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  1. JP

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    This is probably the best place to ask my questions...I have a new history of projectile vomiting...it started about two years ago. It almost always happens in the morning...it wakes me. I have an episode about once a week or so. My doctors just look at me when I share the news. Does anyone have any ideas or similar symptoms? I have chronic pain from back injuries, FMS, Hashimoto's and a few other things unrelated to vomiting.

    Would love to hear from others...JP
  2. jef40

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    I am often nauseated the two weeks or so before the "monthly event." I have never thrown up, but I feel like it.

    Sometimes it is unrelated to that and seems related to foods.I used to do this when I was a teenager and back then the yeast thing was new. They took me off all yeasts and sugars and it stopped. You may want to look into that if you have not already addressed the yeast issue. I have been feeling nauseated again and removed yeast and started with a yeast cleanser and I am fairly sure that is what it is.

    Do you take any medications as needed for your back pain? I had vicodin prescribed for a broken back and it was horrible when I would take it. I was dizzy lying down and threw up.

    One other thing- electrolyte/ enzyme imbalances can cause some of these symptoms. You may want to insist that your doctor do a complete blood count (CBC) thyroid and liver enzyme blood levels. If your doctor will not do this, then you probably want to find a more knowlegable MD. I'm suprized they haven't checked this before. Vomiting is not a normal symptom that regularly or for that long.

    I hope you can get this taken care of...hopefully it is nothing, but get it checked out and let us know!

  3. JP

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    thanks so much for all of your thoughts and ideas...I am sooooo tired of this. Mine usually comes on very sudden without nausea. It does not seem to be food related or monthly related. I get nausea too and not with the projectile vomiting. I see a pain specialist next week...he may have some thoughts too.

    thanks again,
  4. NevadaRN

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    Hi I am new to this board but your posts caught eye. I too have Hshimotos and have been dx with cfs. I also have night sweats. I would like to know how you are doing.I know this post is short but it is late. take care.
  5. justjanelle

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    ...do you have a lot of muscle spasms in your chest or abdomen?

    I do, and I've found that if the muscle spasm is in just the "wrong place" it can cause me to vomit.

    Best wishes,

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