volunteering anyone???

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  1. roseylisa

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    I am going to volunteer for the literacy program twice a week two hours a day. Maybe it will help me to get my mind off of me and this DD! Hopefully it will help with the depression!
  2. Toga

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    I've thought about volunteering somewhere for quite a while. I just moved and there's lots of stuff for me to get done at home, but someday I hope to find somewhere to volunteer.

    If nothing else, it'll get me out of the house and with people.

  3. renae1979

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    I volunteer for the Nebraska AIDS Project and I also serve on the board of directors for the Nebraska Association of Legal Assistants. It really helps me to feel like I'm accomplishing something.

    Good luck!!
  4. CAAnnieB

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    Because I can no longer work outside the home; I decided to volunteer at the hospital where I last was employed. I took a training course to become a Hospital Chaplain. It really is perfect for me because part of my old job as an Activities Coordinator was just sitting down & lending a listening ear to patients. I always found that aspect of my job to be very fulfilling & I was amazed at HOW much patients would share with me. Seems they had A LOT on their minds & I was a neutral person to unload on!

    As a chaplain, that is exactly what I do! I "listen from the heart" (our motto) and actively listen...I don't offer advice or my opinion...It's just an opportunity for the patient to process what they're going through & to feel "heard". Most of the medical personnel do not have the time to sit down & offer this to the patients!

    I receive SO much from volunteering! First, I feel good about giving of myself to others. I feel badly that I can not work anymore, so this is an opportunity to still contribute. Secondly, I have taken a skill/ gift from my "old life" (being a good listener") and transferred it to a new position. Thirdly, if I ever am feeling even a wee bit sorry for myself living with this Fibro...all it takes is walking into the hospital to remind me of how blessed I am!

    I regularly visit patients who never leave their beds, are on ventilators & feeding tubes for life support & who are literally trapped in their bodies. (Some are totally conscious & aware of their situations.) It puts my life into perspective REAL fast. I leave each week emotionally & physically exhausted, yet SO thankful that I can WALK out of that place, drive home & EAT real food with my family.

    Volunteering is a terrific idea! It definetely DOES get your mind off of yourself & onto others. I would suggest finding something that you are passionate about. Try to find the best "fit" with your personality, interests & capabilities. And always remember to take really good care of yourself before & after volunteering! For me; I know that I'll be wiped out afterwards, but I'm back to baseline the next day.

  5. Juloo

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    I think that it definitely will help. The good part is that you have a set number of days, and are limited to 2 hours each day. That way you can plan your down time so that you will have the energy to go out and enjoy volunteering.

    I do a couple of things. Last month I started a project with a local genealogy group to do abstracts of obituaries in the local paper which goes back to 1880. I do it at my own pace, and when I can, I go twice a week for 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time. The hours I go are only dependant on when the library is open.

    Sometimes I come upon things that are so funny that I'm sure other patrons think I'm losing it over in my corner (I have to read the whole paper since the deaths might be written in articles, obituaries or legal notices). The obituaries themselves aren't cheerful, but I am getting a very good introduction to the area's history. I'm not a native, so it helps me understand the place better.
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    i dont know if i count?? everyone at the rescue i work for are voluntary because no money is made and all money spent is from our own pockets.

    i love it though.
  7. renae1979

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    Smiffy - that definitely counts!!! Animal rescue is a GREAT thing and you should be commended!

    One of the other board members I serve with runs a Boxer rescue in our area (Mid-west, USA). She absolutely loves it and finds it so rewarding.
  8. schaken

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    Hi, I volunteer at the local Veterans home 1 to 3 days a week. I have done this since they opened 4 years ago.

    My choice because of I am a veteran of the USAF. The older vets always ask me why I do this. It is because they gave so much to us, and also I might have need of it in the future.

    If I do , I would like company and a friendly face also.

    This does depend on how my bones feel and how fatigued I am.

    Tender hugs to all

  9. lumediluna

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    I am thinking of doing something like that again as well.

    I used to be a volunteer to the elderly - LOVED it. Elderly people are like books - they all have a story to tell :)

    *these days, everyone has a story to tell at such young ages!!

    Keep us posted.....I hope you feel better!
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