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    Just waiting on those babies. Julie had a frantic post on the other side letting us all know that Linds is 6 cm dilated, I believe she said. ! 10 CM. isI T- baby time !!!

    Anyone wanting to can check on the other side for Me., SW, Frieda, and Julie amongst others. Don't go just by my memory.

    I'm so excited and we are waiting to hear about those babies coming. We want details JULIE when you can of course !!! Glad David's parent's are still there and didn't decide to go home.

    Just had to come check again tonight. Guess we will be lucky if we hear anything tomorrow. So much going on but when we hear we will all be excited.

    Rock- where are you my friend ??? Looking for so many that have disappeared.

    Have to leave now and go take my Aveeno oatmeal bath for my posion ivy or whatever it is. Just have to remembert to take my steroid pills. You havae to take them ata certain times or so many in one day and go from 4 a day to 1 in about almost 2 weeks I think it is.<

    Praying for nice healthy babies for Lindsey and David. Thinking of you all Julie.

    Joan - you can come out to since the babies will be here soon.

    Elaine - where are you for such an event? Hope you are feeling letter.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Yes, this all must be terribly exhausting for all. I'd be afraid to bring her home and then start again considering it is not to close to the big hospital in Iowa.

    I am almos surprised they didnpt induce, or break her water but I am guessing they just want to pack on every ounce to those babies that they can. Poor Lindsay must be SOOO tired. Is she planning on trying to go completely natural or take an epidural? That is what I had most of my5 times and it was wonderful. if she starts again into labor again soon she may be to pooped to participate and take the pain au naturale. Of course whatever she wants let her try and let her make the calls. I felt sure those babies were on their way yesterday evening. Hope it happens soon for her sake.

    Let us know more when you can. I know it is probably extremely hard for everyone especially being so far away from the hospital.

    Hi Frieda - yes it is great that she can update us at least and get some news on the babies and Linds.

    Didn't check any of the other posts , if there are any. I went straight to Julie's. So, do not know if any one else posted after me yesterday, besides Freida.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK after getting back home and to the old routine . Hope you are not to groggy :)!!!! I'm that way a lot of the time.

    I'm starting my 2nd day of Prednisone. I slept a little better last night and also took 2 gen. Benadryl. Not sure how much my 1 - 25 mg tab is doing. I still itch but I'll probably have that for awhile yet. I even itch where I do not think I have anything. Took an aveeno oatmeal bath last night which I think did help some. I'll probably do the same tonight. I'll probably skip choir practice tomorrow night and hope to be at the church for our feast day celebration for our church. There is a special mass in the evening, and then a potluck afterwards which als means I have to bring something. It may be store bought, not sure, if I get there but I want to.

    Sorry I didn't mention everyone's name but I hope you know who you ALL are, MIA's and all.

    Will check back later. Those babies are having lots of dry runs including Lind and the family too :)!!

    Lots of love and hugz to everydobby,
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    the babies would be born on your birthday. That would be great ! I do think she is a ticking time bomb :)1 Wish it wasn't so far away from home ( the hospital). Glad she and David got to rest. How nice of them to do that for them.

    Of course, when I had my kids esp the first ones they didn't let husbands anywhere near the mother or the maternity room. They all had to wait in the waiting room. Also the dad's or visitors also couldn't come to see them till after the babies were fed and back from feeding with the mommies. Could also only call on certain time. Lots of rules in those days although in some ways less hectic and gave the mommies a chance to have a little peace and quiet with the babies ahead of time.

    So much has changed, most probably for the better. Not sure if my DH would have made it to the labor or delivery room though. He does not like hospitals very much and I hope he comes to see me if i had to go there :)!! Of course in those days we could stay in the hospital alot longer than they do now too. They almost throw you out the door after you have the babies now, if a normal delivery. Hopefully the babies will come in good order and will have enough weight to go home with Lindsay and David. Many times the parents will have to wait for the babies to get stronger before going home with mom and dad. I know tha tis hard for the family esp with the hospital not being to close.

    I am guessing Linds and David have picked out the babies' names. Have they told you already or keeping you guessing too ?? We are waiting too :)!! Did they saa they thought they were fraternal? I've seen identicl twins and that is spooky trying to tell them apart. Just recently someone, possibly in T, I am not sure had identical triplets. They had little caps with their names of them. What happens when they pull them off :)!! They are to cute !!

    Well, so much for my trip down memory lane when I had my kids. My eledest child will be 50 next April - OMG, that is a spooky one -YIKES!! This next paragraph was meant to be the ending and I typed everything else in the wrong places. SORRY !!

    - - - - - - -Hugz to everyone and waiting around for Lindsay to have those babies:)!! At least we are not waiting in the Waiting Room !!! We can go about our business and if Julie and all want to see Linsday in Labor they may let us all do so :)!!! Nah, I think they may only let grandparents , and dad's mostly !! I think to many people is to much unnless there are xtra docs that need to be there and nurses of course.

    Julie - are they planning on keeping her there at the hospital till she pops on her own :)?? God bless you, Lindsey, David and the whole family. What an exciting but tiring time for all.

    When I had my grandkids and got to be there, we were not there for any of the births but we got called right away and we came right down and saw them in their little isolettes /incubators ( the twins), and see through little beds for the others. You could prably even feed them in the room if you were there at that time, and no rist of infection going on.

    Please excuse the quick typing and putting thoughts in the wrong places? Glad to hear that Lindsay and David are rested and gearing up for the next phase, she will need it and so will he and you too. Try and rest some if you can.

    Love to everyone again.,
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    Gordon is home for the week. He was told to use some vacation time
    or lose it. Yesterday we went to 5 stores and two libraries. And we
    trimmed the magnolia tree. And I walked Zippy and Gordon made
    chicken soup. Uff-da!

    Haven't done a thing today. Gordon went to Costco to pick up some
    meds. The doctor's office has some new clerk. Seems to be a
    mix up somewhere. He's supposed to pick up two meds, but the
    gal at Costco told him he has 6 bottles waiting. I hate to sound
    like an old grouch, but that's what I've become. Most folks seem
    to have an awful lot of trouble doing things right nowadays.
    Can I see hands on that? How many agree?

    Thanks you for your kind words, Georgia. Glad to hear you're having
    a good time working with those old records. Was watching some
    videos from the middle east. Our soldiers doing their best to
    entertain themselves. One of them was chasing a goat and vice
    versa. Springwater, do you know the song "Bill Grogan's Goat"?
    You can hear it on Youtube. (The cartoon version is best.)

    Sounds like your gifts were well received. Here are some "E"
    cities from Minnesota. (All pretty small.) Emily, Eagan, Ely,
    Excelsior, Elveleth, Eden Prairie, Eykoff.

    The first two names work for people as well as cities. Eagan is
    Irish, and Emily has Latin roots.

    Julie, we are all tuned to the baby network and waiting to hear
    the latest news. Have names been agreed on yet?

    Granny, hope the Prednisone and Aveeno are helpful. Don't
    get 'em mixed up now. Ha Ha! With your medical background,
    I'm sure you never mixed up meds in your life. I hope whatever
    you've got, it goes away in a hurry.

    Yes, things have changed at hospital. I remember when i was
    five. My younger brother was born. I was not allowed in the
    hospital, but I waited outside the window. My dad went in
    and held up the baby.

    That was 67 years ago. At the moment my brother is not
    speaking to me. What can one do? The whole family is
    crazy including me.

    Hugs and waves, Wugs and haves

    LEFTYGG Member

    Lots of excitement I see!!! Babies on their way. It's a boy and girl right? What fun. I've never had an epidural. My last 2 came with no dr the nurses delivered them.when I went inthe room in may when my DIL was in labor I started crying. It brought back those memories. I left till she got her epidural.

    Seeing babies Born is such a beautiful thing.my dil hated pics of her taken pregnant but my other dil had the professional pics done. My youngest son had them done too.the 3d ultra sounds are unbelievable. You see their features and hair.

    Granni I've had poison ivy and it's no fun. All over my face. Good reason not to pull weeds. Lol

    Spring water we are spoiled in this country aren't we? Have you had any let down after vacation? I do that. It's back to reality.

    Frieda do you have children? Grand kids? How are you feeling.im feeling pretty good. So unexplainable. I'll be fine then get nauseated and weak and need to lay down. People think I'm nuts. I've been losing stuff too. My dh gets so upset till he finds it.

    Take care all. Love gail
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    and everydobby else who is parading by to see if Lindsay has had her twins yet :)!!!

    I just popped in to see if anything else was going on. Will check again probably tomorrow. Have to go take my aveeno bath for my Poison Ivy or Oak or whatever it is. Whatever it is, it is not good !! I just took my 2nd day of Prednisone. I slepet better last night than the night before. So hopefully they are doing (the rash) better or should I say worse. I want to see them all drying up real fast but know sometimes that does not happen.

    Big hugz to everyone especially Julie, Lindsey and David. See you all sometime in the morning or afternoon. I have a hair appointment that I need to keep.tomorrow. Maybe by then there will be some baby action going on :)!!

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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - thanks for starting us up again..glad to hear the medicine is working
    a bit and hope it clears up really soon.

    Im not sure i would want my dh to be there for delivery; very likely he would
    pass out,lol. Daughters time. it was so hot and no a/c i couldnt wait to get out of there; i jut picked my baby up and walked out the door the next day, leaving my MIL mouth agape; in her experience, moms were treated like invalids for upto
    a week in hospital. and her niece that had her convalescence time in our house stayed in bed for a whole month while her husband fussed over her we cooked the meals.

    Aveeno seems to be a big brand out there, i remember my daughter had an
    Aveeno moisturiser and the other girls used aveena bath products.

    Gail - well certainly things are so much easier materially in your country;its
    easy to get used to those. yes, i did feel sad coming back but the real let down is happening now, now that ive got mostof the pressing things over with,visiting and reaching stuff etc. yesterday, no energy, i lay down a lot
    and tried to find cool spots.

    Rock - well you did so much i guess you needed an off day. happened to me
    yesterday. no energy after morning.

    thanks for the city names, got to tuck those away in my mind. laughed over
    your term 'baby network' and all of us tuned into it. we certainly are, all antennae waving. But.. how do you come up with these, you should hve been a writer for a telly/movies or something.

    Julie - my goodness, imagine having your kid born on same day as yourself, awesome. and rare. well, i can feel how you all are feeling now. like on a ship
    being tossed around. and waiting for the ship to sail into the harbour. and calm.

    still praying for Lindsey and a comfortable delivery.

    its so hot i cant believe how hot it is! im sweating nonstop. around 93 F max

    yesterday visited daughters friends house and dropped off their sons stuff.
    meds and dried cranberrries / prunes u dont get those here and we had bought extra packaged walnuts and chocolates from bahrain airport. got an sms of thanks from the son today.

    that was it. i was wiped off. nothng else achieved. middle brother came by after taking his son for recheck up. big brothers was sore at him for not coming by but im guessing they snapped at him and he took offence, what with all tempers fraying from fright and stress. but yesterday he went and also gave his big brother a head shave, the hairs falling out in clumps now and big brother decided he would rather do away with it himself. hes very vain and im guessing this is kind of hard on him. i hope they mend fences with each other. i hope we all do. been thru so much crap together, would be a pity if we didnt make up while we still can.

    im making mushroom dumplingsfor brother just now. will set aside some for myself.

    take care all

    God Bless

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm off to the hairdresser soon and then to WM to pick up some needed stuff. My hair is way over due. Feeling OK but the skin lesions and all are still there. Takig my last dy of heavy meds, then I start to taper off for another week or so. I took two benadryl before bed along with other stuff I usually take and slept all night. I very rarely do that. Still have few big blisters on the back of my leg - yucky !!I have lots of other places but I don't think any more blisters.

    Julie- Good for Lindsay. Glad she has a plan. Hope she can stick to it. Sometimes it just doesn't work out for one reason or another. I 'm sure
    she is realistic and if things change she will will let them (the doctor and nurses) do what is best for her and the babies.

    Those names are different but lovely. I know Isaiah is biblical. Is Liora biblical also? It sounds like it might be- very pretty.

    Also glad that she got more steroids for the babies lungs to continue to strengthen for when they are born. Also glad they are not letting her go home with being so far dilated.

    Is it your birthday Julie or Lindsay's. I thought it was yours. Anyway, the way I've been reading these posts my brain does not always get it all , if you know what I mean.

    Keep in touch Julie . You all will be in our thoughts and prayers.


  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you pop in. I went to get my hair done and then off to Wally World and was only going to get a few things. Well that really added up quickly, let me tell you. Since DH wasn't there I decided to ry and look for some makup too that I needed. It is not so earsy nowadays. The products have been changes and so many different lip things instead of lipsticks and they changed thenames and number. So, I had to try and do that while DH wasn't there :)!!.

    Yes, I know what you mean. When people ask me how I am doing I hate to really tell them as they would get bored and people don't want to hear it. If you went on and on about it no one would want to talk to me, so I try hard not to. However, occasionally I do mention the FM and then some of them sort of understand, as much as they can unless they really a similar DD.

    I figure if I am still here on this earth and can still move aroaund, I guess that is OK. The singing groups are my therapy although they are slowing down for the summer, so that is good too. By fall I will be ready to go out singing again.

    Hope SW, Georgia, Joan, Gail ,Teacher, Carla, Linda, Jole and Rock are all doing OK as can be expected. Please forgive if I have not mentioned your name :)!!

    Julie - please let us know what is happening and Happy Birthday to whoevers birthdyit is - Lindseys or yours :)!!!! What double birthday present that would be with the twins born on the same day.

    Love to everydobby,

  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I would get to the bottom and remember thaat I hadn't logged in. i would then I could not get back on the potrch.

    Poor Linds! Prayers for her and those sweet babies. How do you pronounce the girls' name?

    Looks beautiful! My grandson and his son both carry my maiden name as I am the last of the line!

    Way back when, when my first was born (by C-section and I hadn't the slightest idea what it was) I had to be in the hospital for 10 days. Harley never got to see him until we took home. Same with #2 and #3! He did see the D (#2) for a few seconds as they took her down the hall as her feet were blue. she was on 5 lb. 10 oz. and too early. And when they brought #1 in for me to see he was wrapped in brown paper---just like a bag. They thought that was germ-proof. Oh my, how things have changed!!!!! Now most every one I know seems to have a party--everyone comes to be with momma and a Few go into the labor room to be sure and take pictures. Again----my how things have changed.

    My son put soltify on my comp. and I choose the kind of music I wish to hear. All through this I have listened to Christian and oh my, how good that makes me feel! I needed this-----I have had such hideous pain in my leg----I wondered if I would ever walk again. I took a hot shower and that makes it feel some better. I fell yesterday-----I had no clean underwear or socks except what was in the laundry basket of clean clothes, I was by it, leaning over, i slide down. I decided not to use my life alert as all I had on was a short nightie. I managed to get up by locking the brakes on the my walker and pull myself up. that just about ruined my leg. I hurt so much but-----------I don't talk about it but they can see me. I feel as if it is "so what!" But oh, how I miss someone to talk to. Thank you for listening!! Love you all.

    The cloeaning lady was here today and she made the front of the house cold!

    i know that Isaiah is a Biblical name but is Liola? So [pretty!

    Sorry I ihaven't gone up and read all of your offerings but am chilly.

    Oh by the way, the gal that sits next to me at coffee was abset for 5 days from Poison ivy, mostly on her face. she wengt to the dr. and got a shot and Rx. Just a little on her side. She was weeding and I guess that stuff hadn't come far enough up for her to recognize. I really steer clear of anything that resembles it.

    Bless Linds and her dear babies. Love you.

    Gentle hugs,

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I think I read the first post you made with the names of the twins but didn't see the second one about Lindsay's liver condition. Are they going to let her stay in the hospital till she goes into natural labor or if not by July first they will induce of do a section? Not sure I had heard of the condion before. I can't imagine itching so much while pregnant and almost ready to have a baby or two. She must be so uncomfortable. I hope that they are giving her someting to help it without it affecting the babies. Happy birthday to Lindsay and that was sweet of David to give linds those roses- a lovely symbolic idea besides the flower themselves being pretty and thoughtful.

    I know how I feel with this poison ivy or oak which is trying its best to dry up. I still do have a few awful looking blisters on the back of my leg - ugly !!!! Will take a shower this time with some cleansing foam my hairdresser told me abou. I think that is what she was talking about. They may have changed it some since her son is much older now than when he had his bout. She said it helped him a lot.

    I know you will let us know when things start happening AGAIN. I'm sure it must be a bit frustrating and unsettling every time you think those babies are coming she stops labor. At least she is in the right place. Hope she stays there where she is safe and doesn't have to come so far if and when she ever starts up again.

    Joan - You were asking the same question about the girls name to Julie. I asked if it was biblical. Not sure if I asked how it was pronouced but I would love to know. Wondering if it is pronouced Lee- ola or Ly ola. Yes itis different but pretty . Of course I have heard of Isaiah which is very biblical and a lovely strong name for a boy, I think.

    So sorry you fell Joan and glad you are doing OK now. It must have been scary when you live along but good that you had that Life Alert button to push incase you really needed it. That was a great idea for you to lock your walker and pull up on it. I know whatyou mean about turning the a/c up to COLD or the fan. It really bothers me with this FM especially I think.

    Sorry not to mention everyone again. Have to get going and do a few things before i take my shower and put on all my medicine all over my body that I can reach.

    Love to everyone,
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, we worked in the garden and went to the library. Then
    Gordon had to drive to his Dr's office to straighten out the
    meds mix up. (50 miles RT).

    Couldn't it be done over the phone? No, because the
    gal on the phone was the mixer-up-her. Rock's rule
    (inspired by Mr Murphy): Whatever you set out to do
    is always more trouble and takes more time than you

    According to Wikipedia, Murphy was a Capt. at Edwards
    Air Force Base in the 40s. He was actually complaining
    about a technician who consistently messed things up.

    Yes, you're right,Freida. Zippy helped Gordon make the soup.
    He was the official taster.

    Julie, I like the sound of Liora. Never heard of it before.
    Checked the net. I read it is Hebrew, means God's Gift
    of Light, and is pronounced Lee-OR-ah. You can even
    find a site that will show you how to spell it in Am.
    sign language.

    David with the flowers sounds like a guy w/ a feeling for romance.
    They're pretty hard to find, I think

    Granni, hope your condition is improving. Although poison
    ivy grows in MN, I never heard of anybody bumping into
    it when I lived there.

    Gail, I had an epidural once. It was for my appendectomy
    or some such. I have the same problem with losing things.
    Generally I only find them when I'm looking for something else.

    Springwater, yes, DH might pass out. As we all know, women
    are tougher than men. Rudyard Kipling, among others, said so.
    I almost passed out when I saw my son for the first time, but
    I cleverly sat down quickly. He hadn't been given a bath yet.

    Supper time here in CA. Time for Gordon's HM soup.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    after all that has been going on for and with you and Lindsay. Guess those babies aren't sure if they wanat to come out or not,maybe to cosy in there for them :)!! Maybe they will wait till Father's Day :)!!! Hope Lindsey is resting adn not so itchy all over. I know that is not fun for sure. Glad you are finally going to get some sleep. That is really strange how her contractions keep stopping and starting or the other way around. Hope things either settle down foryou all or those babies just come already and get it over with :)!!

    Thanks Rock I was going to check out the name myself but did not get to it. I was right on my first pronuciation of Lee -ora. That is very pretty. Somehow it did sound like a Hebrew or biblical name.

    Joan - Hope you aren't feeling to sore after your fall and are doing better. I know I donot do well with cold eeither, either outside or man made cooling.

    So many little things to do today and try adn go over some music we are supposed to sing for the special mass and pot luck after to celebrate the anniversary of oour church and its name.

    Thinking of everydobby!

  14. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Julie, thinking of Lindsey and you and babies--those are interesting names they chose.

    Freida, that is so interesting about the origins of Biblical names. I've been transcribing old Latin parish records, and have come across Gulielmi (and other variations of this origin of William--) Rychardus, Johis, etc. I came across the names Temperence and Chastity for baseborn babies (baseborn used for illegitimate children.) That one gave me a laugh. I had a Grandmother who had the first name of Barfra.

    The weather is so hot, have just been doing errands in the early morning--103 on Saturday--ugh.


  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    and let me tell you, it makes me sick!
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope all is well with you and all. Haven't heard from you in so long. Unfortunatley I have a bunch of work to do on this computer so I can't stay right now.

    Please let us know how you have been. If you've been reading the posts you have figured that Lindsay (Juli's daughter) is getting ready to have those twins soon. They seem to like it pretty well insdie MOmmy and keep stopping the contractions :)!! I think she is aboaut 7 cm dilated.

    Hope to come back tomorrow and see what all is happening around here. Have been missing you and so many others.

    Lots of hugs,

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Are there any babies yet?

    Sorry about the long absence. I'm trying to learn not to retreat when I get overwhelmed. Still not good at it yet, but I'm trying.

    School is out. Ending? Bleah.

    Baby here for summer. Bleah.

    Dad not so crabby. Yay!

    Mom is dropping family history bombs left and right not realizing that these stories are new. Ummm, ummm, ummm.

    Out of state sister thinks we should go on vacation together this Christmas. NOT!

    Sister here? Had foot surgery May 31 and cannot walk. Her stitches come out next Friday. Guess who's playing nurse?

    Summertime.....and the livin' is easy.......

    Love you!

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The computer is giving me fits. Nothin' new about that, I
    guess. One of the maddening behaviors it has developed
    is throwing me onto E Bay whenever I want to search for

    If I want to look up the date the printing press was invented,
    I don't want to be wandering around on E Bay. (I kinda doubt
    anyone really knows the date anyway. Most sources I've
    seen just say something like "around 1450".)

    Kinda like the date the modern toilet was invented: "around

    Freida, what is in your lentil patties besides the obvious? Some
    decades back I tried to make lentil soup. My recollection, which
    may not be 100 % accurate, is that I boiled the lentils for 2 or
    3 days, and they were still as hard as gravel. Good thing
    someone invented bush beans.

    Joan, sorry to hear about the fall. I lose my balance all the time,
    but there's usually a wall or a tree or Gordon I can lean on. Hope
    you are all recovered.

    Do you have diabetes? I sometimes get cold. Feels like a
    chunk of ice in my chest. Then I realize I forgot to take my
    diabetes pill. I wonder if those Snuggies blankets are good
    for keeping warm. I kinda think I'd be tripping over mine.

    Come see us whenever you are up to it.

    Oh, yeah. You didn't know what "C-Section" meant?
    Heck, I know that. All hospitals are divided into sections.
    Section A is for asthma and appendix patients. B is for
    bursitis and broken bones. C is for those who are
    carrying babies.

    Georgia, yes, there are a lot of variations for names around
    the world. Like John: Sean, Yanni, Johan, Ian, Giovanni,
    Evan, Gjon. and more.

    Rossini, the guy what composed the Lone Ranger theme
    song (from his opera William Tell), spelled Willaim
    "Guillaume". And the Italian opera about Henry VIII
    and Ann Boleyn has the names as Enrico and Anna.

    Did a quick look at the net re: the name Barfa. Couldn't
    find much. Apparently it's a surname. There's a
    child care center with that name in Beverly Hills.

    Julie, sounds like everyone in the family is cooperating
    and helping to keep things afloat. (If it was my folks they'd
    be screaming at each other.) Don't think you mentioned
    Uncle Harvey before. Remember the 6 foot rabbit named

    Before that was a movie, it was a Broadway play. Jimmie
    Stewart was in both the play and the movie. The lady
    who wrote the play lived in Colorado. Her goal was to
    cheer people up during WWII.

    Okey Dokeey
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Eh Teacher! - wonderful to see you back. With all the things
    going on at yr end, dont blame you for being a lil MIA.

    Hope yr sis recovers well. Looks like lots going on with everyone
    by way of aches and pains. Im getting prickly heat here, yuck!

    I wouldlove to see you and your gang spend Christmas together,
    like being the shiny object on the tree and just observing you guys.
    Im sure it would be lively!

    Joan- aargh. Is your leg a little better? That must be scary,
    falling down and not being able to call someone for help because
    you were wearing something short. Kind of brought to me in mind
    of the saying where someone " doesnt want to be hit by a
    car on the day one is wearing their old underwear. "I think youre
    so sweet to care. I sometimes think ive become so blase and fed
    up i wouldnt care if i was wearing a sack or a loin cloth only.

    Georgia - i didnt realise it got that hot there. Those are really high
    temps! Daughter was telling me they got heat warnings on at least
    three days of the year. Keep cool. Keep safe.

    Granni - hope the P is doing its job and all those nasty blisters are
    getting dried up. I wonder what poison ivy looks like. it sounds pretty
    scary! Nice for you to hv gotten yr hair done. I just washed mine at
    home yesterday and today its matted with sweat. urgh.

    Rock - Dont that computer dare play its tricks again.We need to keep
    hearing from you. Lentil soup is a staple here and we all hv pressure cookers
    to cook it in. That and potatoes. Its done in ten mins. Otherwise with the
    price of cooking gas here we would all be broke.

    at our missionary school we had lots of solomons, daniels, and ive heard of nathaniel

    Julie - well looks like those two are in no mood to come out right now.
    checked in especially to see the update on that!Good to hear Lindseys
    itching is a bit better.

    I understand about there being 'poor' in america too. I saw a youth begging on the Boston subway and a man begged us for money in daughters uni town. And people sleeping in parks with their backpacks beside them. Life is grim for evryone these days with recession and all.

    Leah - lentil patties. the cook used to make that as a treat in our hostel in school. I loved them. and if they made fluffy pancakes, aah, we used to be
    in heaven. it was rice and one kind of veg curry soup every day of the week
    except for one ,whenthey would mix shreds of meat in the soup.

    Yesterday was tiring. first in bad mood tried to sleep downstairs and got bitten by mosquitoes and got chased up to my own oven bedroom.

    at noon went with son to pick up brother and SIL and took them to hospital
    for appoitment re next chemo. aargh. took us all afternoon and got back home
    at 7pm after reaching them back home.

    son behaved pretty okay except for a little road rage. dont blame him,
    34 degree c not the best weather to drive around on horrible potholed
    roads. had to ask him to drive slow too coz of brother.

    at home as usual collapsed. there were meat dumplings left over for sons
    dinner and the dh had some tortilla with curry which help made. i thanked
    God for having help at times like these!

    A mound of sorting clothes awaits me.

    take care all

    God Bless

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Doing lots of things going on in the house, nothing exciting really. Having a special Mass tonight and I need to go sing but DH won't be going. They are having a reception after the mass and I would have had to make something whcih I really didnpt feel like doing. Also, the big paraty will be after the 7 pm Mass. It will be bilingual and probably long and late before anyone can eat. Not really in the mood. It will also be very CROWDED, I am sure.

    Hi to Rock, Teacher, Spring Water, and of course Julie. Julie must be dead on her feet.

    Teacher - glad to see you again. It has been so long. I see your susmmer will be a real relaxing time :)!!! Lots going on and never quiet I imagine.

    Julie - How long a drive is it to the Iowa City hospital?? Rest if you get the chance to. Nothing like planning (or trying to plan) a big Fathers Day dinner when your is in the hospital miles away and you have no idea of when she will be having those babies :)!!! I guess try to go with the flow or roll with the punches as they say.

    Have stuff I need to do and I hope everyone has a nice Fathers Day with their dads, if they are still here to be appreciated. I know that I still miss mine, actually both of my parents who didn't live very close to me after getting married. Luckily, we did get to see each other on some holdiays, mostly Christmas.

    Love to awl,