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    Please check out the old volume where I, Spring, Rock and othrs have posted.

    Sorryt, not much time to post here but please check me on my last post as well as everyone else.

    Brought some more nice warm choc. chip cookies for those cookie monsters :)!! See you all later on.

    Hi to Freida, SW, Rock, Julie, Joan, Elaine, Georgia ,Gail, Diane, Jole, Carla and everyone else I don't have time to name.

  2. Granniluvsu

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    How nice to hear form you. Sorry you ares still feeling yucky or on and off. The off surely can take the wind out of your sails. I was thinking about you and wondering if you got snow . I knew there was a norester that went up there. Wondering if my braother got it in LI and my god friend in upper N Y State. They always get snow.

    That sounds good with the ground meat onions, and tomatoes. If you had mashed potatoes you could make a Sheperds Pie. You can also use tomato soup for that to or a mixture but I know you are very careful with the salt for Kevin. Corn on the cob sounds great too.

    Have you been catching up with Jerry and kitties lately. I so miss hearing from them and you. Hope they are doing OK. Drop a line when you can.

    It has been busy here. First, we had a surprise visit from daughter that lives in N.C. her hubby and son. They visited his parents for a few days and then came to see us. It was the son's spring break. They drove all the way. After that we took a trip to the TX Hill Country with some friends to see the wildflowers as well as to the wine trail festivities and wine tastings. We had a good time considering somer were sick or got that way and one gal came down with double tooth trouble. She wil be needing a double root canal. Two couples left a little early. Too bad.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Please tell Jerry and all HI if you still hear from them.

    Just got back from shopping at a couple stores and I'm beat. TTY all soon !

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    Gordon's amaryllis is in bloom. White w/ pink stripes. He has a dark red one w/ 4 buds on it about to open. Remember the 2 little kids in "The Music Man"? The little girl was Amaryllis, and the little boy with the lisp was Ron Howard. I wonder whatever happened to him.

    The movie came out half a century ago. I was in college. I wonder whatever
    happened to me.

    Hope you have fun line dancing, Granni. Last time I did that was at a disco in
    the 70s. Whatever happened to disco? Did you see Texas bluebonnets among the wildflowers? My aunt and uncle used to live in San Antonio. I got several bluebonnet postcards over the years.

    Springwater, always nice to hear about your excursions. The quaint, rickety
    staircase doesn't sound to appealing. I won't go up it no matter what the view. Course I wasn't always so prudent. I remember in college Ken McCoy and I put chairs top of tables. Then stood on our heads in the chairs. I wasn't worried about falling because I was thinking uplifting thoughts.

    Julie, you need a combination plant stand and wheelchair so you can zip those
    plants in and out. Right now I've got 3 tomato plants on the washing machine. I put skinny stakes in them and used wire ties to attach them.

    You've got to watch out for those stakes. Gordon knows a local fellow who works at a nursery. He leaned over a plant. The stake was painted dark green, and he didn't notice it. Got poked in the eye.

    Gordon's cilantro plants are also in bloom. They are wispy looking plants w/ tiny white flowers. The seed pods are used for spice, but they are not called cilarntro. They mysteriously morph into coriander. Sorta like Dr. Jeckle and Heckle.

    Joan, these computers are a real pain, aren't they. Except they're wonderful
    when they are on their good behavior. Kinda like some spouses, huh? I think
    I read that grinding up a lemon in your disposal was a good idea. Decades ago
    I saw Carl Reiner on some talk show. Jack Paar, maybe. He was asked about
    some household hint. He said, "The only one I know is a lemon. Seems to me for every problem around the house, the answer is lemon."

    And if not, then baking soda or vinegar.

    Diane, I see it's you and Kevin versus the virus.The only Kevin I ever knew was in grade school with me. I think he spent all his time drawing pictures of airplanes. Pretty good at it too. In an amazing kawinkydink I ran into him years later in N. Minnesota. He was working as a telephone line man. (Nowhere near Wichita.)

    Remember "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams? Amanda Wingfield,
    the main character, had a husband who worked for the phone company. He just went off and left her one day. She always explained that he fell in love with long distance.

    Well, better quit before this gets too long.

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Diane – good to see you; tho wish you wasn’t dealing with the virus.
    Since you are wanting to cook, Im guessing you must be feeling a
    little better.
    Cant believe it snows in April end some places!! Would n’t mind a
    Bit of that out here presently.

    Granni – youre line dancing again…wow that is good to hear. I
    Remember its been sometime since you went for that. Ive
    Always wanted make shepherds pie because it used to come
    Up in the books I used to read but never got around to doing it.
    I really want to. Because it sounds yummy.

    We have a schedule of sorts here for the power cuts. I usually
    Just calculate the number of hours since the time it goes off.
    Its like five hours on five hours off depending on amount of
    Rain we get. When it rains a lot, they supply full day power.

    Rock – like you, I too wonder a lot about whatever happened to me.
    And a lot of things I used to knows about…lol. Like I told my SIL
    When we watched the little cousins all grown into young women now
    Herding around their toddlers..”Istill feel like I did twenty years back;
    I don’t feel like my years” and she told me “yes, me too, until I look
    compare the photographs of my younger/older days and am reminded of twenty
    Years gone by; its all etched on my face in the form of wrinkles.”

    True, the photographs I take nowadays are a reality check.
    As Rock would put it, from looking like a plum we look like a prune.
    My daughter was acting in a school play by tennesseewilliams,
    A View from the Bridge” and her co actor the main lead had to
    Die after stabbing himself while tryng to kill someone else. After the
    Play, my daughter told the team, did you hear the audience when
    A stabbed himself?.... its supposed to be so dramatic and charged,
    And someone was laughing so loudly”…said the co actor, “yeah,
    That was my father”. He was sitting in the front row.

    Julie – yay! Lorraine spent her first day in her room alone!
    Things should get much easier if she keeps this up. Poor
    Lindsey does sound like she could do with some respite.
    Isnt that funny how Rock said cilantro mysteriously turns
    Into coriander? Lol. We use a lot of both in our dishes.

    Well, attended the wedding. Went off reasonably well.
    Had one of those awkward moments or two when two
    Three friends were there and didn’t quite know which
    Group to the stick to. Tried discreetly circulating. Like
    Another friend pointed out. Green seemed to be the
    Order of the day, and she and I spent the time counting
    The number of green clad ladies. She and me were two
    Of them. I wore my teal beaded top which was hankering
    For an outing ever since I wore it to another wedding last
    Year. Not quite the thing to wear to my family gatherings
    Unless I want to get labeled ‘gaudy’ by MIL. So there it
    Sat in the cupboard until last eve.
    I hv today to potter around at home and tomorrow
    Again hv to go to dhs aunts place, help her with packing
    And stuff and then we all go over to her married daughters
    Place, bearing food/gifts for her two year old. Aunt wil then perform
    A prayer ritual for everyone there and we will spend the rest
    Of the day eating I guess. Hope it goes well.

    On Sat I hv to attend a talk at the pranic healing
    Centre, where an instructor from India is coming to lecture
    On “How to heal past wounds,' and also prep the class for
    The next level of classes -three day course on Arhatic Yoga
    Which take place in May. Its a full days program with lunch
    and all i will will be able to reconnect with the other learners
    in my batch and see how everyone is doing. Im hoping No one
    gets sick or dies on Saturday. This is something I am looking forward to.

    God Bless

  5. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I am freezing!!!!~~~~~. The wall furnace in the family room blew out------we have so much wind it seems and all comes from the north, I do have a wall fireplace that really helps but I forgot to turn it back on. I turned if off when I ran the dryer as when they both run at the same time, I blew a fuse and I don't want to do that now!

    Wish I could think of something good to eat! I am not very hungry.Something sour sounds good!

    Julie: Don't you get too tired taking care of and worrying about Lindsey and family. I know that they are on your mind a good bit and you do take great care of the little ones. Lorraine will soon learn to sleep on her own room. take it from a great-grandma, my granddaughter's kids took a while to do that but the three of them now sleep in their rooms. The youngest of the three, Caleb would be put upstairs in his room for bed time or a nap. She would hear soujds of all sorts and sooner or later, she would look in and he might be asleep anywhere with his blankie.----sometimes the floor. And all of his drawers might be emptied and all on the floor. Mommy is a wonderful and patient mommy. Don't know how she does it all.

    I will continue later with this as Maggie, my cat, is not being very patient about me being in here and wants me out in the family room.

    Love to all,

  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I am freezing!!!!~~~~~. The wall furnace in the family room blew out------we have so much wind it seems and all comes from the north, I do have a wall fireplace that really helps but I forgot to turn it back on. I turned if off when I ran the dryer as when they both run at the same time, I blew a fuse and I don't want to do that now!

    Wish I could think of something good to eat! I am not very hungry.Something sour sounds good!

    Julie: Don't you get too tired taking care of and worrying about Lindsey and family. I know that they are on your mind a good bit and you do take great care of the little ones. Lorraine will soon learn to sleep on her own room. take it from a great-grandma, my granddaughter's kids took a while to do that but the three of them now sleep in their rooms. The youngest of the three, Caleb would be put upstairs in his room for bed time or a nap. She would hear soujds of all sorts and sooner or later, she would look in and he might be asleep anywhere with his blankie.----sometimes the floor. And all of his drawers might be emptied and all on the floor. Mommy is a wonderful and patient mommy. Don't know how she does it all.

    I will continue later with this as Maggie, my cat, is not being very patient about me being in here and wants me out in the family room.

    Love to all,

  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Rock, it's funny that you mentinoed "The Music Man". I'm planing on showing that to soem of my 6th graders starting next week.

    Sorry I can't cammoent to everyone. I'm rading, but the concentration is not there for a reply.

    Baby's lacrosse team is 5-9. They were on a roll on Sunday, but then the other team woke up. Two mroe games to go and they'll be done.

    State testing started today. Bleah. I don't know who's mroe stressed, them or me.

    I STILL have that stupid stiff neck. don't know how I got it. Don't know how i can get rid of it.

    Oh well. LIfe goes on.

    Getting mroe concerened about parents. Came home today to the news that Mom accidentally spolled some grease in teh bottom of their gas stove.

    You guessed it.

    The stove had flames coming out of it. Dad managed to douse the flames (WITH WATER!!!!!)

    Sorry. I managed to psot before Iwas done.


    NO! NO! NO!

    You do NOT douse a grease fire with water! One uses flour or baking soda or something like that!

    Dad got testy with me becasue I was trying to figure out what exactly was going on since Mom has begun having trouble telling me all the details.

    I snipped back and THEN got the full story. The oven is a gonner. The stove still works. I told them not to use either, but no one ever listens to me.


    Rasing parents is difficult.

    hee hee hee hee


    I'm calling her family doctor tomorrow and strongly suggesting that she get them sgined up for assistance with cooking or Meals-On-Wheels.

    This is too crazy.

    AND I'm chasing ants around in my kitchen. Haven't figured out where they're coming in yet, but never fear. I'll win in the end!

    hee hee hee hee

    Is it time for school to be out yet?

    Kisses[This Message was Edited on 04/24/2012]
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher is trying to catch ants - oh my. I know about that but haven't had to in some time. Glad your parents weren't hurt in the fire in the stove. Such worries ! How old are your parents TEACHER ?? Some friends of mine are having those problems with some of their parents. A couple were diagnosed with Alz. It is a real worry especially since my FIL had it when he lived with us. His wife had died years ago with ovarian cancer in early 50's. He was almost 86 when he died.

    I'll bet TEACHER is ready for school to be out very SOON !!! Hope you don't have the stiff and hurting neck that I have. I have had it for many many years.

    Sorry I didn't get to post this morning. I was outside cutting down bushes and dead plants. It was such fun !!! Glad I don't have to do tha toften. DH was power washing the sidewalk and driveway as I did that. To much stuff to do in this house. This afternoon I had singing practice that I had missed for two weeks while I had company or was gone.

    Spring - Glad you had a nice time at the wedding.

    Gotta leave for now as DH needs the puter.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    How wonderful that Lorranine slept all night in her own bed. I hope that that trend continues. Have you been giving Lindsssssay little hints about that :)!!
    You and Lindsay must be so pround of "Baby" Raine who doesn;t seem to be much of a baby any more. How old is she now?? Sleeping in her own bed will make it so much easier for Lindsay, David and you all when the twins come. Keep reinforcing thta fact. Hope she will not back slide when the babies come.

    Just got up, DH must be at the store. I have to hurry and get dressed so I can drop him off at his meeting so I can go to my luncheon. Tomorrow is choir practice night, so I have anoither busy day.

    Just wanted to pop in to check in on my Porchies.

    Love to everydobby,

  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Woo hoo!

    That's a pretty big step. Good for her.

    Testing is almost over. One more day.

    Stiff neck is gone. Yay! Don't miss it a bit.

    Parents are 77 and 78.

    Had Sister contact their primary care doctor aobut home services. (you can't go directly to the Office of Aging here). Here's hoping I can get them some in-home help.

    I'm thinking I'll have to go for Power of Attourney next. Not liking htat idea at all.

    Good news today, though.

    The symphony has gotten another grant to take the orchestra on a six day school tour next year. Guess who might be on the list?

    Us!!!!!! Yay!

    I won't know for sure for a couple more weeks. Teh bidding just started about 4 hours ago.

    hee hee hee hee

    Cross your fingers and toes, ever'body!

    Gotta run. I thnk ive' just burtnd dinner.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - I hope you guys get picked for the trip. I know that would be wonderful for all. When will you find out about it, yay or ney ??

    Julie - Good luck with all your traveling, etc. We only live an hour to 1 1/2 hours away from some of the kids but DH has gotten so he hates the traffic going into the city plus driving at night. I agree with both of them too. I learned to drive later in life and am not the bravet driver out there. I have gotten much better. However, I couldn;t drive into the city by myself and back esp at night so many times we just don't go. I have high b/p that spikes whenever things are different for me or worrisome so I don't want to chance that. Of course sweetie you are old enough to be my daughter. Advancing age is not always helpful although I have had all this for over 25 years.

    So glad that Lindsay has been taking advice on "the so called family bed theory" from her friends. Many times they will take advice from them much better than from the parent even if the parent may have had a lot more experience dealing with it. It will just make things so much easier. Ther eis also a chance that Lorraine will backslide a bit and wanat to be a baby instead of a big girl. Also, I am sure you know just keep reinforcing the big girl theory and that she can be a big helper , the BIG sister and all that. Little girls usually love to mother. I know as I had 4 girls 2 years apart, then a boy about 5 years later. I forget how old Lorraine is and when are the babies due?

    Have another busy day today and need to go get dressed.

    Love to everydobby !

    What school is Amy graduating from? That is wonderful wherever she is graduating.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - at least you can drive; and dance and sing in front of others;
    i cant do either, yet. things would hv been so much easier if i knew but
    the traffic here is scary; motorcycles whizzing in and out of any little space
    they find to squeeze thru vehicles.

    Julie - do hope the chiro can fix your arm pain; Im taking acupuncture for
    mine; its not pain so much as stiffn ess and what i feel is one of the causes
    of less energy; feel like the blood circulation gets stuck aroundthat area and
    gets jammed there. it takes about half an hour and its been like four days of
    acupuncture sessions.

    Joan - oh no. do hope the heating system gets repaired soon. Nowadays freezing cold seems to be as hard to bear as scorching heat. When i went
    over to my dhs aunt, her refrigerator had burnt a fuse and melted some wires
    and burnt the wall behind the frig. scary.

    Teacher - yes, its painful having to start thinking of things like power of
    attorney n all for ones parents. Thankfully, both mine are passed and i realised
    along with the hurt, one also gets stronger or less sensitive with every crises.

    I hope you get selected for the tour. You work so hard and i can tell you
    love what you do.

    Well, the day at dhs aunts in laws is over. along with the b day celebs. went off
    pretty ok. tho i did wish myself back at home, or somewhere else a couple of
    times during.

    took me a whole day. and as a result, lots of undone stuff at home. cousin
    sis had made some lovely veg dumplings with cabbage, carrot and potato in them. and an iced tea drink with fresh mint leaves from her garden in it with lemn slices. it was good. and for the non veggies there was chicken drumsticks.

    after the rituals were over, we were fed dinner too, which was all right, rice,
    curries and stuff and then at last we were on our way home.

    with all her inlaws (MIL, two SILs and their husbands around) we kind of had to be on our best behavior. but the three kids made up for it. with their shouts of glee and tomfoolery. little nephew got onto the new tiny duck bike meant for his lil sis and rode round and round at break neck speed. with me cheering him on.

    niece is a lil diva and was making her two big brothers push her on her other little tricycle. she has learnt to say puss, puss. (push) nd the brothers do what she says.

    i got me some gifts too even tho it wasnt my b day. dhs aunts step daughter who had just come back from india on a trip with her Ladies Welfare organisation had got me this nice shawl and dhs aunt had asked her to bring for me a tibetan dress set. and then at the inlaws all of us got a pashmina shawl each (they manufacture it); so i came home feeling like it was Christmas.

    today, was my friends b day but i just couldnt go over to meet her. she didnt
    come to office till later and by then i needed to go out on errands. a cousin
    sis from my mums side phoned to ask if there was any way to get diesel, yes
    the country is in gas and diesel shortage yet again, so my dh toldme i could give her some of ours, 20 litres so i sent her that tho i took money from her. too broke to give out diesel for free these days. this cousin sis's both mum and dad passed away from cancer and she is divorced from her husband so its a bit difficult for her. tho monetarily she is well settled.

    i hv to take her to the place where my dhs great aunt expired since she doesnt know the place, thankfully she was busy and has settled for sunday. i wanted tomorrow for myself before i go out for whole day on sat to pranic healing center.

    spoke to daughter for five mins. she wanted to know what i thought of this guy she finds very cute and whose pic she had posted on FB.it wasa group photo taken during one of their festive events. he is a fresher and has a g/f back in pakistan so she is only kidding around; i told her he really didnt strike me as so 'hot'. She told me it must be hs personality she finds appealing then. i agree.
    anyways ive never found the people she finds attractive, attractive.

    sometimes she finds a professor dreamy because he is 'good looking and sooooo smart'. i tel her he better be smart he is a professor. luckily all her crushes seem to be 'unavailable'. she loves the latin looking guys and says unfortunately the ones in her college are 'kind of dufuses'. well, not that she has any illusions about her own intellect or anything, but she does prefer nerdy.

    she is struggling with her own major. something to do with finance. tho she says she finds the other subjects all right.

    its 5 am now. i woke at 4 am to find the lights on so quickly came on here to post.now i will iron some clothes and then lets see.

    Take care all

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    Teacher hope your group gets picked for the trip.id love to win a trip.wish I could travel all over USA. I had some small ants too. I think it's from rainy weather.

    Granni glad you had a fun trip. Too bad some got sick.youre such a trooper cutting bushes pulling weeds.i always have great plans but fizzle out.

    Spring water it must cost a fortune buying all those gifts.your food sounds so interesting. I heard on tv Baliwood makes more movies than any other place.we had birthday party for my youngest grandson yesterday. He wanted a cherry cake with a gorilla and a monkey on it. My sons girlfriend made it for him. She is a keeper. I got him a bike and helmet. I wish I was a millionaire so I could buy them everything. That's what give me joy.

    Julie. I hate to tell it but my kids slept with me. Now my GS sleeps with us.it has it's advantages for them cause they snuggle right in but then I get kicked all night and worry about the covers.i have spoiled him I know but I can't help it.
    Good to hear your dad is doing so well.and you talking raine and Uriel to see him is what probably makes him happy.

    Does anyone not have stress and truly happy these days? My family are all high strung.i use to be so calm. I think I hold it all in and that's why I got fibro.now I can get all upset over something stupid.my kids call me about every problem and I can't fix them all.constant turmoil.

    We have 3 parties coming up and I get all stressed out wanting yard food e erything nice.im starting the worry and it isn't till may 19. It's mainly cause of my energy.ill do best I can.take care all. Love gail
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just checking my e-mail before I get dressed and go outside to see what DH wants me to help with. He is now power washing the driveway, etc.

    Julie - Hope David gets back before those babies decide to arrive. I'm sure that is a worry. However, going to OTS is wonderful for David. My DH was s asked to do so and he rejected it as he was still wantaing to finish school and do other things. By thta time he decided he didnpot want to make it a career.\

    Gail - I'm sure there is good and bad to the co sleeping. However, I don;lt think any of us would have gotten any sleep. My DH especially is a very light sleeper and he would be complaining the whole time . I sure couldn't take it now with all my aches and pains. I just figure that Linds will need all the sleep she can get esp with those twins coming. Two at the same time, no matter how you do it will not be an easy task. BTW, we had 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. That bed would have been awfully crowded :)!! Also we finally got a queen sized not that long ago.

    Sorry I need to run for now and get dressed. Hopefully I can come back later to check on everydobby !!

    Love to awl,
  15. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Good to hear from everyone.

    Have been fighting a flare--have been walking more in the morning, and have cut out sugar, etc, so think my body is revolting because it misses ice cream! Have lost eight pounds, so am happy about that.

    SW, it is always so interesting to read about your life there in Nepal. I have a friend who is going there this summer, and I mentioned you to her. She is very excited about the trip.

    Julie and Granni, I don't know how you both do all that you do!

    Gail and Teacher, good to hear from you, too. Forgive me if I'm missing anyone.

    Going to a friend's house today for lunch, then have to tackle washing another fleece I bought.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - sorry you are or have been in a flare. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Glad also you lost a little weight. I got on the scale the other day in the gym and was surprised to see I have lost weight. Haven't really done that much different. Have eaten less starches but make up for that in other ways sometimes :) ! I am guessing that possibly the Armour Thyroid that I started taking a few months ago may have really kicked in. I was on the generic synthroid before - was gaining some weight on that. i always have been so then, especially the top part of me and the bottom just the opposite plus my tummy. Enjoy your lunch with your friend.

    Julie - How wonderful that Amy will graduate soon from Medical Assistant training. My daughter #3 did that and did a lot of the front office and verifying all kinds of insurances. She worked a few years in the hospital nearby and she is the one one who lost her job. Still looking and can't find one. Hope Amy doesn't have any of these problems after graduating..

    I ws out there this morning doing some more trimming but not the heavy stuff like I did the other day. I don't want to get in any more trouble with my body. I already hurt enough.

    Bye for now. Hope everyone else not mentioned is feeling as well as they can be. Miss so many of you.

    Diane - Hope you are feeling a little better today with all your medical problems. Did you ever cook the other day with your tomato sauce, onion corn and I forgot if anything else. There is a lot you can make with that if you feel like it and you also have the rest of the ingredients :)! Drop by if you can.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Will try to write more tomorrow.

    Testing is over and I'm glad. That's a tireing process.

    Good new though. Mommy is here for the weekend!

    Woo hoo!

    Ya'll try and behave. Er..... I guess I should say, try not to do anything I wouldn't do!

    hee hee hee hee
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad that your testing is over. Now maybe you can rest a bit. When is school over for you? Bet you are looking forwards to that too unless you have to work summer school or something :)!!

    Glad you Mommy is with you this weekend. Oh, how I wish mine were. Hold old is your mom. Wondering if I am close to her age or if she is older. I seem to be older than most on here other than Rock and Jam. There may be a few others that are being sneaky abouat their ages :)!! I donpt care. People say I look younger than my age but I feel much older - like 100 maybe somedays - ugh !! Enjoy your mom. How close does she normally live from you? Mine was out of state for many years and that was hard but I had such a big family so I was to busy to think about it much. They came most Christmas' till Dad passes away and she broke her hip the second time and that was when she got really bad and decided she didn't want t live anymore. She was a sweet but tough lady that never had much in her life other than her sister , my dad, and brother. Her mom and died when she was so young in what is now the Czech Rep. Her whole life was WORKING HARD !!!!! That is a long sad story but I won't get into that now. Just enjoy her while you can.

    Good luck if you don't want us to do anything you wouldn't do - We can crazy around here. Watch out for ELAINE. She really can get us going.

    Where is that girl anyway .

    Elaine - where are you ? We need to get going on our trip :)!!!

    Love to awl,
  19. jole

    jole Member

    It's so cold, rainy and windy here. We've had so many different weather fronts the past couple months, my 'good' days are far and few between. I do read what all my dear friends here are up to, and it helps pass the time for me.

    Not much going on here. I haven't gone anywhere in 2 weeks now. Our GS is to be here today to help hubby put a new transmission in our truck, so will have someone new to talk to....lol. He's a sweetheart, and will be leaving for the Air Force in June. It just hit me yesterday that he'll be gone for 6 years, and I wonder if Hubby and I will both be here when he gets back home. Terrible thought to have, I know, but it's reality at our age. We're to have a going away party at his parent's house a week before he leaves.

    SW, I understand how you feel about not driving. I miss it. A lot. It's so hard to be dependent on others to get anywhere, especially living out in the country. I honestly thought about trying it again when I was having some good days a couple months ago, but know I couldn't do it right now. Just the movement....road, trees alongside, other cars, etc. cause me to have panic attacks. The doc says they're mini seizures, and she may be right. Not sure. Just know I can't handle the lights or crowds anywhere either.

    Rock, I think Ron Howard is now a movie producer.....or was a few years back. May be wrong though, which would be nothing new...lol. Seems like so many actors/actresses went to producing.

    Teacher, sorry about your mom's accident. Although age may not have that much to do with it. I did the same thing 30 years ago....lol. Stove never worked the same again, although I kept using it for another 20 years. If one of us leaned against it while cooking, we'd get 'tingled'. We were dirt poor, and couldn't afford a new one at the time. Now it boggles my mind that it wasn't a top priority with kids in the house.......know the wires had to have been damaged. Anyway, hope it was just an accident for her, and not something more serious due to age.

    Gail, glad you're feeling better. After years of never being sick other than this fibro/CFS, I've been catching colds......two this winter. Maybe my immune system is improving? Not sure what it means, but since the pain/fatigue is still as bad, I wish the other would stay the same...lol. Being sick now is twice as hard, isn't it?

    Granni, glad you're still doing what you enjoy, even if you have pain with it. Hubby worked up a spot for me, and I did go out and throw some wildflower seeds out. He pulled out the garden hose, and I get out of the house enough to keep them moistened. I love my flowers. Unfortunately, I've done this twice now. Each time, right before they should be starting up, we get a really hard rain that washes them out. So frustrating. But sitting on the porch in the spring/summer and looking at the flowers is one of my greatest pleasures. Can't weed anymore, and wildflowers tend themselves once they come up.

    Georgia, congrats on the weight loss. Sorry about the ice cream though. We shouldn't have to give up anything we enjoy as we get older...darn it!

    Joan, always good to see you, and hear you're doing well.

    Hi to everyone else....... will try to be back soon. Hugs to all.....Jole
    [This Message was Edited on 04/28/2012]
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    even though it really is almost afternoon. I lazied around this monring for awhile and then went out and did a little bit of trimming, weeding etc. However, didnpt stay out as I have been. When DH ran out of gas and quit the "waterworks" as he calls it on the driveway I quit. It was already hurting more that I would like. AACCK, enough complaining already. I needed to check on my dear Porchies and then go fix lunch for DH. We get to go out to eat tonight with friends. There is a great Mexican restaurant not to far from us. We really like this place but haven't been there in awhile. Looking forwards to it.

    Jole - How wonderful to hear from you again. I didn't hook on to the volume so I can't remember all of what you said. How far away does your grandson ad family live? None of mine live that close. The closest is about an hour 1/2 away or so. So can't just drop everything and run. Living closeby dear ones has its very good and some not so good points. I do miss seeing them all.

    Julie - You must have been to pooped to participate to sleep till 11:30. Glad you got to do that. Sometimes I wish I could but with DH home I feel very guilty about doing so. zi have never done that unless I have a very high fever or something.

    Sorry to hear about Den's sister and how she is taking advantage ( I think) of their Dad, especially at his age. I do understand how she can feel terrible with FM, like I do but she shouldn;t expect so much of her dad. She thinks he should build a pen for the llamas - oh my. That is a bit much. Glad Den talks to his dad daily. He will probably be the one to pick up on any problems with their father. Sounds like she is in a bit of her own little world doing what SHE wants to do.

    I have enough guilt of not being there for my mom when she needed me but I was thousands of miles away and my physical problems would not be a good thing to deal with. Besides the pain my high b/p spikes when there is the least bit of stress and it was worse at that time. Luckily, my brother and SIL filled in the slack and was a big help to her. Not sure they thought that much of me at that time but I couldn't help it.

    Gotta run now and make some lunch ffor DH and myself. it wonpt be much as we will have a big dinner tonight :)!! Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Sorry not to mention everyone's name. Tomorrow will be a very busy day - early church and Corporate Communion with the K of C and their wives . We were supposed to go to a gathering of our dinner group in the evening but had to cancel as we have to go to a Visitation/Wake and Rosary for one of Knight's Wives who was very prominant in our church in earlier years before getting ill. Her DH died some years ago and he was wonderful too. He also sang in the church choir with me at that time.

    Enough of my rambling on and on :)!! Have a wonderful and pain free weekend, if possible.

    Love to everydobby,

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