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    Please do not get stuck in the door. Hope all is well with everydobby. Check out the last volme to hear from Spring Water, Rock, Me and others. I think Joan is on that one too.

    DH is out and will be back soon for lunch. Then he goes to church for an hour. I'm home trying to catch up on stuff, music, e-mails and wash and whatever else I find.

    Julie - Hope you and all are doing well. Drop in when you can.

    This will be a crazy weekend with daughter that has no job and youngest son. They'll be here on Saturday and probably go home early Sunday when we leave for church.

    In case some didnp' see itl. My daughte having chemo finally went and got a buzz as her hair is starting to fall out. Poor thing but she is doing pretty well. Her husband keeps her laughing and going with his sense of humor. She goes next Monday for the 2nd RX. Hope she doesnt feel to bad after getting it. So far not too bad. I think she can have from 4-6 RX's depending on how she tolerates it.

    Thinking of everydobby old and new. A special shout out to FREIDA. I know you haven't been on here for awhile but I have seen you pop up on other PH boards. Hope you are feeling OK or at least a little better.

    Love to awl ,
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a little extra energy yesterday. Made tuna salad. It was good, although
    not so good as the stuff you can buy at the deli. But they charge $6 a lb., so
    I don't bite. This morning I steamed cauliflower.

    What's the difference between turkey and cauliflower? With turkey you cook,
    then carve. With cauliflower it's the other way round. Stay tuned for more
    helpful cooking tips.

    My computer has lost its mind. Generally the case. Yesterday in the local
    news section on the Home page, I had news from New York. Today it was
    from Atlanta. I guess the electronic gremlin in charge is the nomadic sort.

    Hope you have a nice visit with the family, Granni. My nephew's wife was
    supposed to have surgery for cancer last month. Haven't heard anything
    yet. My nephew sent me a thank you note a couple weeks ago and enclosed a family snapshot. His wife is bald as Yul Brynner, but wearing a big smile.

    BTW, Yul Brynner wasn't really bald. I read a couple times he shaved his head.

    You guys see the news about another Kate Middleton clothing scandal? I
    don't know why the press refers to her that way since she's now the Duchess
    of something or other. Anyway, it's not really much of a scandal, but then
    I don't see what all the fuss was about because she was sunbathing.

    Anyway, she and hubby visited the Solomon Islands recently. She was going to
    wear a native garment, but the handlers got mixed up and gave her a dress
    from the Cook islands.

    And for the final bit of irony, when the ladies on the Solomon islands greeted
    the Duck and Doochess, the island ladies were wearing grass skirts and
    sea shell necklaces. That's all.

    Historical note. A befuddled radio announcer once referred to the former
    Duke and Duchess of Winsor as the Duck and Doochess. That was back in
    the days when the big scandal was that the Doochess was a divorced American
    and the King of England abdicated so he could marry her. See how interesting
    history is. Wonder why they never teach the fun stuff in High School.

    Bis spater as Georgia says
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - the rains here are receding and temps rising. quite hot in afternoons.
    but im looking forward to winter. we dont hv fall fall here. its straight hot and
    then cold. im guessing your weather too is somewhat same.

    Very Dickensian names Zouch and Gawthorpe.

    Rock - lol. your electronic gremlin! got such a good laugh out of your post.
    Duck and Doochess. I used to be fond of Ducks mummy. Now shes no longer
    there i dont really follow the Ducks clans doings.

    Granni - thank you for opening the Porch. And always ensuring we have
    a safe haven to come to at all times.

    The day before i rested at home. couldnt do any cleaning tho. no energy.

    yesterday went with SIL and brother; got his CT scan reports and doc
    visit for evaluation of blood tests x rays. there has been reduction in
    tumours but not enough to do surgery. more chemo, they hv to change
    the chemo. tho. doc will consult with other docs and let us know on

    SIL had hired this happy go lucky taxi driver their family knows and he
    drove us around for a fraction of what normally would be the cost. he
    and brother kept up a running commentary on the cars on the street
    andnew buildings coming up and it was an enjoyable ride kind of.

    in evening i got call from niece, she wants me and brother everyone
    to come visit her today. said she would ring big brother herself. so
    maybe that today. she sounded good.

    God Bless
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time but I wanted to just pop on and check to see who was visitng.

    Spring Water - Glad to hear that you neice sounded good and wanted company. I hope she is doing much better. Where is the baby. Is anyone taking care of the baby while neice is tryng to get better, or what? Glad the water is receding. How cold does your winter get? It is getting cooler here too but little by little . It is cooler in the late evening and overnight and warms up during the day. A front is supposedly come in this weekend, a little cooler they say. I love that but not COLD !!

    Rock - Hope you have found some of your lost energy.

    Georgia - How has your weather been?

    DH is calling me, so I need to run. I can't think of anything right now to as to this. Will try and check in tomorrow to see you all. Maybe more will pop in.

    Julie - Where are you my dear? Getting a break yet and are are the germs.?

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have been doing the usual chores plus I made tuna salad, steamed
    cauliflower, and watered the orchids twice this week. Tonight Gordon
    and I went to the library and the market.

    Maybe the boost in energy is due to the magnesium tablets I started
    taking. But it doesn't seem like I've been taking them long enough to
    really have an effect. I dunno. Can only hope it lasts. Still not back to
    where I was a year or so ago.

    Georgia, those are some name you came across. Never heard of
    either. I thought they might be Anglo Saxon, but Wikipedia says
    they go back to the Danish Vikings.

    I hope you have a good time at the sheep event. Well, I would want
    you to have a Baaaaahd time.

    Our weather down here is pretty much the same as yours except
    we're about 3 degrees cooler. But the valleys and deserts around
    LA proper are considerably hotter. Coolness is supposed to return
    tomorrow. Gordon will be so happy. He's always hot.

    Glad you had a nice taxi ride, Springwater. I had a bus tour with
    a guide in San Francisco 40 some years ago. I thought it was
    both fun and informative. Maybe it's due to my early years as
    a cave guide. Ha Ha!

    How is your niece doing? Does she seem better to you?
    Do her moods fluctuate a great deal?

    Has your cantata been selected yet, Granni? How big is
    the choir? Who is the composer? Does the church still
    sing music from the Middle Ages. LOL, the one time I
    went to Mass, we sang Luther's hymn "A Mighty Fortress".
    (Ein Feste Burg). A "burg" is a castle or town. Also the
    name of our German Professor where I went to school.

    Freida, wie ghets? What's up w/ the garden? I had zucchini
    from our garden last night. There are a couple more about
    half grown. Too bad we're not in adjoining cars. I could
    pass you some like that grey poupon.

    That reminds me. I saw some cooking show years ago.
    Mighta been the frugal gourmet. He said, "Add a dash of
    mustard. Grey Poupon is OK if you have some handy."

    Happy Trails, Little Buckaroos
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    JUlie - sounds like busy days coming up, with all the birthdays. dont
    be afraid to cut back on activities tho if youre not upto it. One can always
    celebrate life when the time is right. This year i didnt even get son a b day
    card and since dh too wasnt here no cake either. who would hv eaten it?
    i was rushing around taking brother to hospital because obviously that was
    more important. we just made do with giving son money and letting him
    decide what he wanted to do with it. clothes or taking his friends out.
    son brought back a bit of cake so i could hv some.

    Rock - Your garden must be so lovely with the zucchini plants climbing up
    around everywhere. i love their flowers. I hope your nephew is doing well
    with the treatments. nice to know you visited the library. i plan on renewing
    my card; been hankering for some good english fiction now.The little library
    has books donated by the British council so they hv mostly english authors.

    Granni - our winter maximum cold temps are 10 degrees and in night below
    zero. because we are not used to it, it gets cold enough that its uncomfortable
    to wash clothes and dishes.

    Well, i had been wanting to rest after yestedays trips to the doc and back
    with SIL and brother but had to go down to visit niece. My middle brother is
    always lying. She is still delusional tho not violent. seems like she refused
    to go back to the hospital after they were sent home after the incident at
    the hospital.

    Big brother and me went to see her. Obviously i dont want anything upsetting
    big brother since he had a relapse the last time after SIL told him about
    niece being ill. so we hadtold him shes better and back to normal.

    but there was no hiding that she was still mentally off. i just asked them
    not to leave her alone with the baby. seems she got homesick for us and
    phoned us to come see her. and here i was thinking we were being invited
    for a meal. on top of that she had had a tiff with her dh and was at the
    place where her father and brother stay. and the baby waswith its father.
    he had taken baby two days earlier back to their home.

    luckily when we left their house and walking on the road, the babys father saw
    us and called us into their home and showed us the baby. a few blocks down.
    he said niece refused to go back to hospital. ive told him he better be careful
    and see someone is always around her.

    big brother and myself walked around the monastery and shops buying incense
    and tea leaves after that and also had some chocolate cake and black tea
    in a little restaurant tucked inside an alley. just spent some time talking.

    well, all take care

    God Bless

  7. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    We had a storm last eve, (it was 80 in the afternoon). I can't hear the thunder as it nears, only a rumble that sounds like a truck rumbling around. When the storm gets over us, I don't hear the upper noice, only the lower rumble. That's how my hearing is in spite of hearing aids in now.

    Now at 11:00 a.m. it is 45! That's too cold. My family room furnace is a wall one and I had to call the plumber to come and light it.The pilot is practically on tbe floor. Without it, the room would be really cold. I suppose that is a $50 trip.

    I might told you alll this concerning double broken arms. A gal in our band jumped off of the wagon bed and fell. Both arms were broken. She went to stay with her sister, a close friend of mine. She could not do a single thing, and I do mean nothing. So her sister had to tend to all of that toilet business and give her baths. My friend said her sister really owes her now!!!

    Starting tomorrow is "pay back time". My friend had a serious hip joint replacememnt 2 weeks ago. She has been in rehab and is supposed to come home. Her sister will come with 3 meals a day as long as my friend needs it. I doubt that friend will have much ENG. This surgery had to go down in the bone to clean it out from infection. Lost 1/3 iof blood and has had many transfusion.

    i am going to close this short note for now as I need potty time and then get myself a meal. I will come back.

    Love you awl,

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - Nice to hear from you again. To bad Grandpa couldn't take a nap before leaving to go see his father. However, I know about men who are sometimes hard headed and have their own mind about things. I just love hearing those weird names in the olden days. Actually is just as crazy as some of the newer names parents are naming their kids. However, it is their decision but I feel sorrry for the kids as they grow up. Hope he has a nice trip and you enjoy your Sheep event. Have fun cleaning :)!!

    Joan - Glad to see you back so soon again. Speaking of your friend. I can imagine how hard it is to take care of someone just home from the hospital and is weak with no NRG !! I forget who you said was taking care of who. If your friend is the one doing the care giving and if she is an older lady too that is very hard. Even if age was on her side it can be hard. Hope all goes well with her. How are you doing in your cleaning out? I know that can be so hard and tiring esp if you are chy to begin with.

    Julie - I just had a chance to glance at your post. Looks like you will be very busy with birthday celebrations. Try and take it easy if you can. Is there such a thing as takng it easy for you :)??? Try to anyway or try taking a break when you can, if that is possibly. Hope all are feeling OK.

    Gotta run for now. DD#3 without a job is coming over for tomorrow and wil spend the night. Her 10 year old son may be coming but may be at his father's too.

    DD#2 has her second chemo Rx on Monday. Hope she doesnspt feel to badly afater it. She already went a got a buzz haircut as her hair was falling out in clumps. Thanks to her DH she is dealing with it pretty well. He is always teasing and kidding with her.

    Hope to hear from you all again soon. Have a great weekend.

    Love to awl,

  9. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    did my med-ssized post go???? oh where oh where did it go?????

    Julie: I just can't believe that none of you can get completely well!! I so wish it for you!! I'm sorry to hear that you won't be able to have your girl as much now. You do need some help as I worry about you. Do you ever get a good nights sleep or a long nap. You need it sweetie!!

    It's good that David's family can come for several days. How far away do they live? Hope not too far.

    Now I can't get back to any of you------lost that too. Sure do wish I knew what I did!!

    SW: I never dreamed that it got that cold in your country! Do you have good heat in your home! Are you out in the cold much? I wish I could read again about your relatives. I just envision you with lovely flowers all the time.

    Granni: A prayer for your daughter. Did she buy a wig or is she just going to do like a young friend of mine-----wear pretty bandana tied around her head. that looks so cute (under the circumstances, I mean)

    And the other daughter is still job hunting? They never get to old to not worry or hurt for them, do they?

    I haven't been to good about doing things around the house. Lost my ENG for it. There are sooo many things financially to be done, furniture to be purchased and so many loose ends that will have to be tied up before I can move.

    Yesterday was taken up with an odd job, cleaning the stereoptican. It had been shoved under our big knee-hole desk for years. Didn't even remember it was there. I cleaned every corner of it with Pledge---had to use the end of a letter openeer to get all the ins and outs.Took quite a while. Then I used Windex on both sides of the lenses, then glued a part of it together. I cleaned both sides of the 50 or so pictures, and sprayed the basket with kitchen cleaner. Took most ot the day.

    A week from today it my grandson's wedding. I am to dress for the wedding before I leave home, then another grandson and wife pick me up for a long road trip to the wedding and reception. All of the family will be staying at the same hotel. Arabella is flower girl again. She wasn't supposed to be---the bride's little nieces are to be but when Arabella found out, she begged to be too----she said she at 7 could take care of the little girls. Uncle Nate thought that was a good idea !!! I think that this is the end of her reign as flower girl. She has been for 4 of my grandchildren and their remaining 2 have no prospects as I is in India.

    It is odd how people are-----probably me too. Right after Harley passed so many, many friends came up to me and told me that if I needed something to call. Some of the coffee came after me for coffee, scooped a bit of sidewalk, etc. during that first yr. Now no one------I am not one to ask so maybe it is my fault. Life is odd sometimes.

    After I close this one, I am going to do something that I haven't done yet. For many yrs. our choir gave the cantata "Alleluia" all over the area. We spent 2 summers doing it and it was the most inspirational time I have ever had. Then in 2000 we were asked t do it for Chruch night at the fair. Both our sons sang in it-----they had occasionally during all that time----both have wonderful solo voices. Harley gave a testimony right before I sang a solo. We were given a DVD of it. I haven't looked it yet. I don't know what my reaction to hearing him will be.

    OK, I will try to proof this thing. My fingers have quit finding the right keys.

    All of you dear ones and your families, keep getting better. Granni------bless your daughters.

    Gentle Hugs,

  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    To straighten out who is who ---the one who had to take care of someone with broken arms is my lifetime friend, Margie. I have know her since we were about 4.! Wentr thru 12 grades together and have stayed friends forever. She is my age so Granni knows what that is. The one that jumped off of the wagon is Margie's sister, 12 years younger. Margie had to do all of Carol's needs and they were many. Now Margie had a hip replacement that had gone bad! She came home yesterday so Carol is on "payback time". Three meals a day! She is used to that though.

    This will be short as I want to make coffee. I didn't care for what my thermometer said this a.m.-------33! I am not ready for this.

    Have a great weekend!

    Gentle Hugs, Joan
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Joan - our temps are around 10 12 degrees centigrade! in winter not fahrenheit. with no wood and powercuts of upto 20 hours/day sometimes we
    would be in a pretty pickle if it got to 12 degrees fahrenheit!

    my goodness what a time for accidents. First Grannis GD with broken wrists
    and now your friend with the broken arms. Hope she recovers soon.

    Take it easy with the packing. Not too much in one go otherwise the fatigue
    will just take over.

    Rationing our energy. that has become the order of the day for me now.

    Granni - its nice your DDs husband jokes around. Thats so encouraging
    to the ill person. hope her treatment gets over soon and a complete
    recovery. Is your kindle installed now?

    Georgia - would love to go to a sheep event. When is GPa expected back
    from his trip?

    Your life sounds so much more ordered and peaceful now that you have left
    that old job at the hospital.

    Yes, my brother has to have surgery but the latest scans showed the liver
    tumour had not shrunk enough.

    have to go tomorrow at 7am from here to see doc at 8am.

    Rock - from the first time i saw Yul Brynner in Moses i thought he
    had something very attractive about him. Inspite of his bald head.
    And then again in The King and I. My, but i enjoyed those movies.

    Yesterday got a call from dhs aunt saying her married daughter that
    had returned from outside was visiting her place and to come over and
    meet. i begged off. this running off to hospitals and to see niece has
    sapped my energy. hope she doesnt mind but i hv to look after myself.

    in addition to not being upto it, i dont want to spend more money.
    On transport and a little something to take. I had to again spend
    on formula and diapers when brother and i visited niece. and some biscuits
    and stuff for the other family members just when i was wishing nothing
    would come up. But its good we went and brother got to visit with
    niece. If he does hv surgery might be a while before he can visit anyone.

    i coudnt really accomplish much at home either. just tried to recover
    from the fatigue and try and overcome the depression which is rearing
    its head in the background.

    i havent done twin hearts meditation for months now. i guess not since
    going to America and big brothers illness. maybe thats why im feeling
    more sluggish now.

    well, the mornings and evenings are lovely. sometimes when im working
    on the kitchen counter a cool sweet lovely breeze just comes in from the
    window and hits me gently all over and it feels just wonderful, like Mother
    nature caressing me and giving me encouragement.

    i spend a lot of time at the window looking down at my 'garden' or rather
    at the greenery (hardly any flowers) and grass and drinking in the fresh
    air.thank goodness the kitchen is on theother side of the house, and not
    facing the busy road.

    the bedroom window just brings in so much noise and dust.

    from the kitchen i can watch the birds and sunset too.

    God Bless

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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning everydobby. Nice to see Julie, Rock and everyone. Daughter just left. She was going to do a little shipping with the $ I gave her. We also gave her some checks. Not sure what she is going to use it for. Sad situation. The guy she had been engaged to , a couple of years ago, and moved in with is moving out. This is the last month he is paying for the rent. So, she either has to find a good job quick or she may end up moving closer to her x and where one other boys is now staying . He offered for her to stay with them for a couple of months till she finds a job. Also running back and forth to bring pick up the other son living with her is killing her. The gas and mileage is not good.

    Gave her some groceries from home and went to WM yesterday and bought her some stuff she needed. We had steaks on the grill for dinner along with mushrooms and other things and shrimp for appetizer. She ate everything on her plate except for the fat on the steak. I ate about 1/2 to 3/4 of my steak and she ate all of hers. They were good sized strip steaks. DH of course ate all of his steak, nothing new there. I am so worried about her and 10 year old son Jacob.

    It is now crunch time and she needs to find something quick. She may end up with a couple of them if she can find any willling to hire. If I felt better I would take them in and DH is afraid we will get stuck with them here forever and use up the money we have been trying to save for ourselves.

    Julie - Sorry David is sick. Hope he gets better soon. Homeopathic doctors are good if you can afford them.

    Gotta run.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just came in from helping DH chopping down dead branches of bushes and some that is just plain overgrown. We filled up two garbage cans but it didn't take to long since some of the branches were pretty big. However, we did chop them into smaller ones so they could fit into the cans. They pick up today so I am sure DH will want to fill them up again pretty soon again. We have so much stuff on our property and some is just overgrown or partially dead.

    It is pretty chilly this morning 50's but is supposed to get into the 70's I think. It is back into the high 80's towards the end of the week. Talk about crazy weather. You just have to have layered clothes or keep some of all types in your closets and drawers. Yes, TX has crazy weather but I take it to VERY COLD weather. My body just cannot take it.

    So glad to hear from Julie, Joan, SW and Georgia and that you are all doing pretty well.

    Julie - Glad you got a little time off and hope you continue to get to get the rest you need. My daughter that has or had been using a hoslistic daughter really liked hers but she was not closeby and of course could not take insurance. Now she has none anyway with no job. Hope things calm down at your house (with all the young ones there and needing so much care). Also hope everyone gets and stays well, SOON !! Sure sounded cold at your house !! BRRR!! Glad you had a good time with Den and got to have breakfast out. Even that can a be relaxing along with your errand running !!

    Joan - Thanks for clearing up the situation with your dear friend and her daughter, I believe it was. How are you coming along in your cleaning out of stuff. I know that is, so much stuff to decide what to keep throw out, give away, etc, etc. Hope you are feeling well today.

    Georgia - Hope things are going well for you and Granpa and that his dad is doing better. I'll be your weather is nice :)!!

    Spring Water - You also have so much going on with your family . Hope things straighten out for your neice and the whole family and new baby. That is such a sad situation but there are so many of us dealing with sad situations
    My daughter Karen goes today for her 2nd Chemo. therapy. Please send prayers and or good thoughts for her. Also more prayers are also needed for daugahter #3 still with no jobl She came to visit this sat. and spent the night. We showed her some areas along the freeway that have professional buildings and hospitals along it. Also found some more websites that might be helpful to her. Please forgive if I already mentioned all of this before. I think I may have - my brain is gone, please forgive.

    Rock - Hope you are feeling OK and have at least found some lost NRG. If you catch any please send any extra to my address puleeze :)!!

    It is almost time for lunch so need to get off here and start to fix it. We will all starve if I wait for DH. He will do it if I a not around :)!! Growing up I never really cooked but did alot of watching and helping out some. The kitchen I grew up in was very SMALL and very little space for more than one person

    Gotta run for now. Hugz to all I didn't mention too.

    Lov e to awl,

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - i empathise with you re your daughters situation. both of them.
    seeing as how my brother is being treated for the illness and how all 3 brothers
    havent been working for years now. and consequently financial constraints.

    I always keep your family in my prayers. My family needs so much prayers lol,
    i sometimes get tired of it. And i try and remember i need to also send out
    prayers of gratitude. That is getting very challenging these past months/

    Julie - glad to hear you spent some nice time with your dear DH. I remember
    thinking how 'kind' his face looks. You and he are such great role models
    for your kids. And im sure your grands adore their gee maw and gee paw.

    I envy your grandkids and Grannis grands that they have you and your dhs.
    My own father and mom just loved and spoilt my kids so much. They hv fond
    memories. Even of my dhs father, he did love them and dote on them.

    Went off early this morn to hospital. sent the car to get big brother and SIL
    but made them pick me up half way in town i hate spending so much time
    in a car, really tires me out.

    docs verdict. more chemo. he had us choose between 'imported meds'
    and indian one. no choice. we dont hv the money for anything expensive.
    just wondering where the money is going to come from once what we hv is

    people have been so kind. brother received gift money of almost $9000/-
    including what my dh gave to help out but this illness is a money eating

    just dont know at present where the surgery money is going to come from.
    but will deal with that when we actually get to the bridge.

    i was seriously low once i got back home. no energy. then our nun friend'
    phoned and i had to get up and dust a bit. she was going to come over.
    managed to talk to her. she knows all our family and its goings on.

    when dh came in eve i went out to supermarket in the cool dark night
    to try and get some energy and to buy tomorrows food. have to send
    brothers lunch again for three days.

    our help will go early at six and drive them to hospital, my poor brother.
    anothr three days in hospital. back home and again two days for injections.
    then rest for 21 days. and another round of chemo. and then again.

    Im getting sick of seeing that hospital room. i think i will stay in tomorrow
    and not go. need to look after myself too.

    God Bless

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    What is the temp already that you couldn't take Lorraine out? It has been pretty chilly here at night and early morning but warms up. Tomoorow I think it starts warming up again. You never know what to wear around here it seems. \

    I think I have heard of Tator Tot casserole but haven't had it. If the recipe isn't to long couod you pass it on? Still looking for receipes that are easy though.

    BTW, I also found on the net a very easy receipe for chicken and dumplings. It makes up the round puffy dumplings made from refrigerated biscuit dough. If you would like it let me know. It isyummy and made i the crockpot with frozen boneless ,skinless breasts. I guess you could do it with cheaper chicken pieces too but it would take longer and you might want skin and then debone after cooking. It only calls for a couple of ingredients but I addes some canned mixed veggies too on a tip given by someone in the review section. I put it in after the breasts were cooked and then shreaded. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe. DH absolutely loved it and I did too.

    Glad David got home and you got a break !! When is Den's birthday? Mine is coming up to on the 18th but much older than he. Trying to fporget about that. We w on;t domuch, maybe go out to dinner next week. We are having some friends over to the club for Pasta night - yummy !! That will be the end of the month though.

    Yes, sleeping and taking a nap I think is more important than the yard work. As they say, that will be there when you are dead and gone - an old saying for me.

    Spring Water - Hope your brother can get all the treatments he needs. I'm afraid we may be getting into some bad time, especially for seniors with Health care here in the states, if the new law stays in effect. Thinking of you and your family. My daughter had her 2nd RX chemo yesterday. Hope she continues to do pretty well other than losing her hair. Her hair is and has been pretty short before she even got the buzz. She has a wig and a pretty scarf that they wear around their heads. Hopefully, she will have only 2 more treatments. We will see.

    Georgia - Glad Gpa had a good trip to see his father and that they are both home. Hope his dad continues to do well. Have you been knitting lately and gone to that sheep gathering you spoke about?

    I have better go and do some work around here. Have no NRG but I guess I need to do something productive.

    Love, to everydobby
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I had enough energy to boil some potatoes today. Had one for
    lunch with some beets from the garden. The rest of the taters
    will be fried (excuse me, sauteed). On days when I'm
    feeling creative I put a slice of cheese on top. You can call this
    pommes au gratin. If you add cream it's pommes Dauphinois.

    Had a scare yesterday. Fell down Saturday night when I went
    out to check on Zippy. Didn't seem to be any damage, but when
    I woke up the next morning my wrist hurt; couldn't use that hand.
    By the end of the day, however, the wrist took a turn for the better,
    and I was hunky dory again. (No Zippys were harmed in the
    typing of this post.)

    My computer has gone crazy again. I suspect that's pretty much
    the case for everydoby except maybe Bill Gates. The other day
    when I checked on local news, it threw me into New Orleans.

    Now, whenever I want to search the net, it puts me in Wikipedia.
    I can search there, but not anywhere else. Uff-da!

    Springwater, did you get a new library card? Reading anything new?
    We have a book waiting for us at the library. Gordon already has a
    copy of said book. It's just that when he finds an author he likes, he puts the
    entire output on hold including those he has at home and those he's
    already read.

    I am keeping my inner child alive. Read the Wimpy Kid series, and
    am now reading a reissue of Little Lulu comics from 1958, the
    year I was graduated from High School.

    Big tunes that year included Magic Moments, Catch a Falling Star,
    and Purple People Eater.

    Lila, did you find your missing post? There was one just two posts
    above where you said a post was missing. I'm surprised you have to
    pay to have your pilot light turned on. Here in LA we can call the gas
    company. They will send someone out promptly to help...free! They
    come even faster if you tell them you smell gas.

    BTW, don't worry about typos. We can finger out what you mean. I make
    loads of errors now. Even with proofreading, it's hard to get the thing
    right. I suspect it's my Alzheimer's. I also suspect it's what is the cause
    of my clumsiness, losing my balance, etc. I keep hitting my head on
    things like the car door and trunk lid, the refrigerator, the back
    porch door, etc.

    Georgia, glad to hear Granpa's back. I hope the docs can help his
    dad. I have prostate cancer myself, but I am not treating it. Why
    bother when I have Alz dementia looming in the future? Hope to
    check outta this motel before that hits.

    Better come back and post some more later before this all goes
    you know what.

    Ha det bra

    PS Lila, in addition to fixing a few typos above, I had to replace 3 words
    entirely. My brain just goes haywire and inserts something that is not even
    remotely correct.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just finished dinner and cleaning up. Then I was eating ice cream while on the computer and checkeing out posts.

    Julie - Glad you are getting some time to actually fix up your house, etc, and do the chores that need to be done. Nothing like a break to go and actually work on your own house :)!! I will try and sent the recipe soon. It is really pretty simple but hope you have a big crock pot with all those people to feed sometimes. I think I would like to get a bigger ones sometimes with just us but we love leftovers and it s great especially when I am going out at night and need to rush.

    The main recipe is so simple but you can do a lot with it according to what others did in their reviews. There is very little actual ingredients. The recipe calls for 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup ( which apparently can be substitued with a can or so of cr. of celery or mushroom but it probably has a different taste, good but not necessarily chicken and dumplings.) I am just going from memory now. They didnpt mention seasonings but I put in my own cheicken seasonings when cooking the chicken. I think it is supposed to feed 8 on this recipe but we ate two meals out of it - oink oink !!

    Put the 4 chicken breasts (skinless and boneless) in the slow cooker ( I used 3) and put some chicken seasoning on them. Put them in the crockpot and chop up an onion and put on top. I used 1/2 of a huge (recipe called for 1) onion but DH said next time to add more, so i will. Add 2 cans of cr. of chicken soup and 2 T of butter. The chicken can also be frozen or partially frozen before sticking in the slow cooker. Cover with water or chicken broth. I used broth for the first time and it was great.

    The recipe doesn't say whether to put on hi or low but says it should take about 6 hrs .I have no idea how they figure that out. If you have loads of time you could probably let it cook forever on low. I put it on high and then I put on low for awhile while I was home.

    When the chicken is done take forks and shred it to your liking. You can thicken the gravy if you wish with a little cold water and flour if you would like to. If it is to dry add more water or chicken broth.

    After the chicken is shredded you can add a can or two of vegall mixed veggies (drained)or probably whatever kind you like. Make sure the slow cooker is on HI and take the refrigerated biscuits from the grocery refrig. section and take each biscut and quarter each one. Put each piece in the sauce. If you want them more squishy like you might want to flatten each one before putting in the sauce. Cover and cook about 1 1/2 hours. All I can say it was really yummy and I will make it again. DH just loved it. You can probably experiment and see what you like best. I used the Pillsbury Grand biscuits which someone mentioned in the reviews but I am sure any would be fine. If you try it let me know. Surprised that the original recipe calls for no spices but of course lots of flavors in the soup. When it was reheated in the microwave the dumplings kinds of squished but were yummy anyway. The recipe says 1-2 cans of dumplings. For us the one can was good with leftovers too.

    Julie - for your mob you might need a couple of slow cookers but not sure how much your little ones eat. This recipe is supposed to feed 8 but that just depends how bif eaters you all are. Probably two slowcookers might work for your family if everyone eats together. If just you and Den there will be enough for you both and leftovers. .

    Rock - Don't feel bad about typos . I get to typing pretty fast and not checking my words. That is bad enough. However, sometimes when I do that I find words inserted on the wrong lines which really makes no sense whatsoever. Yep I graduated HS in 58 also.. This computer sometimes does weird things !! My DH had prostate cancer years ago and had surgery but so far is doing Ok with it. I remember, Catch a Falling Star, Purple People Eater and Magic Moments too. Can tell you are the same age :)!!!!!

    Frieda - How areyou doing dear girl? Hope you are doing OK !!! Miss seeing you around the Porch !!

    Joan - If you are there just wanted to say HI. Hope all is going well with your going through your stuff.

    Love to awl,

    [This Message was Edited on 10/09/2012]
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - Since its almost our Thursday i shall wish Den a happy birthday
    and many happy returns and all good things to come upon him.

    Thats too bad about Dens sister complaining. My goodness at 92 its
    marvelous he gets out and about. i dont know how she can complain.

    Granni - mmm those dumplings sure sounded delicious. you know we
    were just talking kindles the other day and today i went into a bookstore
    and heard about kindle for the first time here.

    Rock - actually i havent been able to get my card renewed. I meant to
    the other day and something came up. Then today i checked in my bag for my
    old card to be renewed and made sure it was there but then on the bus
    i calculated and knew i didnt hv time for that.

    Georgia - Glad to hear Gpa reached home safely. Im sorry to hear about
    his father. and praying for him. Hogsflesh had me remembering. The
    Parsi community of India all have surnames denoting the trade their
    ancestors followed. So we have a famous music director but his surname is
    Merchant. Then this actress called Treasurywallah. We also have the
    Sepoy (armyman), Soda wallah, Fountainwallah, Doctor, Barrister.
    Quaint, aint it?

    Today didnt have to go reach food. Brother said another sister of his
    wife was bringing it. relieved. Im still not up to much by way of energy.
    But i hv to go tomorrow.

    Phoned younger brother. He said theyre trying to get niece admitted
    into the former home for mentally ill. up in the hills. they cant handle
    her. she phoned my son at college and told him he should come see her
    immediately. he called me asking what was happening. I told him he should
    block her number, since she has relapsed.

    i went out today to get meat and bottle gourds to make for lunch
    to take to hospital. went right into town and popped in and out of
    bookstores. I bought a little booklet on crystals for cents 50 (second
    hand ) and the salesman told me he'd seen me before in their other
    outlet. I asked him which and he named one of my favourite places and
    gave me sad news they were closing that down. reason kindle ereader.
    no one is buying books. i did feel dismayed, browsing in bookstores all
    day is one of my favourite pastimes. And walking around where there are
    trees and little houses. Theyve chopped most of the trees down in the
    course of road widening. and the houses which had to get demolished
    are putting up tall ugly buidlings in their place.
    I dont know what is left that there really is reason to go on.

    Maybe the sky, lol. i had to take Poopsie for her business up on to terrace
    tonight and the stars were closer than ive ever seen them before, twinkling
    away like bright shiny marbles. l wish i had a telescope.

    Did me a few exercises while up there because the air was cool and it
    was very dark, no neighbours could see me. I wished i could sleep
    up there. If it were my own family they would hv pulled mattresses and
    we would hve slept out there. thats what our mum; brothers and me used
    to do when i was young and it was hot summer. Then sometimes it would
    rain and we would hv to scurry and gather up our bedclothes and flee inside.

    God Bless

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I found page two of my notes for posting. Posting on my previous post,
    that is.

    All day long I lose things and drop things and spill things. Very annoying. I am going to file a complaint as soon as I found out to whom I should complain.

    Anyhoo I was trying to find the steamer so I could cook cauliflower.
    Gordon came to help. He kept saying it should be in that corner on
    the cupboard, and I agreed. We just couldn't find it. And then I got
    a kind of creeping sensation. Lifted the cover off the pot. Sure enough.
    There it was. Right where I had put it minutes earlier. D'OH!

    Well, anyway, your chicken recipe sounds wonderful, Granni. I never cook
    a whole chicken anymore; just a piece or two. Zippy gets a couple bites.

    Somebody asked about tater tot hot dish. I was gonna post on that, but
    forgot, and now I see Julie did. I remember when it was new. First time I
    had it was in 1985 back in Minnesota, the old country, hot dish capital of
    the country. I have discovered that it works better with real Tater Tots
    than with the store brands.

    Julie, do you make quiche at your house? Never heard of it when I was
    a kid. When I was a young adult it was called Quiche Lorraine after some
    area in France. That got shortened to just quiche; same way rock and
    roll became just rock.

    I was wondering if Lorraine knew about it. She would probably be excited
    to know there's a dish with her name. Last time I made it, I used the
    Bisquick blender recipe. Saves having to roll out a crust. Is Lorraine old
    enough to stand on a chair and push blender buttons?

    The matter of values is a recurring question in life. Here's a discussion
    topic for you. How much is the moon worth? And how many bricks does
    it take to finish a building?

    The moon must be worth a dollar since it has four quarters. And one brick
    will finish the building. From "Riddles for kids and adults in touch with their
    inner child."

    Adieu, Rock
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I had better go get dressed before DH gets home. We have lots of errands and Bible study today.

    Julie - Thanks so much for the Tater Tot Recipe. It sounds wonderful. I used to make lots of carsseroles with my family (feeding lots of faces) !! Now not so much but I do try one every once in awhile for a change. I get tired of the same old stuff I make.

    Hi to Rock, Spring and everybody else. Wanted to close this volume and open the next one. See you all on the other side.


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