and it is back in a corner and haard to get to. I tried taking the long fused out and that didn't work. So-----I called a man that has done some yard work for me and he came and found it right away. Wanted no pay so I thanked him a 100 times over.

    Tonight I am so tired from all the above, the heat, the humidity, everything. You people keep me going!!!!! <3

    The service will be in the open tabernacle and my sion, who is coming, said the forcast for Fri. is 96! i have a small battery operated fan that I will take alongt.

    I agree Rock: I just now learned to cut and paste but not everything. Still so much I need to leatrn

    I can'ty go anymore and I haven't "talked" to so many you. Sorry. you are all dear firnends.

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Just scroled up and saw that you couldn't get Mozilla to work---I just did it this eve while I ate. And I am always on Internet Express.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    to hear about your dear friend's son. That is just awful for him and the whole family and all the dear friends, like you.It is wonderful that you went over to see and be with your friend. You were a comfort to her at a terrible time and I am sure that she will never forget . That was just wonderful of you to be there for her in her dark hour. You are such a dear !

    When do you take your gen. klonopin, right before bed with the tramadol? I was off it fora while and the doc put me back on it again, the klonopin. I am supposed to take one 0.5 mg pill at night with the flexeril and right now I am trying to get by with 1/2 pill. Looks like you are taking a stronger dose than I. Does it take you long to get to sleep when you take it or do you go right off? Do you always have to get up a time or two to go to the rest room at night or do you sleep through? Seems like I am getting up a couple of times a night again. I might have to go to a whole pill. However, this morning I woke up sort of groggy so we will see. However, I never do wake up great :) !!

    I am so glad to hear that you went and were such a comfort to your dear friend. When you feel that wasy in your heart you should go. If they do not want company or help they will tell you but I am sure most would want it.

    Will talk to you and all probably tomorrow but it will be a busy s day. Just klnow I am thinking of you. There are so many sick and dying friends I kow lately.

    I friend of mine's daughter's husband just died a couple of monthsago from liver cancer. He was dxed. a few months ago and he didnot laswt long ater that. He had just retired and they were goingto build a nice new retirement house on some land they had bough. Now she will probably sell it. Thank God they hadn't started building on it yet. He had been in fine health up to that point.

    It is terribly sad no matter what they age but when they have a very young family it is even harder for the children and surviving spouse.

    Well, enough of this sad stuff. Hugs to you Joan and everydobby else!

    Granni[This Message was Edited on 08/12/2010]
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    Georgia: A retirement party is fine---no booze (only water) and lots of chocolate, light and especially dark.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad.I am sure it is a worry. As you get older, so do your parents. Then you worry. I was young when my dad died---33! and 47 when my mom died. miss them so much and still think of various things that went on when they were living.

    The service is to be tomorrow and the temp. is supposed to be mid 90's with hideous Heat index. today the weather channel said, reached 97 and HI of 101. This will be outside with a roof over our heads. Maybe I already said this----Iplan to freeze 2 bottles of water (not supposed to do that!) and I have my battery little fan. I really dread it----the whole thing.

    Rock: Tell me what I did to my cell phone. The sound is off, I don't know how I did that, and I don't know how to fix it. Think I will go to where I bought it and ask for help.

    Granni: I take the 2 meds at the same time before I go to bed. Maggie goes to be with me and watches til I close my eyes. But sometimes she goes to sleep first-----can tell when that big tail stops flip-flopping.

    oh yes, I was talking about meds. I lay there awhile---never can get every joint just where it is comfortalbe at first---then I suddenly am awake to go to potty. Doesn't bother me next day. My total of Klonopin is the same as yours-----.50 mg split in half, one 1/2 at a.m. and the other half in p.m.

    i am complaining about the heat but I am sure that there are others of you complaining too. I think mother Nature is punishing the world the past few yrs.-----everything----awful thingds. The flood in Iowa now must by awful!!!!

    Georgia: I think you have an ornery, energetic doggy! Must be a pup!

    Rock: No matter what you write, I just look forward to it and enjoy it so much!! you have a talent for writing!! And find humor to entertain all of us!

    Jole: Where yave you been? Hope you are well. Does anyone know anythi8ng about Pippi? She has been absent a LONG time! hope she is OK. And Elaine----it is so good when you drop around. Come back often!

    I have to find something to eat! For the past 2 nights, (I have my big meal at noon) i have toasted Cinabon bread, had some fruit, may pudding or yogurt and what ever else is in the frig.

    take care, all of you. Thank you for the nice compliments. I didn't write that to get credit----just to get if off my mind for a bit.

    Tomorrow is another day! I'll take it all as it comes (if I don't melt down) and be glad when it is over.

    Gentle Hugs and Blessings,

  13. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hello ALL Porch PALS,

    Luckily I had a copy of this message saved because, it mysteriously disappeared! Then, the other strange thing I noticed is the PORCH looked stuck & when I checked back about 20 minutes later …… there were 10 ++ new messages.

    I was bummed when I saw my post was gone the other day especially since I tried to reply to as many PEEPS as I could! So, I'm REPOSTING along with some updates.

    Onward with my NEWS Updates, as I see some questions were asked!

    BIRTHDAY ======== I had as much fun as I could during this medication switch. Received a bunch of cards, some emails and phone calls too! 2 of my Girlfriends came over and we had a BLAST. Catching up on who has been doing what and laughing.

    MEDICATION CHANGES ====== I eliminated 1 night time medication hoping it will help my “FATIGUE”. All was going OK, until the last 2 days I barely slept & felt horrible. Had to go back to taking that extra medication. Will try to take it just a few times a week.

    Today I get to toss back in my “fatigue medication” and my doctor increased it ~~~~~ so I should get energy after I take it. I’ll move on to exercising next because that is when I need the most energy.

    I have been emailing pictures to my SIL when my younger brother and his kids were visiting. I am putting together a package for my nieces because we did “online shopping”, one wants me to make a CD for her, also include the pictures and specific wording of the exercises I did with them when they were here & need to pick up a little make-up for them. They enjoyed it so much when I styled their hair & did slight make up on them for their Dad’s birthday. They felt so GLAMOROUS!!

    All of the photos came out so adorable!!

    GORGIA ======== Those old style alarm clocks work the best. Hope the steroid injections help. Let me know if they work. Could possibly use that for my back. A Retirement Party sounds fun!

    CARLA ====== Sue hope the burn did not occur to medication. I have many meds I take where I have to dodge the sun. Still thinking of you, my friend & hang in there like you use to tell me. It does eventually PAY off big time!!

    GRANNI ======== Aren’t grandchildren exhausting?? Fun to have them over, yet they tucker you out.

    SPRING ======= Glad to hear you were able to spend time w/ family members. I know you are resting and recuperating. I can relate to being tired all of the time. That is why I asked my doctor to work on that specific area.

    JULIE ======= I pray of David and think of him often. Blessings to your family.

    ROCK ====== I always love to hear from you. What a smile you put on my face.

    TEACHER ======= You just crack me up. Laughter is the best type of medicine, so I enjoy reading your posts.

    LINCAMP ======= Haven’t seen you around so much. Glad to see when you post. Must be busy or recuperating from something!!

    JOLE ====== Hello, I know you are out there,my friend.

    JOAN ====== So sorry to hear about your friends son. HUGS to you dear!

    I’ll wrap up my message and say a HELLO to ALL of the Porchies & the ones who have been MIA ========, Carla, Mickey, 1sweetie, Pippi, Barry/ BTC, Marta, Sacajawea2, Bevy2most, Kilo, Joel, Monica, Dauber, Jodie, Rosebud, Myriad, Annie, Lacombe, Vivian, Debra, Mandy, Cindy/Pain, Cater, Shenanigans Doznclan3/Cynthia, Lingam, Lila clover/Joan, Georgia, Granny, Julie/Lyndia1, Spring water, Rock, Teacher!

    (…… sure hope I included EVERYDOBBY!)

    HUGS to ALL,
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Joan thanks for opening up new porchlight.

    its very late here so just popping in to read messages and nice to see elaine too popped in.

    i went to see a movie today coz chinese friend invited. enjoyed it. i made dinner for dh and

    son before leaving.

    fatigue levels still same. feeling lil spaced out. i know im also pre menstrual right about this time.

    took some magnesium.

    Take care all

    God Bless
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    like a little weed. How do you find the time to do all you do. I am worn out just thinking about it. Hope you don't collapse after all is said and done. Did you say tht Sheba had or is going to have puppies? Just what you need more people to take care of :) !! However, I know you love it. Hope they all appreciate you !!

    Georgia - It is hard when you have a stick situation with your dad. I know I sould and should get mad at myself when my mom ws so sick and I was to far away to help and if I did go I really wouldnpt be much good with my hi b/p and all my aches and pains. Yes, sometimes e-mailing and calling is good. I used to write to my mom every week (snail mail) and visa versa and I knew she was bad when the letters stopped coming from the rehab. center after she broke her hip for the second time. Hope things will go well for you both. Yes, and it is hard, I know sometimes.

    SW - sorry you are still all wrung aout as I think you said or somethinglike that. Hope you feel better soon. The weather is no help I know as well as your DD having left. Hope you hear from her soon to help boost your spirits and maybe the weather cools down too.

    Went carpet looking today for bathroom, bedroom and also may have found some for the Master Bath and Bedroom and possibly also for the den too. They had some good sales but just not sure about how they will look. The lady I am consulsting with will come nexzt tuesday to let jme know what she thinks. Tomorrow we will go to anhoter big store that is supposed to be rellay good with lots of selections. Then, I can get really confused again !

    Hope all with have a nice weekend. Nothing else going on except trying to figure out the carpeting.

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Elaine - how irritating, u lost a post! grrrrr....but i notice this boards been acting up again a bit.
    nice to get those updates from you tho. what fun to make up and dress up the little ones. and their enthusiasm is infectious isnt it.

    Rock - so you are getting a dose of oriental customs re funerals etc. i find our funeral customs so long drawn out and yes hard on the pockets too. I hope Gordon wil get over his grief soon. From what u used to write he did seem kind of close to his mum.

    Julie - wow, Lorraine is growing! its fascinating to watch them change. Im having the same experience with my dhs daughter. She looks different every time i visit. She can smile now, and u know the effect THAT has on everyone around, lol. Lots of squealing, and shrieks, Oh look! look! she's smiling...hahahaha babies bring so much joy along with a bit of work.

    Georgia - youre doing the best you can re your father. he made his decisions and you cant be expected to do the impossible and travel so far away with all the health and other constraints you have. Dont feel guilty. Just let him know you care.

    Granni - I hope you get some really nice stuff for your house. It sounds kind of exciting to be redoing everything. Of course theres the hassle and tiredness but also excitement of choosing new stuff, what you like, dont like.

    Joan - im glad to hear you got your fuse box fixed. it is handy to know how to fix things like that. I dont know a thing! Im lad you went and met your friend that lost her son. I know it would have seemed incomplete if u hadnt done so, you cared so much about her and him.

    God Bless

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Didn't do to much today, just threw a wash in the machine, kind of late but I did anyway. Will probably forget about it till tomorrow. Gotta go fix dinner soon. We went bright and early to the carpet store. I brought a bunch of samples home and hope the lady who is helping me thinks at least one of them is good (;!! We will have to put some on the next CC bill. So will have to wait for a week or so before we can order but the sales were good till the enod of the month or somei into Sept. I think. Got some nice carpet on sale if one of them works out.

    I do not know how you did all you did yesterday Julie and Den too. Has Sheba had her puppies or are you waiting for them to arrive? If they are here already my brain didn't pick up on that. Sorry !

    Spring Water - If you find my NRG while you are looking for yours please let me know :)!!

    Hugs to you AWL !!

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    Went to get my roots done yesterday, but the salon people hadnt soaked the henna ovrnight
    like they were suppose to. So wil be going today. I put oil in my hair last night and also some ground almonds. Suppose to help with dryness. I just couldnt take that it took me so long to comb my hair because it was so dry.

    I saw the flooding going on in iowa on tv. Very scary. Praying for all those affected.

    Teacher - nice to hear you and your sister bonding. I hope both you and Baby are recovered.
    YOu will be re starting school same time as my daughter it seems. God, how i have been missing
    her after she left.

    Julie - you drove to town at 1am. !!! Well, you is supermom. Yes, you is. But i understand the feeling. Sometimes when you just got to get things done you got to get things done, and i know you were anxious to get all the rug cleaning out of the way. Last night Tinku peed yet again on my living room carpet. DH and i dont know what to do. I gues we might have to roll up the carpet and put it away. Weve tried getting her to learn not to, even smacking her but no, we just have to leave the living room door open and she will give us a nice surprise.

    Hobbes and Poopsie dont pee in the house if they can help it, the others have a power struggle going on. because of being stupidly male. Theylike to spray. Hobbes is neutured. Tinku is a gone case, cant figure her out. She is horribly possessive about us too. Pouncing on others and nipping them for coming into the rooms, even if they been here aeons before her, and she was the one got picked up from on a bridge and brought in. In this house we all suffer from mental disorders, even the dogs. More than once, Tinku started a fight and all other six dogs joined in and pots and pans,chairs and phones went flying while we tried to extricate one or other from the milieu. At the end of all this, DH throws up his hands and stalks off telling me to "take back your dowry, woman". He calls my dogs the dowry i brought him.

    God Bless

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