Volunteers for FM study. Indianapolis Area.

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    I was supposed to be involved in a study with the IU medical school however, I was not able to participate as it was too far. Frankly, at the time, down the block would have been too far!!

    I was very impressed with the people I talked to. They were very understanding about people from far out not being able to make it. (Note to self. I wonder how this effects studies on fatiguing and other disorders.)

    Dear Fibro Community,
    It is only through committed volunteers that we can explore the maze of questions related to fibromyalgia syndrome. With every clinical study we move a little closer toward achieving our goals. As clinical researchers, we are working to establish a national Standard of Care, develop diagnosis tests to validate FMS, and to forge new avenues of treatment.
    The Fibro Research Team at Indiana University needs your help. We must meet our recruitment goal of 48 subjects by the end of December 2010 for our fourth study in an ongoing series dedicated to fibromyalgia. Our studies are designed to help individual volunteers while collecting research data to assist the greater good.

    If you are interested in learning more about this or one of the many other fibromyalgia studies being conducted by our researchers here at Indiana University, please feel free to call our office at: 317-274-1755 or 317-278-3971 or visit us online to see if you qualify at: https://data.biostat.iupui.edu/FibroDrugTalk/

    Kind Regards and good health,


    Janna Hilligoss, Clinical Project Manager
    IU Clinical Research Center for Pain and Fibromyalgia
    IUPUI Campus, NIFS BLDG., 250 University Blvd.
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
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    Oh, bummer. I was hoping it was an ME/CFS study. I live about a half day's drive from Indianapolis, but I have friends about a hour from there.
  3. gapsych

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    Interesting. My dad lives about 45 min. to an hour, depending where you are going, from Indianapolis. So my plan was to go there, as I am about two hours away from him, stay the night and proceed to Indy. As I stated above I did not make it but probably could now.

    Take care.


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