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    Just wondering if anyone does any Voluteer work?,,,was thinking of the local animal shelter,,or the Boys and Girls Club,,,,,it's very rewarding i'm sure,,,,I just never know what my painlevel is going to be like an a day to day basis,,,,,

    I'm sure this is true for all of us,,,,,,,,,,on the other hand the socialization is important Too!,,,,,,,,darn DD!,,,,,,Sis
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    Thanks for the suggestion! I should call them and find out!,,,,I bet your Daughter really likes it when she goes in,,,There is such a need for the animal shelter voluteers that i thought it would be a great idea!,,,,,,,,Sis
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    I'm so with you! I'm trying to figure out the right volunteer opp. also. The ambiguity of our illness is one of the toughest things. I've looked at some volunteer opps in my city and have noticed that many of them require a good deal of physical activity (lifting things, moving things). Well, that's not going to work! I just need to keep looking.

    I LOVE animals too, and I'm afraid that I would feel really sad seeing all these animals that need a good home and aren't all going to get one. I also know that some of them get euthanized. That would just break my heart. Some of the no-kill shelters aren't close enough to where I live.

    The boys/girls club where I live wants a commitment every Sunday. I can't commit to that b/c I don't know how I will feel. I agree! DD! There has to be some organization that will appreciate our free labor though right?

    Best of luck. I know we will find it.

    P.S. How is your jewelry-making endeavor going?

    Warm hugs, Erika
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    Sisland, I don't post often, but have been a member here a long time (check my profile). Anyway I work full-time and it is hard to post from my job, but it is quiet here today so I thought I would respond to this post as I have a suggestion.

    At one time I was a volunteer for a local women's group, but it became too difficult for me to participate, so I resigned. After I resigned I was depressed because I so badly wanted to contribute somehow. I did some research and found an on-line organization that is truly awesome! The organization is called ChemoAngels. And basically it is what it sounds like---you angel a person going through chemo. The sign-up is all done via the internet, but you only angel the person through the mail. You can be a traditional angel or a card angel. The traditional angel will send their buddy (i.e., patient) small gifts, etc. correspondence on a regular basis. A card angel only sends a note card or letter once a week. I was a card angel. One thing about the organization is that after you are matched with your buddy you shouldn't expect a response. I sent cards for many, many months before my buddy reached out to me. Then we corresponded a few times by email - but it was her choice! I angeled her for a couple of years and then sadly she lost her battle with cancer.

    It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. We never, ever met each other, but we had a connection. I did end up sending small gifts on holidays and to her young daughter on her birthday, etc.

    I took a break after that and I think I am ready to sign-up again very soon. You can also be a Senior Angel - which is being matched to a Senior citizen. I may do that this time instead.

    The organization is wonderful ~ I encourage you or anyone else to look them up on-line. They have a website and can be found if you google them. I know I can't give out URL's but they are a .net not a .com if that helps.

    Good luck! I would be interested to know if you check it out what you think of it. OH and once you join you can become a member of an email digest which you get everyday and can post to (though I never could figure that out)! But there were always helpful hints as to what to write in your cards, etc. You can only be positive in your communications and it forced me to always find the bright side to things even when I was down. She never knew my health issues because I only highlighted the happy things in my life.

    Now I am all excited about it again and I really need to get reassigned ~ thanks for the push :)

    Angel Blessings~
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    I never thought about the lifting end of it!,,,,or the feeling of having to say goodbye to them when there are no homes avaliable for them to go to!,,,there are 2 main shelters up here where i live and i'm sure they do the E. thing!,,,,,,,

    I guess in my heart i want to be involved,,,,but realize that any extra exspenditure of energy is hard to recoupe from,,,,,,,Although i do go and Play Bingo with my Dad once or twice a month at the nursing home he's in and i find that very fun!,,,,,,

    Jewlery,,,,,I've made a few braclets and one pair of earrings so far,and it wasn't that difficult!,,,the kit i ordered hasn't made it to my mail box yet,,,,,but i'm still pumped to get into it more,,,,There are always alot of loved ones for me to make gifts for so thats what i do to take up time!,,,,,,,,Thanks for your reply!,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Wow now that sounds like a Great thing to look into!,,,Thanks for all the Info!,,,,,,,i will try and look this up and read all about it!,,,,,Thanks again!,,,,,,,Sis
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    I always said if I could quite working, I would love to volunteer in the baby ward. That is my dream. Babies always make people feel happy with their cute little hands and sweet little faces.

    Try one of your local hospitals, they probably always could use a wonderful person like you to help out.

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    Hi Sisland, I became a volunteer for the Cancer Society when my daughter was in charge of events.

    It is so rewarding. Most of the vounteers are survivors and to listen to some of their stories, it is amazing what most of them have been through. I have even found many of them have Fibromyalgia.

    When you go to the Relay For Life and see the survivors and their caregivers walk, it brings tears to your eyes. The luminaria service is very touching to remember those that have passed and are fighting cancer.

    I love the people I volunteer with, have made many friends.

    Whatever organization you choose to be a part of, it is rewarding. As my daughter says, to be a part of the RFL, it is something so big and awesome. She feels proud to be a part of it.

    I work part-time in my paid job because it is so physical, and help where I can in my volunteering.

    I am usually the one at the registration table at the Relays, and help with the daffodil campaign and direct-sales tables at area businesses.

    I urge anyone to volunteer, I get as much out of it as those we are helping.
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    Being in the Baby ward is Fun,,,,i did that part time when i worked as a Nurse Aide,,,,They would put me down there when there were to many Babies for the regular staff to take care of,,,,,,Thats an idea!,,,,Thanks!

    Kelly~~~~RFL is a Big organization up here also! years ago my girls and i helped out with that and took part in the race because my Sil and Aunt both had CA....it was sad but also rewarding,,,,,,I'm glad that you and your Daughter are so involved ,,,,,very admiral work!,,,,Thanks for the suggestion!,,,,,,,Sis
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    So many great ideas! I love the Chemo and Senior Angels!!

    As a young girl, a very close friend was the president of the local Humane Society and I used to go and walk the dogs. It was very emotional for me at that age.

    I also went through the extensive interview process of volunteering in the special needs nursery at a large hospital. After being warned of how emotionally difficult it can be, I decided at that time, I couldn't take it on. (long story)

    After visiting my Mom while she was in the hospital for 8 days I saw so many people day after day without any visitors and it broke my heart. Here we were, fixing my Mom's pillow every hour, massaging her legs, doing everything we could and some just laid there all day every day. Heartbreaking! I would be a visitor if there was such a job. I actually think there is.

    I think most places would be somewhat flexible if you told them your limitations. I think they're all hurting for help.

    I'd love to volunteer for the Make a Wish foundation. I don't know in what capacity- but I think it's such a fantastic cause and would love to have a hand in making people's wishes come true.
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    The Library sounds fun! How kool that you and DH are able to do this!,,,The Peekaboo part made me giggle!,,,i Need the large print myself now days!,,,,,and no time frame is definetly a great idea for me!,,,,,

    I used to be a reading Mom when Kym was in the 2nd grade,,,,i still have very fond memories of that,,,,it was so much fun to watch the kids grow up and graduate,,,i think i'll try that again this fall,,,,reminds me that i need to get better reading glasses!,,,,also i live smack in the middle of 3 schools so that would be a wonderful opprtunity to persue!

    Jana~~~The hospitials can be very lonley for some folks who have to stay there for along time,,,,i know that your Mom Must have really appreciated your being there for Her!,,,,,,What Great kids she Raised!,,,make a wish foundation is so great for the kids or adults who are termanialy ill,,,,That would be a great one also!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If i were rich i would donate alot of time and Money to ST. JUDES Hospitial for Kids,,,,,,,,there are so many things brought to light here that would all be Great Volunteer places thankyou everyone!!,,,,,,,Sis