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    Hope to see more of you on this thread. Please check the last one. Nice post from Julie. Go check it out - also others.

    I'm trying not to eat all the choc. chip cookies so you all better hurry !!

    Looks like we are not going to DD as we told her yesterday we might. DH still is feeling a bit puney and he is afraid of the rain we all have been getting, even though we were planning on leaving tomorrow and go just till Sunday. We have really gotten alot the last couple of days. Fr cxry from last years drought.

    DD#2 who is having the lumpectomy called to say they had changed the date to next Tuesday. The live in N.C. Her husband will be helpful and she will not have to spend the night. Glad the biopsy result showed ist stage and it was very small. They just have to check some lymph nodes when they go in to make sure. She will also have about 5 weeks of radiation daily to make sure they get everything. So many things going on lately.

    Hooray the a/c finally got fixed too yesterday. Hope it stays that wasy as I am sure it will start getting hot again real soon.

    Will come back later to check to see if others have posted. More later !

    Love to everydobby,
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    Remember that one Rock ? That is an old one. However, hoping to find some more posters. Hope all are well = Spring Water, Georgia, Julie, Rock, Jole, Gail, Joan, Teacher and anybody who wants to pop in.

    Not much going on here. Not much rain this afternoon.

    Will check in later.

    Love you all,
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    Thanks for the sweet post to everyone. DH is doing better even though we didn't decide to go to our DD's. I am sure she was disappointed. I will try and make another date. DH doesn't deal well with not feeling good even with just a runny nose and dripping some down his throat he is complaining, even though he doesn't think he is complaining. I just call that the only child syndrome :)!!!! I do love him even if he is a complainer. We did get the a/c fixed and the rain seems to have stopped at least for now. Some areas did get a whole bunch of rain and even some flooding in some places. Geez , and like last year we were bone dry and some fighting forest fires.

    I won't post to all right now but will try and check back in tomorrow sometime. We hope to have DH's cousin from MO. We have to call him to see if they can come the beginning of the week instead of the end since we didn't go to our daughters.

    Hope you have an easy time of it with Heather coming home from the vet. hospital. Also hope that she isn't to feisty and will eat and drink as she is supposed to .:)!!

    Gee, I have forgotten which thread I/ we are on :)! It doesn't take to much for me to get confused.

    Hope to see you happy and Heather doing well tomorrow.l


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    Sister went to the doctor on Wednesday to set the process in motion to have her right foot operated on.

    Dude said, "How about tomorrow?"

    Yikes! No time to get ready for that one!

    So, I spent the day sitting in the pre-op and the waiting room. We were there for six and a half hours.

    I got the feeling he squeezed her in because she was trying to weasel out of having the second procedure. Smart man.

    He said she came through fine. This one was just about as large as the first one so it's a good thing he wouldn't let her wait.

    He was really tired by the time he saw me, but seemed pleased when I told him people were remarking on how well she was walking/looking after just one surgery.

    Now, were on the four day watch. She will want to peek under the bandages and I get to tell her to leave her foot alone. The wrapping will come off in the doctor's office on Monday.

    Where's my hammer?

    hee hee hee hee

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    just wanted to say hi and hope all goes well for Liora and her breathing spells. That must be scarey when these tiny ones have an apnea attack.

    Julie - please hang in there and I hope poor Lindsay doesn't get to upset at the disarray right now. Hopefully when she gets home everyone can try and start a routine of some sort, if that is possible. I would think a feeding schedule might be best for the twins but then again not sure the twins will like it as well (maybe after awhile they will). Try and take it easy so you do not relapse.

    Teacher - Glad things went well with sister surgery. Hope everything good continues. Still looking for that hammer :)??? More later hopefully !


    Editing for my awful typing :)!!! If I type to fast everything gets mispelled.[This Message was Edited on 07/13/2012]
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    Granni - thanks for opening up. Seems like you will be busy again with
    visitors even if the trip has been postponed. Happy to hear the a/c got

    Sending out good thoughts for your DD as she undergoes treatment.

    One day i hope the world will be rid of this disease.

    Diane - good to hear from you. Thank goodness your Kitty is doing better.
    No fun nursing someone else when you yourself are not feeling too well.
    Hope she is as good as new soon and you too.

    Julie - hope Liora is well enough to come home soon. I would be apprehensive
    too. Babies are so delicate at that stage. Hope things soon settle down
    a bit.

    Teacher - Good to hear Sisters surgery went well. Always a relief when that
    is done with! I hv my brothers to dealwith yet, providing he does hv it.

    Yesterday evening we attended a rice feeding ceremony of a six month old
    grandson of a busines friend of DH. I had been so not in the mood to go.
    But i did manage to bathe and go.

    Surprisingly managed to enjoy myself quite well once there. Caught up with
    DHs usual crowd. I think im beginning to get good at chit chat. And to think
    once how tongue tied and queasy in the stomach i would be, at the thought
    of attending any party with DH!

    The food was plentiful so for once i didnt feel the pinch of being a vegetarian.
    Lots of people there are healthy eaters i found out. Some fishitarians. Some
    eating rice only twice a week. All go regularly for workout.

    Take care, all.

    God Bless

  7. teacher

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    Starting to feel a bit better. I hate it when I get that tired.


    I forget who asked, but I live in Columbus. That story about my summer vacation was a light-hearted view of the aftermath of that storm that struck and left over 1 million people from Iowa to New Jersey without power.

    We were safe. The only thing that happend was we lost power. Mom didn't, so we stayed with her until we were restored.

    My neighborhood was one of the last ones in this area to be restored.

    Several trees had fallen on the lines and the tree cutting people had to do a lot of chopping before the electric company could come in.

    There were over 500,000 thousand out in Ohio alone. Crews came in from as far west as Oklahoma, as far south as Alabama, and as far north as Quebec to be part of the restoration process.

    The crew that flipped the switch for us was out of Michigan. I have new friends in Michigan. I just LOVE Michigan!

    hee hee hee hee

    The hammer reference was in regards to my sister. She can be a bit (lot) stubborn. I figure if I keep my hammer handy, I can knock her out until Monday so she won't unwrap her foot before the doctor does!

    hee hee hee hee

    So. I guess I'm punchy now. I think it's time for beddy by!

    Especially since I have been trying to reset the alarm ever since we got our power back and I accidentally called the fire department!


    The alarm company talked me through the reset and then had the nerve to ask if I had a master code. Of course I didn't know what he was talking about! Silly man.

    He was gracious though. He told me I could call him back any time and he would walk me through all the fascinating things this alarm will do.

    Yeah. I'm gonna get right on that.

    hee hee hee hee

    I'm glad that Isaiah is doing well. Liora (sp?) is gonna be just fine, or I'll come and give her what for!

    Say hello to Zippy and Rottie for me.

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    Just popping in again. Went out for a short while and weeded this morning. It was hot andmuggy but had long pants on and sprayed myself with insect repellant due all the rain we had and the mosquitos. They were trying to even go in my nose. So we decided not to stay out there to long. Goody, goody !

    Teacher - I know whatyou mean about them finally restoring your power. Luckily you could stay with your mom. When we finally got our power after IKE we were SSOOOOO HAPPY !!! I have no idea what crew fixed it and where they were from. However, we loved them from wherever they were from. Iknosw there were crews from all over. That was so wonderful to know that there were lots of others there helping restore electricity and whatever else was needed.

    Spring Water - So glad you were able to enjoy yourself at the gathering and didn't even have to cook something, I think :)!! I don't know how you put up with those blackouts of yours. We are spoiled here in the U.S. and when we have big storms and such happening here in the U.S. we realize how lucky we are. Wish you didnt have to go through that . However, I am guessing having electricity even part of the time is better than none.

    Julie - I can imagine how nervous you all are about little Liora. They need to find out about that possible bleeding from her stool. Hoping that it is a virus or something not so serious and that they get her apnea spells from happening less and less as she matures and learns how to suck and breathe (almost) at the same time. Glad that Isaish is doing well and has been discharged but I'm sure that is more shuffling of things to do for him that the hospital was before.

    Poor Kiera needs to learn that Grandma can't be everywhere at all times (with her) and doing just for her but that is hard for a little girl who has a doting grandma who can't stop doing for everyone :)! If she is not feeling well that could also make her more clingy and grumpy - normal kid !! Yes, I think Lorraine needs to go home with someone, if possible. She is still a baby herself.

    Hope you get to rest some time so you don't have a relapse. To much happening with your family !!! If I lived as close to my family as you do I don't know if I could hack it. I would want to do stuff but my body doesn't. I never thought when I had my kids that when I was older I wouldn't physically feel like doing much with my grandkids. I push to do some things but driving an hour or more myself to help someone or see something, is out of the question, for one thing. So I miss out on some stuff and I am sorry about that. If DH doesn't feel like going than we don't go. We are getting older unfortunatly - OMG !!

    Please excuse those I didnpt mention - I do love you all too.

    Lots of HUGZ and Love to everydobby,
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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - thats worryng about little Liora, but as Granni said, it might be
    a bug or something. And meds will put it right. Can imagine how stressed
    Lindsey would be. I too wonder whether i would be able to do so much
    for my kids and their kids when the time comes. I get so tired just doing
    the mundane stuff. My dhs aunt is like you, she just goes on and on,
    taking care of the house as well as her grands and her married daughters
    when they visit.

    Granni -i hate mosquitoes with a vengeance. I suppose i should say i
    hate that they bite. Poor things. What can they do, they hv to survive
    the way they were made to.

    Today i went and complained about a mosquito repellant which was abs
    useless and didnt let DH and me sleep last night. I mean to write to
    the Indian manufacturers too. Imagine a new bottle and it has no effect
    on mosquitoes!

    I had bought it from our supermarket.

    Teacher - thank goodness your parents had electricity! You got to go
    on an unplanned but 'eventful' trip. The USA is so vast! I watched
    a programme on TLC the other evening which showed some old world
    hotels in Savannah, Georgia. Dear God, they were so beautiful. Made in
    the 1800s. And the place itself radiated history.

    I lay in bed wishing with all my heart I could be back in America with
    my daughter instead of here. The monsoon rains have lashed the
    city which is a relief because its cool but the roads are all dug up,
    with the road expansion drive and its mud mud everywhere.

    Today i rushed to make meat and bottle gourd dumplings. and then
    asked son to reach me to brothers place. earlier our helps husband had
    driven him early at 6 am to the hospital for his injection.

    he is much better able to withstand all the treatments now, and we
    watched tv as he ate. i spent 3 hours up there and SIL plucked me
    some corn and i came home by bus. changing twice. On the way back
    what a downpour. It just lashed down at us and i went all the way to
    the last bus stop before changing to come here.

    Son went to a farewell party for a school friend who came back on
    vacation from outside where he is studying and got completely soaked.

    he took his bike instead of the little car.

    well at least he is back. relief. it is 10:30pm.

    We got a letter from daughters university which informed us daughter
    got onto the Deans List with a grade average of above 3.8. She got
    First class Honours.Both of us are mystified. We saw how little she studies. She is gallivanting most of the time. But she seems to absorb a lot when she does study. She even got an A for the mergers and acquisitions class she was taking in summer when we were there.. But says not to expect more of those when her Finance classes begin in August. We'll see.

    Well at least some good news in stressful times.

    Found out a month back my niece is expecting.
    And im not looking forward to it. Im not supposed to know even. Well,
    I guess her dh will take care of it all. But with her mental condition i wouldnt
    have wanted her to marry far less carry a child.

    Her brother is still very weak from the TB altho he is vastly improved. His father
    still drinks. I know nephew hates living with him but we simply cannot hv any
    ill person around eldest brother right now.

    At least Hobbes the dog seems to hv improved a bit now. he has not been
    \barking his head off.

    Trying to look at the good side of things, the cooler weather, the improved
    electricity. Roof over our heads, help in the house. And all my books.

    God Bless
  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Julie, I'm putting a notice on my FB to pray for Liora. Girlfriend is making me nervous.

    Spring, you have all these ceremonies for everything. Those are full of history too.

    I'm glad your brother is doing well. And Dean's List for your daughter is awesome! All this good news has got to be refreshing.

    I don't like mosquito bites either. I get huge hickeys from that little bitty bite.

    Is mosquitio netting available in your area? I was thinking that since most of your trouble is while you're trying to sleep, you could maybe make a canopy over your bed?

    I'm soooo excited.

    I went to the grocery store today. They had a FABULOUS meat sale and I had enough money to take advantage. I'll even be able to share some of it with Mom.

    Woo hoo!

    Sister is very quiet today. Not worried about her yet, but if she's still like this on Monday, I'll have to do something.

    So, I think I'm gonna turn in for the night. I have a disaster of a kitchen awaiting me tomorrow.

    DO NOT say a WORD about Baby. I'm just waiting for Aug. 8. That is her freedom day. I've already told her that when she goes back, she better start planning for next summer 'cause she can't stay here. I can't and I won't live like this anymore.

    Chocolate anyone?


    LEFTYGG Member

    Julie I'm praying your little liora gets well real quick. You all sure don't need that worry. All the driving you do!! I can't imagine how much you spend on gas.at least it's gone down.it nice you work together so well.

    Teacher I didn't know we were neighbors!! Don't let Ohio state fans hear you love Michigan hahaha.loved your vacation story. Is baby your sisters daughter I'm confused? My Dh works in school system I asked if he felt summer was half over or half to go. He said half to go so I felt better.he does discipline and gets so fed up with admin. not being tough enough.

    Granni it's hard to be sympathetic when we are in pain 24-7. At least for me. My kids say something hurts and I'm saying that's how I feel all the time. How do you pull weeds!!!

    Diane I hope heather is better. All the trouble you had with that woman I think I'd change vets. I bet it cost a pretty penny too. 8 years ago the school bus ran over my dog. He was standing in grass and her back wheel went off. He weighed over 100 lbs so she saw him. Anyway he was rushed to vet. My dd took him I was out of town. They knew they couldn't save him but the gave him rabies shot heart worm the bill was over$1000.00. A lot of tears were shed in that office all my adult kids there crying.they said Bruno had tears too.now I'm crying gezzz.

    Spring water how far is the trip to brothers? Sounds exhausting. Have you read Knockout by Suzanne simmers? It talks of alternative treatments for cancer. I know it's a hard decision on the right treatment.ive read some of Ty bolingers writings too.dr mercola is my favorite. He's ahead of his time .do you get a lot of tv shows from us?

    LEFTYGG Member

    Granni you should get your dd knockout book it quite informative but each person has to decide.

    Getting old stinks. All the appointments. Dentist! Dermatologist go and dh had colonoscopy Tuesday. He was so crabby but everything came out fine no pun intended.his family has a lot of cancer so I insisted.

    Then on we'd we took 4 gran kids to Norris lake for 3 days.dh doesn't have patience so I told him I wouldn't put him thru it again.i can't change him and he can't change me.so I'll take them and then he and I will go together.

    We went to a wedding tonight. It was very nice. My youngest son was a groomsman and he was at our house a lot in hs. He's been in military.the looked very happy.

    Hi to everyone else Georgia rock Elaine. Take care love gail
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Here's another quick one since I am getting ready to head off to church.

    Julie - Here's hoping the don't find anything very wrong with little Liora. The bleeding in the stool can be very scary. It can be indicative of many things which I am sure you all know about. Hoping it is just temporary and they get that little one to learn how to breathe and nurse at the same time (or know when to breathe). Thinking about you and all in your family. I don't know how you do it with all that driving back and forth. Don't remember if it was GAIL who mentioned it or who. I could NEVER do it.

    Gail - I have the same problem you do with my DH. He is an only child and doesn't do well when he is not up to par. A really runny nose drives him and me crazy. He's lucky he can get something out of it (his nose) :)!! I have an awful post nasal drip in my throat that hardly ever goes away and makes me want to gag half the time. He too is supposed to have a colonoscopy but he is the biggest baby. I know the worst part is the prep which I agree is awful. That stuff you have to drink is just plain disgusting. It almost makes you want to throw up. I love my DH but he is a complainer even if he thinks he's not. He doesn't hear himself. I should tape him. I hope I can get him to go to the specialist and have it done before the end of this year. Otherwise he may never get the test - to old and to expensive -GRRRR-OAN !

    Glad you had a nice time at the wedding. Glad your son is doing so well and feeling happy about himself and being in the military. He shoudl be very proud. You are right about at this stage you and DH will not be able to change each other. With us it is worse. It will be 51 years this Dec. OMG, that is a scary situation :)!!!

    BTW, I have the book you were talikng about and also the other one Cancer Step Outside the Box that is also very interesting. I mentioned it to her and she is nervous enough and has to watch she doesn't go crazy with it. So, I just gave her a few tips of supps and foods that might be helpful. You are right. Everyone must make their own decisions. I am so glad that hers was 1st stage. It could have been so much worse. MY DD lives in another state or I would just let her look at them at her leisure of whatever parts she wants to read. The second book I mentioned is a pretty heavy and large paperback.

    I know what you mean about doing stuff with the grandkids. I always end up bringing them to the pool and stuff . Although this year the boys tht usually come for golf camp did not come this year. They are to old and would have to take private lessons if interested. They have so many other interests. My body doesn't do a lot of things well any more. I'm the one that used to have the patience and now that is gone. I know you and many here understand how it is to have a personality change afater these DD's set in. Never used to bark or complain at DH . Well, that has changed since these dd's set upon me 25-30 years or so ago. Oh, I weed because I would never hear the end of it from DH. He says I don't have to do it. However, I know I would still continue to hear about it so easier to go suffer awhile.

    Teacher - Have you been resting? Hope you are feeling a little better. When do you start back to school again? Sorry I didn't mean to mention it :)!!

    Well, sorry to bend everyone's ear. Gotta run to church.

    Hi to Joan, Georgia, Freida, Elaine, Jole, Rock and everydobby else I don't have the time to mention.

    edited for typos - so what is new :)???[This Message was Edited on 07/15/2012]
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A virus attack! My computer was fried.
    How could this happen? I'm fit to be tied.

    Yes, how could it happen when we have 2 anti virus programs? "Man
    is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward."

    Be back pretty soon, I hope, soon as I get done test driving this thing.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - come back soon. Aren't computers great ? You can't live with or without them --- aaack ! They can drive you completely CRAZY :)!!!!!

    Julie - I'm all worn out just thinking of all you are doing and a lot of that is just the driving. Try not to get yourself sick again. Can you TRY to slow down a bit :)? Prayers going up for little Liora. I hope the blood in her stool turns out to be nothing serious but I know that you all are worried. Good luck to Amy with he new job.

    The dinner/picnic we had with our dinner group turned out nice and great that it was held inside the POA building instead of outside on the lawn under the little tiny pavilion. It rained again in the afternoon and did finally stip and got suny but the bugs would have been out in force and the frass all wet from the rain and even some mud. We did have some snacks and drinks outside the building but it was paved and did have some overhang.

    Hope to go to my line dancing this morning and get some weeding in either before O go or after and before it gets to HOT. Glad we got the a/c fixed last week as it will be back in the 90's again since there will just be some isolated rain showers. Last week we all hjad some pretty heavy rains which we are all thankful for. However, some areas in and around Houston got some major flooding and went into the homes. Spome of the bayous spilled over their banks into homes, etc. That is just terrible.

    Spring Water - Thinking about you and your brother. Hope he continues to get well and stronger. Hope you are keeping some get up and go from the other day and feeling happy. It helps if it is sunny out, I know. Finally got some sun today.

    Hi also to Teacher, Jole, Leah, Diane, Georgia and everydobby else I can't either remember or take the time to mention. There are SO MANY of you.

    Gotta runand get dressed to get ready to go to Line Dancing. It is just once a week and is good exercise. Also I love to dance. If I can't go to one or two in a row and theyare teaching anew dance I will be lost. Although I tend to pick it up rather quickly, I think. I always loved to dance, all kinds. It is in the community building in our subdivision. So I don't have far to go.

    Hope to check on you all again later today.

    Love to awl
  16. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Julie, so glad to hear the little one is being discharged from hospital, and that nothing was seriously wrong. Take care of yourself.

    Granni, I left you a note on your other thread, and will keep your daughter in my prayers.

    Rock, that drives me nuts when computers go haywire. I've been having problems with my desktop, and think it is about to go out on me. Have been working on it, and it seems OK now. I have my laptop for backup.

    Nothing too much to report. My Dad's brother had DNA testing done to trace our paternal line back. We always teased my father about being part French, as our surname was thought to be originally so, but no French came back in the DNA results. I'm going to have this done on me to trace back the ancestry on our mother's side. I think there is some Italian there, but SIL doesn't think so.
    This is all quite interesting.

    I'm keeping track of a family in the UK that has various spellings of our so called French surname. Started in the 1500s, and now up to 1693.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Glad to hear that they didn't find anything really bad on Liora and so she can go home with Isaiah tomorrow. Then you all don't have to keep running back and forth to the hospital that is some distance away. Yes, I am sure it will starting getting really busy at your house and at Lindsay's. Now it will be one big house, right? I remember how hard it was for my daughter when she had her twins. The other grandparents went up to visit more often than we did and then our sil lost his job and they came back to Houston. It was lucky for my daughter and sil when they moved back that they got more help when the twins were younger. It is hard when they are babies and also have another big baby too - Lorraine. Hope all goes well. I know tomorrow will be a very busy day. Hope a schedule will work for you all for the babies but you all do what you can and what will work for the babies and for this family.

    Geoergia - all your genealogy looks and sounds great. Where do yo go to get your blood tested for that? That is very interesting ! Be prepared to find many different variations of surnames and also first names to. Many in the early days did not have a lot of schooling and some couldnt really read well and so tried to speall as it sounded and God knows what you will come out with. My husbands surname came out very massacred as did my mothers to and my aunts first name was really mispelled. Of course it was Czech for Rose (Ruzena)- and it was noted on the ships log as HULEA. Good luck and hope you are feeling better after your flare that you were having.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK and you too Rock. Hope to hear from you both soon.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    You poor friends! It seems as all goes wrong at the same time. Julie: Bless your family right now! I'm glad that the babies will be home with their iolder sisters. But what a job you all will have taking care of all of these precious children! keep the faith!

    I haven't been on as I felt sdo bad last week! Monday and Tuesday I was so sick I could barely go and do food and laundry. I knew what was going on. the past 2 years i went to the Dr. at this same time. Allergies got the best of me!!

    I managed to haul myself to my Dr. Wed. didn't have to see the NP this time as he saw me instead. I got antibiodics ---you know, 2 first day and one a day for the rest. I used to get a shot from my former Dr.---had the same one for years. This dr. gave it to me in pills. My whiole body did feel better and I have a nose spray to shrink my nostrils. And allergies are horrid right now......dust, dust....dust and corn pollen.

    We are in the area of the horrid drought. The corn is our area grew tall and green but with this drought, I don't know how long that will last. In the area where S#2 lives they aare discing up the corn that is just below knee high to put baqck into the grounc asd fertiliazer. It is so awful-------lawn has not been mowed in weeks. Same thing for the area S#1 lives. the rivers are down, down, and sight are all around that show this awful drought. i don't remember when we had rain. And some of you friends have too much! That is the way Mother Nature works.

    Our Co. fair is this week. Oh those animals and kids! It hit 98 at noon today and tomorrow is to be in the 100's. I was invited to go to church night at the fair last eve-----friend would come and get me and drop me off at shieep arena where it was but when I saw that it was 90 at 6---show was at 7-----i decided this old lady needed to stay in where she belongs.

    My heart aches for all of you who are having more that you cane handle, ill family, etc.

    I have had allergies since I was 14, had 6 yrs. of weekly shots , horrid reactions to some fruit, etc. and then son #2 developed the same thing and had 6 yrs. of shots.

    I will try to get back to all of you soon.

    SW: the daughter of friends wiill be in Nepal on some sort of mission work. She will bew there just a month and go on to another country.

    Gentle Hugs to all,

  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    The babies are coming home!

    I'm so excited, I can't spell!

    (I had to correct this or you wouldn't be able to read it.)

    Sister got the surgical wrappings off her foot today. Stiches are scheduled to come out in three weeks.

    Doctor isn't giving a release date yet. Her toes are still a bit numb and I told him that she wasn't perky unitl late yesterday.

    She's pretty up with him and was today, but I thought he needed to know about her slow recovery.

    This foot hurts more than the other one also. So, we're on the wait and see plan.

    Three weeks until Baby goes back to school. But, I'm not counting.

    Love you!
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DD who was supposed to have a lumpectomy was canceled. They found another spon first on the MRI and then the sonogram. Then they did a biopsy on her today. They may have the results tomorrow or Wed. Of course she is all nervous as we all are. I have been sending e-mails back and forth to family and friends to tell them and hoping that we will have lots of prayers going up for her.

    She cannot have a lumpectomy probably unless the other one is really close to the first one and really small, if it is positive. However, it would be great if this one was not positive. Whatever it is should be pretty small, I am guessing. I will let you all know tomorrow or Wed when I find out. Her surgeon is leaving for Africa for 3 weeks and so she either waits or goes with another surgeon in his practice.

    Joan - I am so sorry to hear you have been feeling so badly with your allergies,etc. They can cause a lot of problems for sure. Infections can come out of the allergies. I think I have had some of that too but never had shots but trhen have never been tested either. My dad had bad allergies andhad shots for years too.

    Teacher - I hope your sis gets to feeling better soon . I am guessing she is out of the hospital. The get rid of them so early nowadays. I had to laugh about you counting the days till Baby goes back to school. It sounds familiar when my kids were young and all in school.

    Julie - OMG, you will have such a busy household . We may hardly ever see you on the Porch :)!! Glad they both will be coming home tomorrow. At least you shouldn't be spending so much time in your car. Please update us on the whole family when you get the chance to and how the babies are doing at home.

    Love all of you,

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